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  • Juxtapose: When Hitoshi finds out about Katsuki's nickname for Izuku, in his narration he gets the urge to punch Katsuki for it. Guess what happens when they meet again a few chapters later...
  • A Crown of Stars: In the first chapter, Asuka is told by her older counterpart that Daniel is a god. Asuka replies sarcastically, “So he’s going to heal the sick, raise the dead, and feed us all with a few loaves and fishes?” Her older self responds: “As a matter of fact, yes. Though that ‘loaves and fishes’ part may have been just for you saying that”. Flash-forward to chapter 15, and they are having lunch. Asuka has been served a plate of loaves of bread and cuts of sushi. She gave Daniel a sardonic look. “Really?” And then Daniel says: “Eat all you like; the basket has as many as you want.” She snorted.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Early on, Link gets helped through Dodongo's Cavern by a pair of Gorons, one of them being female. Those who played the game will be thinking that this is weird, since there are no openly female Gorons but later on when Link is an adult and he talks to his namesake about where all the Gorons went, the conversation sways to female Gorons, visibly confusing Link the Goron. It turns out that, when Link was asleep, the Gorons found out that there were, in fact, no female Gorons at all. The pre-assumed "female Gorons" were just male Gorons who looked female.
  • Advice and Trust:
    • In an early chapter Asuka told Rei: "If and when you ever show them off to someone who is not the Third Child, wear something better than those panties, because that is the most boring underwear you have ever seen". Several chapters later she shows her new panties to Kensuke to determine if her new underwear is or is not boring. When Asuka asks Rei why Kensuke was passed out in the hall and what she did, Rei replies "What you told me."
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    • In one of the first chapters Rei said Asuka "I am not fucking with you. That is Ikari-kun's job". In chapter 8 Asuka mutters "Fuck... Shinji" and Rei quips fucking Shinji is Asuka's job.
    • After Misato and Kaji having sex keeps them up at night, Asuka mentioned that she and Shinji would have to get Misato back once her birthday hit (Misato had forbid them from having sex until then). Right before they go to bed on the night of her birthday, she says "Now… let’s cost Misato some sleep."
  • In Bad Ficniverse, a tumblur blog dedicated to intentionally bad or at least silly Steven Universe fan fiction snips, the submission, Aquamarine gets arrested by a mall cop is about Topaz getting a microphone when Aquamarine goes missing so she can say, "Goodbye you little shit." The very next submission, Aquamarine's revenge, is about Aquamarine doing the same thing to yell, "FUCK YOU TOPAZ! FUCK YOU TOO!! The author deliberately wrote it just after reading the first one, making this an Invoked Trope.
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  • Ruby and Nora: Ginger, a prostitute mentioned in last chapter of “Field Trip” makes a sudden appearance in the very next story.
  • Thousand Shinji:
    • In chapter 7, Shinji and Asuka have the next conversation:
      Asuka: Where’s Misato-san?
      Shinji: She called while you were in the bathroom to say that she would be at work all night, and, to quote ‘I had better not find out about any hanky-panky when I get home’.
      Asuka: (rolling her eyes) Please.
      Shinji: (cheekily) Yeah, I mean, it’s like she doesn’t trust me to be smart enough to properly dispose of the evidence.
    • Four chapters later:
      Misato: Now while I’m gone I don’t want to find out about any hanky-panky between you two.
      Shinji and Asuka (in unison) We’ll remember to destroy the evidence.
  • Examples from the Calvinverse:
    • Rupert Chill's postcards in Which Way is Where? — he sends several to Calvin, which his parents promptly discard. Later, when Chill confronts Calvin, he mentions the cards, and Calvin has no idea what he's talking about.
    • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: When Brainstorm seems to be in a trance, Jack fails to garner a reaction from his Berserk Button. Later, when conversing with Calvin, a similar pause ends with "IT'S DOCTOR BRAINSTORM!"
      • In "Lightning Man", Socrates mentions seeing a fat woman hog the shrimp buffet. Later, when the Brainstorms have shown up, Mother Brainstorm mentions being at a shrimp buffet.
      • In one episode, a scrambled MTM says 'Kayla can't play games anymore'. Fast forward a couple of episodes — Socrates mentions that he had a message from some crazy girl named Kayla.
      • Similarly, in Wagoner's ED, Socrates asks if anyone can play an instrument called the 'doudouk'. Later that season, Jack mentions that playing a doudouk is one of his talents.
