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  • In The Addams Family we discover the family motto, "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". In its sequel The Addams Family Values the summer camp counselors try and subdue Wednesday, and last we see them they're being cooked alive.
  • In Airheads, the useless metal band that's holding a radio station hostage decide to make deliberately bizarre demands to the police, in the hope that they can later plead insanity. One of them is for "naked pictures of Bea Arthur!" Much later, when the record company exec who rejected them earlier finally comes to the radio station, he passes a couple of people staring in combined awe and bafflement at some pictures that we can't see. He peers at them and says "Bea Arthur? Outstanding!"
  • In Airplane!, Stryker leaves a passenger behind in a cab to catch his plane in time. At the very very end, after all the plot has happened, the guy gets the girl, everybody is rejoicing and the credits have rolled, we cut back to his passenger, still in the cab: "Well, I'll give him another twenty minutes. But that's it." And the meter's running, too.
    • While the joke is lost on audiences today, the guy in the cab was Howard Jarvis, who pushed for California Proposition 13 in 1978, an initiative which made massive money-saving cuts to public services.
  • Anger Management has the main character almost taking a seat between two fat passengers before Buddy offers him one. The air marshal that assaulted the main character with a tazer had taken that seat, shown at the end of the film.
  • Annie (2014):
    • One of Hannigan's rants early in the film was that she was once part of C + C Music Factory. The entire movie goes by, and near the finale, there's a lull, into which she shouts the band's iconic Catchphrase: "Everybody dance now!" only to get shut down and told it's not about her.
    • Annie tells Grace about how Pepper punched a boy whom she liked in the face and now plays with him in the park. Later on, Grace punches Guy in the face and Pepper, of her own accord, clarifies that "It's not because she likes you."
  • In Apollo 13, astronaut Jack Swigert is reassigned to the mid-April mission at the last minute, and sheepishly admits on a broadcast from space that he forgot to file his income taxes before he left. Days later, as the astronauts are shivering and miserable on a crippled spacecraft limping towards Earth, Houston radios up:
    CAPCOM: Jack. You'll be happy to hear that we contacted President Nixon, and he's gonna grant you an extension on your income taxes since you are most decidedly out of the country.
    • All the better because it's a true story!
  • A very clever and subtle one in Back to the Future. Marty departs from the Twin Pines Mall which is situated on land that a farmer who worked on pine tree hybrids used to own. Marty runs over one of the trees when fleeing said farmer in 1955 causing the man even further anguish. Upon Marty's return to 1985 the mall is now the Lone Pine Mall.
  • In Beetlejuice, the first scene of the afterlife waiting room has a man with a Shrunken Head. It appears perfectly normal in the context it's in. Near the end, Beatlejuice himself dies (again?) and finds himself in the waiting room, sitting between the shrunken-head guy and the guy fourth in line. His position in line is in the millions or higher. He attempts the switcheroo on the guy fourth in line, but is caught and the guy sprinkles powder over his head, shrinking it to shrunken head's size.
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  • In Big Game, one of the first scenes is Oskari mimicking a deer calling sound and his father wincing visibly, as it's not pleasant. Much later, Oskari makes the same sound and Moore wakes up in absolute terror.
  • In Bruce Almighty, Bruce uses his God-powers to train his dog Sam to use a human toilet, to stop the dog from urinating behind the sofa. Later in the film, Grace walks into the toilet to find Sam sitting on it, reading a newspaper.
  • Around the start of Cabin Fever, a store owner causes an awkward reaction when asked about a gun, saying only that it's "for niggers". At the end, three black people (two men and a woman) are walking along, seemingly unaware that they're in the middle of Hicksville, Nowhere. The store owner frantically reaches for the gun... the visitors enter.. then the store owner places the gun on the counter, greets the visitors and says "I got it all fixed up just like you wanted!" Followed by "Whazzap my niggaz!"
  • At about the middle point of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the two spies get chucked out of Baron Bomburt's airship and into the English Channel. They start swimming towards mainland Europe. Fast-forward to the end of the film where revolution has come, and the Vulgarian townspeople are attacking the castle. Suddenly the two waterlogged spies come swimming ashore, take one look at the fighting, and swim back out to sea.
  • Cloud Atlas: Cavendish trying to rally his fellow nursing-home inmates with "Soylent Green is people!" gets an Ironic Echo when Sonmi~451 discovers what really happens to Fabricants chosen for Xultation...
  • In Commando, Matrix is forced onto a plane to go assassinate the leader of a small country. Just before he boards, the character Sully makes a comment about Matrix's kidnapped daughter. Matrix replies "You're a funny guy, Sully. I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last." After Matrix kills his escort and escapes from the plane, he tracks down Sully and interrogates him while holding him over the edge of a cliff. When he finishes the interrogation, Matrix says "Remember when I said I was going to kill you last? I lied." and drops Sully off the cliff.
  • In Con Air, convicts scare away a man who stumbles onto them and he runs off into the desert. Later, when the convicts fly off in their plane, the man is shown below, still running.
  • The Dark Knight Rises:
    • Alfred tells Bruce that he needs to learn to make his own bed. The first room Alfred checks in a search for Bruce is his bedroom - with the bed made.
    • When Gordon is trying to convince Foley to join the resistance, he says something along the lines of, "I'm not asking you to parade down Main Street in your dress blues." Guess what he does in the climax.
  • Dark Shadows features Barnabas reading from a book, back in the 19th Century, with a symbol deliberately similar to the McDonald's Golden Arches. After his return from the grave during the 70's, he is mystified when seeing the same symbol from a McDonald's sign.
  • Midway through Deadpool, as the titular hero laments his new scarred visage, one of his throwaway quips is, "You ever hear David Beckham speak? It's like he mouth-sexed a can of helium." Two years later, a trailer for Deadpool 2 shows Beckham himself rewinding and watching the line with a look of disapproval, and Deadpool coming to his house to apologise (though in a final twist, Beckham thinks he's coming to apologise for all the terrible films Ryan Reynolds has been in).
    • In Deadpool, Wade sarcastically tells Blind Al that he had hid two bricks of cocaine (something Al off-handedly mentions to desire earlier in the film) and the cure for blindness somewhere in the apartment. In Deadpool 2, it is revealed that he was being completely honest, breaking into the apartment and lifting up one of the floorboards to reveal two bags labeled "Wade's cocaine" with a box labeled "the cure for blindness." He then proceeds to fill his mask with one of those bricks before he tries to kill himself.
  • Shortly after Jesse and Chester start searching for their car in Dude, Where's My Car?, they stop off at a drive-through Chinese restaurant where the order taker responds to each of their orders with "And then?" Eventually, an argument ensues and they're forced to leave. Later, they run across a pair of "Nordic Dudes" who interrogate them for the location of the MacGuffin. They direct the Nordic Dudes to someone who would probably know. A later scene shows the Nordic Dudes at the Chinese restaurant. Their inquiries are also met with "And then?"
  • Lloyd of Dumb and Dumber says he's sold Harry's dead parrot to a blind kid to help fund their trip to Colorado. Later, a news report has the "heart breaking story of the Rhode Island blind boy who was duped into buying a dead parakeet" as a headline. Especially funny is that Lauren Holly's character sees the report and rhetorically asks "who are these sick people?" right before said Lloyd knocks on her door.
  • In the movie Dutch, starring Ed O'Neill, the movie starts off with an antagonistic relationship between the title character and a stuck-up schoolboy. When they first meet at the beginning of the movie, the boy shoots Dutch with a BB Gun, and Dutch tosses off a line in frustration that he is going to shoot him in the ass with the same gun later. The movie takes place over a long and arduous journey, where the two warm up to each other. An otherwise heartwarming talk between the two midway through the movie has the boy asking whether Dutch is still going to shoot him in the ass, to which Dutch replies 'Yes.' Eventually they are best friends, but the last scene of the movie has Dutch sitting at the table holding the BB gun in the kids view, who obviously thinks Dutch is joking, but it is clear from Dutch's face that he isn't. After a cut to black for the credits, a 'thwippp! OWWWW!!!' is heard.
  • In The Faculty, the kids' battle with the alien-possessed Mr. Furlong sees his fingers getting sliced off and he's finally defeated when one of Zeke's drug pens ends up in his eye. In the closing credits, we see the cast members in scenes from the movie except for Jon Stewart (Furlong) who's seen with an eyepatch. He also tries to pick up a coffee cup with his fingerless hand and drops it.
  • Near the beginning of A Few Good Men, Kaffee boasts that he'll get a set of steak knives when he wins his next case. After the case he's working on starts going downhill toward the end due to his co-counsel's mistake, she tells him:
    Jo: Sorry I lost your steak knives.
  • Fight Club, when the narrator and Marla are watching the buildings collapse, right before the movie ends a penis flashes on the screen (Tyler, while working at a cinema, would slide porno stills into kids' movies).
  • One of the first gags of Firestorm (1998) is Jesse dressing down a rookie firefighter of his unit for forgetting to secure his ax, which will make it fall off once it's jostled by the shock of his chute opening and maybe hit some poor bastard on the ground. The last gag of the film is Jesse's unit parachute dropping to his location once everything is said and done... and the rookie's ax, sure enough, falls off when he deploys his chute because he didn't learn his lesson, with the damned thing falling right between Jesse's feet and missing his toes and head by mere inches.
  • Forrest Gump:
    • Bubba's momma serving dinner, then being served to.
    • At the beginning of the movie, Forrest tries to get to know the bus driver, Dorothy Harris, because his mother has told him not to take rides from strangers and, Forrest being as dense as he is, figures introducing themselves means they won't be strangers anymore. At the end, Forrest Jr. immediately says upon being greeted onto the bus: "You're Dorothy Harris, and I'm Forrest Gump."