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry first goes to Gringotts, and learns about the wizarding monetary system, and quickly comes to the realization that one competent hedge fundie could probably own the entire wizarding world in a week, and files the notion away, in case he ever runs out of money, or has a week free. Several chapters later, Quirrell suggests to Dumbledore that Harry take Occlumency lessons, with the as-of-yet undetermined teacher to have his memory wiped after every training session and an unbreakable vow to not reveal anything.
    Dumbledore: Such services are extremely expensive, as you well know, and I cannot help but wonder why you deem them necessary.
    Harry: If it's money that's the problem, I have some ideas for making large amounts of money quickly -
  • In Tales of the Emperasque, when the Emperor meets with the Lords of Terra for the first time, he accidentally crashes Charter Captain's legs and Fabricator General promises to give the man rocket knees. Twenty or so chapters later, the Captain nearly crashes into a crowd of waiting officials, as he still can't control his new rocket knees.
  • In the prologue of Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon compares being hit by Asakura Ryouko to being hit by a speeding minivan. Guess what happened over twenty-five chapters later.
  • This trope abounds in You Got HaruhiRolled!:
    • In Chapter 15, Gilgamesh mentions that he wound up in the Haruhi Suzumiya universe after Ultros ripped him off, so he wandered the multiverse, vowing revenge. Sixty-seven chapters later, he finally gets the chance.
    • The blood on the wall re-appears in chapter 81 after showing up in the Silent Hill parody.
    • Early on, The Stinger at the end of each chapter was, "Review, Haruhi-worshippers! Your yellow ribbon-wearing goddess demands it!" One reviewer pointed out that this was incorrect, and that Haruhi wore a headband with yellow ribbons on it, so about 50 or so chapters after this was pointed out, the writer corrected it to "Review, Haruhi-worshippers! Your yellow-ribboned, headband-wearing goddess demands it!" This was lampshaded.
  • Pink Personal Hell And Altering Fate has a mild version, where it's explained that Pinkie Pie is off chasing a "Prank Bit" that bounces away every time she tries to catch it. Then at the end of the scene, it bounces right back into the magic shop... followed by Pinkie herself.
  • The First Of Many: Princess Cadance tells Celestia how her date with Shining Armor went by making out with him in front of her, so after saying goodbye to her niece's date, she sneaks him a condom. When Shining Armor returns to his own house and his parents ask how his date went, the condom falls out of his jacket, resulting in Shining's mother flipping out and grounding her son for the rest of the summer.
  • Earth and Sky: Pipsqueak initially completely misses the point of Big Macintosh's little heart-to-heart about his and Soarin's relationships with Big Mac's sisters, but does eventually figure it out... twenty-eight chapters later.
  • In Chapter 12 of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance, the main characters try asking a group of Spinarak for directions upon arriving in Nectar Woods, but the Spinarak are too busy working on a spider web to answer their questions, mentioning that they are competing with a group of Joltik to see who can make the best looking spider-webs in the forest. The characters leave them to continue with their work, and eventually figure out where they need to go. Later in the chapter, one of the outlaws they were trying to capture is trying to get away, but ends up getting stuck in a spider web made by a group of Joltik.
  • Discussed in part 1 of Hard Being Pure. When Dr. Evans goes through his list of healers to save Noa, he calls Padzahr, who invokes this trope as the reason he put his name on the list in the first place.
    “I only ever put my name on this list as a brick joke. And here we are today, and I can cash in on that joke. Hilarious.”
  • In the first chapter of the Medaka Box fanfic World As Myth, Zenkichi snaps his head around "at a speed that promised severe neck pain later on." At the start of Chapter 2, he is complaining of neck pain. At the chapter's climax, he loses his fight with Jounan due to whipping his head around too quickly.
  • Two-fold in The Stalking Zuko Series. First, we have Iroh scarring Jet, who's spying on him, with Naked Iroh Time. Two chapters later has Zuko and Iroh's Ba Sing Se neighbors begging him to make the "nasty old man" stop. At the story's climax, Jet realizes that Iroh has to be the firebender, since it's too cold for someone to be going constantly naked.
  • In the Duke Forever blog-serial, at the beginning of Chapter One, a London Metropolitan policeman wanders into an elevator that is actually the main character's TARDIS, and disappears. Then, at the very end of Chapter Two, that policeman returns and does not look pleased. That Policeman, Inspector Chester Edison, becomes one of the main characters, and we actually find out what happened to him in Chapter Three.