    • A very subtle one with those scenes as well. When Forrest meets Dorothy in the 50's she's got a cigarette dangling from her mouth. When Forrest Jr. meets her in the 80's she's chewing on a huge wad of gum.
  • A caption at the beginning of Fun with Dick and Jane establishes that the movie, released in 2005, is set in 2000. This has no relevance until the movie's last few seconds, in which Dick and Jane's neighbor brags about his new job at Enron, which collapsed in 2001.
  • In Goon, when Glatt is being told about his teammates, one of them is described as playing hockey to work his way through med school. Later towards the end of the movie, one of their players gets checked hard in the tournament, and rather than trainers and the team doctor, the med student rushes over, takes off his helmet and gloves, and then administers first aid and calls for a stretcher.
  • Gregory's Girl begins with the boys spying on the night nurse as she changes clothes. Later on, the photo sales booth has a sign that says "Next Week: Naughty Night Nurse."
  • In A Guy Thing, Paul gets beat up by Becky's ex-boyfriend. His fiance insists on calling the cops but Paul doesn't want to tell the truth so he gives them a completely ridiculous description. A guy fitting this exact description is then hauled into a police lineup, necessitating Paul to clear the man's name.
  • In the live-action adaptation of The Guyver, Lisker brings the briefcase containing the Guyver back to Balcus' office, and Balcus opens it to discover that Dr. Segawa swapped the device out for an old toaster. In a later scene, though, when Balcus is eating lunch in his office, he's using the same toaster; it burns his toast.
  • The Heat: Ashburn taking her neighbor's cat, to the point where she fools Mullins into thinking that is really her cat. During The Stinger, Mullins kidnaps the cat for Ashburn, only to realize that Ashburn was lying.
    • The drug-sniffing dog being unable to find the drugs over the smell of fresh meat.
  • Help!:
    • About halfway through the film the scientists' bomb goes off and breaks a hole in an ice rink, with a cross-channel swimmer emerging from beneath and asking the way to the White Cliffs of Dover. He can be seen at the end emerging on a beach in the Bahamas and being redirected again by the Beatles.
    • In one scene Clang is on a train discussing religion with an English vicar. The vicar can later be seen in the audience for the sacrifice.
  • Home Alone has Kevin trying to survive on his own after his family accidentally leaves him behind when they go on a family vacation. He decides to mess around for a while and at one point messes up his brother's room. The movie ends with an emotional reunion once the family gets back to celebrate Christmas. Music builds to a crescendo. And then... "Kevin! What did you do to my room?!"
  • In Hot Fuzz, the first half of the film contains a lot of dialog and items that seem to be one-offs at the time, but turn out to be set-ups for a barrage of brick jokes in the final thirty minutes.
    • The Andys mock Nicholas by suggesting he go through the phone book, starting with Aaron A. Aaronson. As it turns out, Aaron A. Aaronson actually exists (causing a double-take from Nick) and plays a minor role in the climax.
    • Frank Butterman's reference to ice cream in the station. After Skinner impales his jaw on a model church spire, he whines and says he'll need a lot of ice cream for that. Angel says, you guessed it, that they have plenty of ice cream in the station.
    • The escaped swan makes its return at several especially opportune moments. Peter Ian Staker can also be briefly seen crouching next to the swan at the end.
    • Everyone has guns in Sandford. Like farmers. And farmers' mums. A farmer and his mum are the first people to attack Angel when he returns to town.
    • And how does the climax wrap up? Everyone sitting down at the office to fill out mountains of paperwork for the destruction that had occurred during the shootout.
  • The Hunt for Red October : When Ramius asks Ryan to manage the direction of Red October, Ryan tells him he can't, because he "just writes books for the CIA". A few scenes later, under extreme tension from an incoming torpedo, Ramius calmly asks : "What books ?"
  • Indiana Jones:
    • During the car chase in Temple of Doom, Indy hands his gun to Willie and she accidentally drops it out of the car. Later, while they're escaping from the Thugees, Indy encounters a pair of swordsmen and reaches for his gun. Unfortunately, all he finds is an empty holster and has to use his whip.
    • While teaching his class in Last Crusade, Indy diffuses several cliches and says "X never, ever marks the spot". Later, the search for the knight's tomb leads them to a library where they realize the tomb is located. The entrance is marked with Roman numerals and the exact entrance is marked with the Roman numeral for ten, which is X.
  • In Into the Woods, when the Baker's Wife insists that she needs Cinderella's slipper to have a child, Cinderella says that that doesn't make any sense. Then, during the wedding, when Cinderella and her Prince are riding in the carriage, the Baker's Wife yells, "Thanks for the slipper!" and the Baker points to the baby. Cinderella gives the most hilarious look of befuddlement.
  • In The Island, Dr. Merrick injects microprobes into Lincoln near the beginning of the film, and says that he will pass them through his urine and that it might hurt. Later Lincoln is seen standing in front of of a urinal, groaning, while you can hear something going CLINK CLINK CLINK in the urinal.
  • In a Russo-Finnish film Jack Frost (later made into an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000), the superhumanly strong hero Ivan, when facing a band of thieves, throws a bunch of clubs into the air. Months later, when he wins the heart of Nastinka, he and his love are attacked by the same thieves. At which time the clubs fall down on the thieves' heads.
  • Johnny English, gets two in one. Johnny invents an assailant to explain how a guard was knocked out. He uses things in the room as inspiration for his description, leading to an incredibly implausible appearance. At the end of the film he accidentally ejects Lorna from his car. Roll credits. Halfway through, Lorna lands in a hotel pool in the ejector seat. Sitting on the side of the pool is a man who matches the imaginary assailant's description perfectly.
  • In Jumanji, there's a single tired rhinoceros walking behind the animal stampede. It's later seen again when the stampede runs past in front of Aunt Nora's car.
  • In The Kid (2000), the main character's younger self asks why the moon sometimes looks orange. At the end of the movie, a caption appears explaining why.
  • The King's Speech is filled with these, from the shilling that Bertie owes Lionel for much of the film to "When waiting for a king to apologize, one may wait a rather long time."
  • Early on in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Valentine says that he hates the sight of blood, claiming that it makes him projectile vomit. When he's impaled and sees his own blood, out comes the vomit.
  • Early in the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Harry tells Harmony that he "feels badly", to which she corrects him that he "feels bad":
    Harmony: Badly is an adverb. So to say you feel badly would be saying that the mechanism which allows you to feel is broken.
    • This comes around later when Harry casually tries to correct Perry.
    Perry: Go. Sleep badly. Any questions, hesitate to call.
    Harry: Bad.
    Perry: Excuse me?
    Harry: Sleep bad. Otherwise it makes it seem like the mechanism that allows you to sleep...
    Perry: What, fuckhead? Who taught you grammar? Badly's an adverb. Get out. Vanish.
  • Lethal Weapon 2. After Murtaugh's daughter appears in a condom advertisement, Murtaugh bemoans how his police colleagues will be planting condoms wherever he goes. That night Murtaugh and his family are attacked in their home and no-one is interested in playing jokes on him... until later on in the movie when Murtaugh shoos away some cops crowding around his desk only to find they've planted a 'rubber tree' there. Even Murtaugh can't help breaking down in laughter.
  • Lord of War has a very dark variety. Early on when Baptiste Jr. first meets Yuri, he asks him if he can get "the gun of Rambo" (the M60). Later when both Baptistes go to Yuri's house to get him to return to the gun trade, Jr. says he's still waiting for the gun. Eventually we finally see Jr. with the gun...which he promptly uses to gun down innocent civilians while Yuri looks away cringing.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • At the start of Iron Man Tony ushers Rhodey to a different humvee, snarking that "this is the fun-vee, the humdrum-vee is over there". However, they get ambushed on the road, leading to Tony being kidnapped and held prisoner by terrorists for three months. When Rhodey finds him in the desert after his escape, he makes a call-back to the last thing Tony said to him before his capture.
    Rhodey: How was the fun-vee?
    • Iron Man 2:
      • "He should be giving me a medal!" And he does.
      • Happy chides Tony for "dirty boxing" during their workout. Later, when fighting a guard at Hammer Industries, Happy gains the upper hand by biting his ear.
    • The Avengers:
      • When Captain America and Nick Fury meet at the gym, Cap tells Nick that, by that point, nothing could possibly surprise him, and Nick bets $10 that Cap's wrong. Several scenes later, after watching a carrier lift off out of the water, Cap hands Nick a ten dollar bill without either saying a word.
      • The Hulk gets a little payback on Thor for their little fight on the Helicarrier. After they take down a Leviathan at Grand Central Terminal, Hulk punches Thor in the jaw and sends him flying off-screen.
      • The second stinger has the group go to the shawarma place Tony recommended earlier in the movie. The shawarma place was nearly destroyed by the battle. No one speaks.
      • Also, in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment earlier in the film, Tony crash lands outside that same shawarma place after destroying a leviathan.
      • During a scene on the SHIELD Helicarrier, Tony goes on a long-winded rant and specifically calls out a SHIELD agent for playing Galaga on a computer. The scene ends with said agent returning to his game of Galaga. This moment is paid off in an impressively subtle way during the climax, where the heroes fight an army of aliens and their ships coming down at them from above. The filmmakers had them playing a city-wide game of Galaga. They thought we wouldn't notice. But we did.
      • When Tony Stark is talking with Loki in Stark Tower near the end of the movie, Stark offers Loki a drink and he declines. Later, when the fighting is over, he comments that he'll have that drink now.
    • Iron Man 3:
      • Happy Hogan and Downton Abbey.
      • The Mark 42 knocking into something and falling to pieces.