  • In Letters from the Asylum, Voldemort orders two of his minions to fetch him a Lay-z-boy chair (on Harry's suggestion, no less). A later chapter has one of the Order members complain about someone breaking into her house and stealing her armchair.
  • In Wizard Runemaster, after his first meeting with a Tauren, Harry decides on a whim to say, "May the Force be with you" as a farewell. Fast forward a few months, and Cairne Bloodhoof bids Harry farewell with the same line.
  • Two in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune:
    • In one chapter, the Big Bad (as yet unseen) goes on at length telepathically to Valkron of the Normans over-exploiting natural resources for their own benefit, resulting in the knight asking him if he was "quite done with spouting green aesops" at him. Two chapters later, they meet and Valkron's first statement is "...I visualised you as more of a treehugger."
    • In another chapter, a rocker (a large grasshopper that plays a violin) is heard making music in the distance. The music slowly gets nearer to where the party is, until, right at a tense moment, the rocker finally reaches them and stops playing music in shock. After a Beat, the grasshopper hastily makes an exit. It's mentioned later on that the rocker's music can be heard again, just a lot further away than it was before.
  • In Opening Dangerous Gates, during a battle, Levy uses Solid Script: Jail to form a cage around some demons and take them out of the fight. A later chapter shows they are still in the cage.
  • The My Little Pony fic "The Birds and the Bees" has a gut-busting one involving Spike accidentally sending a bag of live birds to Celestia's palace. This happens early in the story, when the Cutie Mark Crusaders take "the birds and the bees" literally and bring Twilight a bag of live birds and bees for elucidation of the process. The fate of the vanished birds is left unresolved until The Stinger, where it has a hilarious payoff.
  • In Shatterheart, Kurogane always threatens to punch Fai, Sakura, or Syaoran in the face for doing something reckless and life-threatening. When Kurogane recovers from blood loss caused by cutting off his own arm in Nihon, the first thing Fai does is punch him across the face.
  • In Vinyl and Octavia Engage in Roleplay, Octavia says that Vinyl sometimes has a slow reaction time, to which Vinyl replies that Octavia has nice hooves. Two chapters later, Vinyl suddenly bursts out "Hey, I don’t have a slow reaction time!"
  • In Ten Random Characters, there are quite a few examples:
    • In Chapter 7, Ike and Marth decide to watch Doctor Who after the rather odd circumstances leading to their love confession. In Chapter 18, they do so.
    • Marth implies Soren is a bit of a Yandere towards Ike. When he is later summoned by Viridi, this is shown to be the case.
    • Roy threatens to freeze Toon Link in one of the hypothetical situations in which Toon Link murdered Marth. Come Chapter 21, where Roy does this to Nana and Popo after insulting games which didn't get exported from Japan.
    • Peach glares at Pit when complaining about people interrupting her in Chapter 12, which occured ten chapters earlier.
  • In chapter 22 of The Glaceon and the Shadow, Sofia mentions she often finds things in her pockets she doesn't remember ever putting into them. In chapter 24, she isn't worried about the lights being off because she knows the place like the inside of her own pockets. She immediately trips over something.
  • Lampshaded by the author of Fairy Without Wings in the author's notes at the start of a chapter. He begins by flinging a literal brick into orbit before the start of chapter 48 and says it'll make sense in about 100 chapters.
    • It does when said brick hits him on the head in the author's notes exactly 100 chapters later, where Lelouch and Erza wind up saving the exact same waitress from chapter 48, albeit at a different restaurant. Bonus points for it being for the exact same reasons.
  • In a Shout-Out to Crisis Core, in The Fifth Act, Yuffie discovers Cloud's number and sends him spam mail about finding treasure in various improbably dangerous places. Except for a mention by Tseng, Yuffie's messages are generally ignored. Then at the very end, Cloud reads Yuffie's messages and has to go rescue her from the Northern Crater.
  • Early in Act 2 of I Against I, Me Against You, Pinkie Pie fills Sugarcube Corner with cakes which Twilight has to move to her pocket dimension just to get through. Near the end of Act 2, Twilight opens her pocket dimension to get something else and accidentally dumps all of the cakes on Reynard Vaez, doubling as a Shout-Out to Slice of Hell.