    • Thor: The Dark World:
      • A literal one. One of the kids throws a brick into one of the portals in the warehouse and it doesn't return. After Jane wakes up in the middle of the warehouse after being possessed by the Aether, you can see a brick appear out of thin air in the background and fall.
      • In the same scene, Ian and Darcy start throwing various things into the portals that also don't come back, which include their car keys and shoes. They are all found by Thor and Jane later in a cave on Svartalfheim.
      Thor: "Why are there so many shoes in here?"
    • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      • A rare two-film example: it's much funnier watching the titular Winter Soldier try to stab Steve when you remember the offhand line from Howard Stark in the first film about how " Hydra isn't gonna attack you with a pocket knife."
    • Avengers: Age of Ultron:
      • At a party during the beginning of the film, every single one of the Avengers tries and fails to lift Thor's hammer, although Captain America makes it move slightly which visibly surprises Thor. Later, The Vision effortlessly lifts it, to everyone's shock.
      • Paid off again in Avengers: Endgame when Thor loses his hammer, and it comes flying in to hit Thanos from offscreen, having been thrown by Captain America. It turns out he was faking his inability to lift the hammer to make Thor feel better.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:
      • Nebula is told to leave a fruit alone because it's not ripe. When she's finally set free and gets her hands on it, she spits it out in disgust. "It's not ripe."
      • Once Peter learns about his matter manipulation powers, he says "I'm gonna make a 300 ft tall statue of Pac-Man"! Later in the climactic battle, he gathers rock around his body to become a giant Pac-Man.
      • Young Peter said to his friends that David Hasselhoff was his father. Ego eventually changes his form to the Hoff at a certain point, and David himself also appears during the closing credits.
      • Drax refuses to wear a Jet Pack in the first battle because the chest strap hurts his sensitive nipples. Quill slaps one on him in the final battle, and sure enough...
        Drax: OW, MY NIPPLES!
  • Eve Peabody, from the film Midnight (1939), sneaks into a high society party with an old pawn card. The hostess, Stephanie, finds out there is an “Eve Peabody” that needs to be removed immediately, and announces it to her guests. Eve, of course, doesn’t give in. Then comes this exchange:
    Georges: [Guests are filing out of Stephanie's musical soiree] Did you ever find that "Eve Peabody"?
    Stephanie: Finally. I had her thrown out. She was a horrible old woman. Roger found her in the powder room. Imagine! You know, she claimed to be the Archduchess of Mendola.
    • Later, we hear from Stephanie again.
    Stephanie: [In a hat shop] Oh, dear! If ever a woman needed a new hat, it is I. I'm being SUED - for fifty thousand francs.
    Helene: [Shocked] No!
    Simone: By whom?
    Stephanie: By the Archduchess of Mendola. You know that creature I had thrown out last night? And I thought it was that "Eve Peabody"? Ha! It really was the Archduchess of Mendola.
  • The Monster Squad: During one meeting of the eponymous squad, the group discusses the Wolfman and questions if he has genitalia (or "nards", as they put it). The Wolfman ends up being one of Dracula's group in the film and one of the kids, Horace, ends up going face to face with him. He attempts a Groin Attack and succeeds in stunning the Wolfman.
    Horace: Wolfman's got nards!
  • In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the opening credits are botched, and the audience is told that the people responsible were sacked. At the end of the film, there are no closing credits, just a blank screen with music.
    • The same person who botched the credits in Monty Python and the Holy Grail returns at the end of the closing credits of Monty Python's Life of Brian.
    • Another well-known example: Shortly after assembling, Arthur and his knights are spurned by a castle populated by Frenchmen. Their lord is uninterested in the search for the grail because "he's already got one". At the end of the film, the French get to the Grail first.
    • A better-known example is how in the beginning King Arthur is distracted by castle guards arguing over coconuts and swallows. Towards the end when he's confronted by the Bridge Keeper, Arthur is able to use a trivial bit about swallows to trick the Bridge Keeper to his doom.
    • Not to mention the coconut tied to a swallow by a line that Bedevere releases just before being brought a witch.
    • Or the bit about European and unlaiden swallow flights by a short lived narrator.
  • One that was cut from Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - in the beginning of the movie, Crow attempts to dig out of the Satellite of Love by tunneling through space (He calculated the odds between this succeeding and doing something incredibly stupid and went ahead anyway). During a host segment partway through, Crow discovers a chainsaw in Tom Servo's room. The original ending would have had Crow use the chainsaw to resume his dig.
  • The ZAZ trio also had a few in The Naked Gun trilogy, specially the second: in a scene, Frank Drebin breaks out animals from the zoo after destroying the wall. After the villain is saved from a Disney Villain Death, a lion mauls him!
    • In the first The Naked Gun movie, Frank Drebin impersonates a tenor opera singer named Enrico Pallazzo, who was scheduled to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game being attended by the Queen (against whom Frank learns about an assassination plot). Pallazzo's (a la Frank) rendition of the anthem in front of the sellout crowd is comically horrible, as he flubs nearly all of the song's lines. Later in the game, Frank impersonates an umpire in order to remain close to the action and try to stop the queen's assassination. After Frank, dressed as the umpire, manages to foil the plot against the queen, he removes his umpire's which point someone in the crowd shouts, "Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo!" and the entire stadium begins to chant his name.
  • Now You See Me:
    • While the FBI is interrogating the audience member who helped the Horsemen rob the bank, someone calls "Bullshit" and the member starts playing an imaginary violin. Rhodes explains that he was hypnotized to believe he was performing in the Philharmonic. Later, a safe goes missing from the company's warehouse. It's revealed to have been moved onto a truck under orders of an FBI agent named Evans. Evans has no memory of doing so and some calls "Bullshit". Evans then starts playing an imaginary violin.
    • During the Horsemen's second show, they hypnotize several attendees to run out and tackle a designated quarterback when someone calls "Freeze". After they pull off their heist during the show, Rhodes runs out onto the stage to arrest them and calls "Freeze!" He's promptly tackled by the attendees.
    • Henley's weight.
  • At least two occur in One, Two, Three:
    • Coca-Cola exec C. R. MacNamara is annoyed because Commies keep buying Coke in West Berlin, drinking it in East Berlin, but don't return the bottles. When he and his crew drive to East Berlin to spring Otto from prison, they have an uncomfortable few minutes waiting at the Brandenburg Gate because the border guard makes them wait so he can fetch the emptied six-pack of Coca-Cola (that MacNamara had given to him earlier to let him through with no questions asked) from the guard-room.
    • When MacNamara wants to make a phone call to East Berlin, his assistant Schlemmer tells him that it is very complicated, as there are no direct lines and the call will have to be routed on a circuitous route via Stockholm and Warsaw. And then you often get the wrong number. At a later point in the film Schlemmer cheerfully announces to MacNamara that the call finally got through. "And like I told you: Wrong number."
  • Pacific Rim: When Hannibal Chau is eaten by Otachi Jr., one of the shoes is the only thing left. Cue The Stinger...
    Where is my goddamn shoe?!
  • In The Party, Bakshi (Peter Sellers) relieves his sore hand in a mound of crushed ice - when he pulls it out he finds it was holding caviar, now covering his hand. Wanting to wash off the offending smell, he hovers awkwardly outside an occupied restroom, shaking hands with another guest at one point. Several handshakes later, someone shakes Bakshi's hand as he's sitting down to dinner, and he finds to his horror that his hand smells again.
  • In Patriot Games, Jack calls another agent to check on his house while he's waiting for his wife and daughter. He also asks the agent to check on his daughter's fish and asks him to replace them if they're dead. When the Ryans get home, the daughter goes to check her fish and says "Wow, you guys have grown."
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl:
      • As Jack is about to be arrested by the British after arriving at the port at the beginning, Norrington comments on how he's the "worst pirate he's ever seen". Several scenes later, after Jack stole a British ship, Lt. Groves declares Jack to be "the best pirate he's ever seen", earning him a Death Glare from Norrington.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Former Commodore Norrington introduces his story to Gibbs as "Same as you, just a chapter behind." At the end of the scene, once he's been knocked out by Man!Elizabeth, he's heaved into the pigsty, where Gibbs woke up at the end of Curse of the Black Pearl, making him truly just a chapter behind Gibbs.
  • Pixels has several:
    • The alien-abducted Guam base soldier screams for his mommy when kidnapped. When Violet shows up to save her son, he's seen screaming "Why can't my mommy come for me?!"
    • When he visits Violet's house for the first time, Sam notes that he hadn't washed his teeth. An hour of movie later, at the party, Violet leans close to him and notices that this time, he had.
    • Eddie says that he'd love to sleep with Martha Stewart and Serena Williams in Lincoln Bedroom. At the end of the movie, they invite him there and it's pretty clear what happens next.
    • When Williams dumps him, Eddie says that if he'd asked for a date with Martha Stewart, she would've at least made him a panini "or something". When she invites him to Lincoln Bedroom, she's seen with entire plate of these.
    • One of Eddie's demands is having a private island, which Cooper disagrees to. When a Secret Service agent asks Serena Williams why she'd agreed to have a date with Eddie, she says that she was promised a private island for it.
  • In Police Academy, the recruits are given a pass to leave the academy and Harris is certain they'll throw a party. He sends Copeland and Blanks to spy on it, but Mahoney directs them to a gay bar called the Blue Oyster Bar where they end up dancing with a couple of regulars. Later, during the riot, they lose their guns and are forced to look for cover. They end up finding every door locked until they find one that isn't and head inside. The camera then pans up to reveal they've returned to the Blue Oyster Bar. Cue the song they were dancing to earlier and them screaming. (Note: this is only a brick joke in the first film. It becomes a Running Gag throughout the series.)