  • In At Gates Edge:
  • In The Witch of the Everfree, when Sunset and Twilight first meet face-to-face, Sunset notes that Twilight is excessively prone to listening to monologues, and resolves to train it out of her. Four chapters and some number of years later, when Nightmare Moon returns, as soon as she gets distracted monologuing, Twilight throws a forcebolt at her.
  • Shards To a Whole, a Doorstopper NCIS fanfic, has a moment in chapter 45, where Tony and Ziva hook up. Ziva had admitted to Tony that she occasionally enjoyed "ropes and things" and Tony asks Tim (who enjoys a happy and active, if not wholly orthodox, sex life with Abby in this story) for advice. Tim's first word of advice is "Don't go read Fifty Shades of Grey; it's not an instruction manual," adding that he and Abby found the book unintentionally funny but not even remotely sexy. Roughly three years later, in Chapter 507, when Tim is painting his and Abby's bedroom in deep red, Tony quips that Tim's painting a "Red Room".
    Tim: Didn't I tell you not to read that book?
    Tony: I didn't. Watched the movie. Waste of eleven dollars.
  • In Robb Returns, when Roose Bolton makes a mental list of superstitions he was always told to follow, one of them was to never curse a raven. Ramsay's first (and last) scene has him curse a raven he has seen. The raven proceeds to peck at his eye - while he is still alive.
  • This Bites!:
    • In Chapter 6, Cross does some Tempting Fate that turns into Retroactive Wishing, ending with him wishing that a billion berries would fall from the sky. Nothing happens, and Cross loudly objects to the divine being not following the Rule of Three. But in the Christmas Episode, it turns out that a billion berries DID fall from the sky…onto Johnny and Yosaku.
    • In Chapter 15, after Mr. 2 leaves and Vivi berates herself for not recognizing him based on the description she heard, Cross sarcastically asks Vivi if she wants him to suggest memory exercises then or wait for her to forget some touchy nation's customs. In Chapter 25, she rushes through a translation manual... and accidentally insults some touchy nation's customs.
  • In the Once Upon a Time episode "Manhattan", when Emma, Henry and Rumplestiltskin finds Baelfire/ Neal's apartment, Emma rings up under the pretense of being a UPS delivery person. When there's no reply, Henry wonders aloud if she should've told him she was from FedEx instead. In chapter 4 of Shepherd23's There But for the Grace of God, it's clear that she took Henry's words to heart... even if she doesn't remember why:
    Emma: *into the the intercom* FedEx package for 407.
    *no response*
    Neal: *jokingly* Maybe you should’ve said UPS.
  • In the Halloween episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season two, Xander calls Buffy "Lady Buffy, Duchess of Buffonia" after seeing her dressed as a noblewoman. After becoming Emperor of the Drakon Empire in Maximus, Xander names Buffy Duchess of Buffonia, a moon in his empire that's also a popular vacation spot.
  • With This Ring:
  • The Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles has a kitchen cat named Fennel appears once in one of the first chapters. More than a dozen chapters later, Solas, upon escaping the Otswick Circle with Evelyn and running into said cat, decides to give him to Evelyn in hope that it would do something to her Tranquil state.
    • Solas’s pickpocketing talent was used once to get the key to the Knight Commander’s study. A few updates later, he uses it again to out-mug a thief.
  • X-Men: The Early Years provides several examples:
    • In "Anger Management, Geeks, and Other Scarey Things", Scott admonishes Jean for punishing a pervert in front of witnesses instead of ambushing him in the dark. In "Can't Fight This Feeling," she's reminded of the need to dispose of the evidence in the events that she kills someone.
    • In the beginning of "Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things":
      Hank: How does being an agent of Satan pay these days?
      Bobby: Pretty good. But [Scott]'s made my duties largely ceremonial, so I just don't get as much field work as I'd like.
    • And at the end of the episode:
      Bruno: (backing away from Bobby) Please, anyone but him! He's an agent of Satan!
      Scott: Incarnation of Evil please. I'd like to think I have the major religions covered (thoughtfully) I've really got to put him back in the field. As a minion, it's a waste keeping him for ceremonial use only.
  • Beyond the Outer Gate Lies...: One of the two incarnations of the story; during the gender-bender incident/omake, Harry sarcastically tells Lash he will be sure to have a larger t-shirt on hand for the next time Azazel turns him into a girl. In A Terrible Thing to Waste? he has a t-shirt on hand for Oakley (who had been stripped by Ise's Dress Break), and when he gives it to Tsubasa to put on the unconscious girl, the Rook notes that the t-shirt is much larger than what he normally wears.