  • In Problem Child 2, Big Ben shacks up with Little Ben and Junior after confessing that his latest scam for "millionaire starter kits" has driven him to poor house, lamenting that he only sold one of the kits. Later, when Junior calls up the ex-husband of Little Ben's date, we see the poor guy living in absolute squalor and eating dog food out straight out of the can. Care to guess what's sitting on his counter?
  • At the very start of Return of the Killer Tomatoes, there's a Framing Device wherein the movie is presented as a cheap television showing, complete with phone-in competition. In the first actual scene, George Clooney tosses pizza dough into the air and wanders off to do something else, with the pizza never coming down. In the 'climactic' showdown at the end of the movie, a telephone rings, and it's the presented of the TV spot. Another character comments about how smoothly they paid off the things they set up earlier in the movie...and the pizza falls out of the sky.
  • Rental clerk Benard giving Naps the wrong size skates in Roll Bounce. The first time he gives Naps, who wears a 9, a pair of 12's. At first, it looks like he's just being a jackass (not that he isn't.) The next time, he gives the boy a pair of size 15's(!) and he complains, Benard's motive is revealed.
    Naps: "Man, why do you keep doing me like this!?"
    Benard: "Check this out. The ladies 'round here? They like a brother with a big... (glances down) skate."
    Naps: (realizing a bunch of cute girls are checking him out) "You got a size 17 back there, Benard?" (clears throat) "A SIZE 17 THERE, BENARD?"
  • In The Santa Clause, one of Scott's first visits as Santa is to a little girl who put out milk and cookies for him. He rudely and sarcastically says he can't drink it because he's lactose intolerant. A year later, after embracing his role as Santa, he visits the same girl and gags when he drinks the milk; she put out soy milk because he said he was lactose intolerant.
  • In Scooby-Doo, it's announced that there's a phone call for a Mr Doo. A guy named Melvin Doo thinks it's for him, but it's actually for Scooby. Later, when it's announced that Scooby will be sacrificed, Scooby panics and shouts out "Me? Don't you mean Melvin Doo?" with the camera pointing at a possessed Melvin.
  • From Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:
    Stephen: [as they are about to face Crash and the Boys] We can't beat them! This is a nightmare!
    (later on...)
    Scott: Oh my god...THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.
    • Another one:
    Wallace: You have to use the L-word.
    Scott: Lesbian?
    Wallace: The other L-word.
    Scott: ...Lesbians?
    (later on)
    Scott: [to Ramona] I'm in lesbians with you!
  • Scream:
    • Sidney says that, when they make the inevitable Ripped from the Headlines movie about the Woodsboro killings, she'd like Meg Ryan to play her, but knowing her luck, she'd probably be played by Tori Spelling. Sure enough, come the second film, the Woodsboro massacre has indeed been made into a horror film called Stab, starring Heather Graham as Casey, Luke Wilson as Billy, David Schwimmer as Dewey... and Tori Spelling as Sidney.
    • In the killer's first phone call to Sidney, she dismisses horror films by saying, "What's the point? They're all the same: some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act who's always running up the stairs when she should be going out the front door." Later, after the killer emerges from a closet and attacks Sidney, she attempts to escape through the front door, fails, and then...runs up the stairs.
  • Serenity:
    • The first we see of Serenity is as they're hitting atmo, during which a panel falls off. The final scene is the ship flying off into the black as another piece falls off. Both are followed by Mal asking, "What was that?"
    • Mal instructs Jayne not to bring grenades to a meet because they aren't trying to blow people up. Jayne pouts, and then gets in an "I told you so" when the Reavers show up. Much, much later, on Miranda, the Reavers attack them, and this time he brought the grenades.
  • In She's All That the main plot is a bet between Zack and Dean to make Lanney the prom queen. When she finds out about this, the bet is forgotten. The second to last scene has Lanney asking what the bet's outcome was. We cut to graduation where Zack accepts his diploma stark naked.
  • Early on in Sky High (2005), it's mentioned that the only way for kids of superheroes that don't get powers is to fall in a vat of toxic waste. This is mentioned again later. At the end of the movie, Ron Wilson, Bus Driver falls in to a vat of toxic waste and does, in fact get super powers.
  • Speed Zone opens with one of the participants in the race being chased all over the countryside by the police. He escapes them by skipping his Lamborghini across a pond like a stone. (It's that kind of movie.) Later, when Valentino is looking over the car just before the race, he smells something from the front compartment and opens it up. He pulls out two fish.
  • In Spice World when a movie producer is pitching ideas about a movie involving the girls (interspersed with clips of the girls actually acting out what he says) he says "and that's when they find the bomb". The manager rejects that idea. During the end credits Mel C suddenly says "what happened to the bomb on the bus?" and it goes off.
  • Early in Star Trek Beyond, Scotty mentions several theories behind the disappearance of the USS Franklin, one of which is being captured by a "giant, green space hand." (a reference to the original series episode, "Who Mourns For Adonis?) During the end credits, the camera zooms past numerous planetoids and space oddities, including an enormous, glowing green hand.
  • Star Wars:
    • In the beginning of Attack of the Clones when Obi-Wan and Anakin chase after Zam Wesell, Obi-Wan says that he doesn't hate flying, only the way Anakin flies. Later, when Jango Fett opens fire on his starfighter in pursuit of him, Obi-Wan says "This is why I hate flying!".
    • In Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan chastises Anakin's excuse for taking his time getting a speeder to rescue him, saying that if he spent half as much effort training as he did on his wit, he'd be a better swordsman than Yoda, who at that point had only been shown as a barely-mobile octo-centenarian. The fight before the final battle shows just how good a swordsman Yoda is when he needs to fight.
    • When Han first inspects the Millennium Falcon in The Force Awakens, he notes a compressor on the fuel switch, saying it puts too much stress on the hyperdrive. When he's trying to leave and can't get the Falcon to start, Rey points to the compressor. After that, when they're having trouble with the hyperdrive, Rey rips the compressor out to fix the problem.
    • One that took 36 years in-universe and 38 years in real life to pay off between A New Hope and The Force Awakens. After Finn, Han, and Chewbacca force Captain Phasma to lower Starkiller Base's shields, they toss her in a trash compactor. Han and Chewbacca must have really enjoyed that one, considering their previous encounter experiences with such devices.
  • The Suicide Theory offers a very dark one. At the very beginning Steve beats a man to death with a pint of ice cream for being rude to him in a convenience store. At the very end he learns the rude man was Christopher, Percival's lover, whose death caused Percival to want to die (and hire Steve as a hit man) in the first place.
  • In Summer School, Jerome asks to use the bathroom in the middle of the first class. He isn't seen again until the final exam. He says he was stuck in the bathroom for six weeks because his zipper got stuck. Hilariously, he gets the highest score on the exam.
  • In Super Mario Bros., after the titular duo find themselves in Dinohattan, a cyclist is seen making a head-on collision with a taxicab and getting electrocuted by the engine. Towards the end of the movie, after escaping from Koopa's Tower, the same taxicab appears with a skeleton on the hood.
  • The western spoof Support Your Local Sheriff starts with some pioneers burying a man named Millard Frymore. The funeral is permanently disrupted when gold is discovered in the grave. Later in the film, it's mentioned in passing that the resulting mine was named after Millard.
  • In Transcendence, the quote below, directed at Will after he's uploaded, is first said to PINN, the AI upon which Will's program is based. It's intentionally invoked by Will:
    Joseph Tagger: Can you prove you're self-aware?
    Will Caster: That's a difficult question, Dr. Tagger. Can you prove that you are?
  • In Wake Me When It's Over, Gus hears a story about a morale officer who was trying to escape Shima (the island he's current en-route to) by swimming back to the States. After the conclusion of the Brubaker Case, Gus is boarding the boat again just as someone else is getting off. He notices that this is none other than a newly-demoted Sergeant Hollingsworth, who claims to be reporting to Shima's radar outpost to be the new morale officer.
  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory features several.
    • During the opening number "The Candy Man," the shopkeeper sings "You can even eat the dishes!" At the end of "Pure Imagination," Wonka takes a bite out of his teacup.
    • At the start of the film, Charlie asks Grandpa Joe who could be helping Wonka run the factory, which he says is still a mystery. Later, when they see the Oompa-Loompas, Grandpa Joe says "Now we know who makes the chocolate!"
    • On two separate occasions, Violet calls Veruca a "nit" and a "twit." Later, as she's chewing the blueberry gum, Charlie asks Grandpa Joe why she's not listening to Wonka. "Because she's a nitwit."
    • Also this:
    Mr. Salt: (getting onto the boat) Ladies first, and that means Veruca.
    (later, after Veruca and then her father have fallen down the garbage chute)
    Grandpa Joe: Well, Mr. Salt finally got what he wanted.
    Charlie: What's that?
    Grandpa Joe: Veruca went first.
    • During the "Wonka-Mania" montage, there's one scene in a British auction house that's bidding on the UK's last case of Wonka Bars. During the bidding, the Queen makes an appearance (off-screen). At the end of the film, Wonka realizes he still needs to answer a note from her.
  • The World's End: In a Black Comedy way, the death of Gary's mom.
    • And especially with the final scene when he orders water.
  • X-Men Film Series
    • In X2: X-Men United, when Logan volunteers to open the doors to Stryker's base, Magneto says "What are you going to do, scratch [the controls] with your claws?" This is exactly how he closes the floodgates at the end.
    • In the beginning ofThe Wolverine, Logan is shown clearly distressed and nervous whenever he's on a plane, vigorously clutching the arms of his chair in terror. In one of the movie's final scenes, he can be seen clutching his chair yet again.


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