  • Forward: Jayne sets himself on fire and charges with a knife to terrify his enemies in "Mosaic." The brick comes back with a dark echo in "Last Man" when in a flashback, it is shown that the Brit charging Jayne with a knife while on fire is one of the most terrifying things he ever experienced.
  • Fate/Grand Order story Fragments of Chaldea has one. In Fragment 15, Gudao plays Mario Party with Tyler and Waver and is winning, leading Tyler to complain that Mario Party is one of the games that destroy friendships, alongside Mario Kart, Monopoly and Dokapon Kingdom. In Fragment 22, Mordred loses all her money to Arturia in Monopoly, causing Gabby and EMIYA to make similar comments.
  • At the end of the first arc of Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy, Desaad makes a bad pun and Darkseid kills him, expecting his minion to not make more jokes using his name when he brings him back. Thirty-six chapters later, Darkseid has reassembled Desaad's atoms, and his minion is choosing his words very carefully so he doesn't get killed again.
  • In Chapter 11 of Kid Icarus Uprising: The Novelization, Pit jokingly asks Viridi if she wears foliage panties, which she accidentally admits to. In Chapter 18, it's revealed that Viridi does wear foliage panties and threatens to slit Pit's throat if he told anyone about it.
  • In Nobody Dies:
    • Chapter 3. Yui and Gendo are pondering something that involves saran wrap in bulk. Chapter 10. Kozo Fuyutsuki has his office completely covered in saran wrap. Note - may actually be unrelated incidents.
    • Rei defeats a remnant of Sachiel in one of the earlier chapters. In Chapter 30, she clarifies where she put it: "Well, then I had him stuffed. And mounted. And I installed hydraulics in his arms so he'd sort of jump anyone who looked in my closet. And stuff." Then in Chapter 40, someone who really doesn't need any more trauma opens the closet... And in Chapter 88 Rei has to move and "for some reason no one wants to empty out her closet."
  • Faded Blue: In chapter 3, Steven gets a fish from a bird in the Lunar Sea Spire, and Blue Pearl stores it in her gem. In chapter 9, it shows up again – as a melee weapon against Garnet.
  • Seen a few times throughout Pokémon Reset Bloodlines and its sidestories:
    • When the Sensational Sisters see Ash walking into their Water-type Gym with a Pikachu and a Bulbasaur in tow, and worried about losing the gym over just one more defeat in an official fight, one of them wonders aloud if they should sleep with him to make him go away or lose on purpose, to the other two's disgust. Then, after a six-on-six battle where Ash and his starter team won without losing a round, one of the sisters laments that they should just have slept with him to his utter surprise and embarrassment.
    • The Koga & Janine oneshot features a kid named Profuenster who uses jetpack ninjutsu. Fast forward a few years in the main story, turns out the Profuenster family has a shop in Fuchsia that sells them.
    • On the first Holiday Special, Flint tries to snap Volkner out of his funk with the "Christmas Ghosts" act, and fails because he sees right through his disguise. The next year, he tries it and fails again, but this time because Volkner is not depressed to begin with.
    • At the beginning of the Steven Interlude, the title character dumps the paperwork he doesn't want to do on his father's secretary to attend Roxanne and her students. When he returns at the end, said secretary is not happy, and Steven quickly reminds Roxanne that they promised her students a battle to get away from the paperwork, again.
    • A couple of girls begin fighting over Ash to dance with him during his 15th birthday. Later in the main story, when Ash returns from Cinnabar, they do the same during his welcome party.
  • Child of the Storm has a few. In chapter 77 of the first book, Doctor Strange hands out advice to the assembled kids, and tells Carol that her courage and willpower are without equal, as well as slipping her a Magic Ring of unknown provenance. She snarks back that unless being really stubborn will make her Immune to Bullets, she doesn't see how it'll help. As it turns out, said ring is, in fact, the Green Lantern Ring, which essentially uses the wielder's willpower to, amongst many other things, stop bullets.
    • The finale of the first book has Peter Wisdom ask Tony Stark to update MI13's Helicarrier, with the full expectation that he'll install backdoors into the system. He doesn't mind this on the basis that it's good to have someone who can potentially stop him if need be - and that if he did ever have a problem with Tony, he wouldn't be stupid enough to go after him with a helicarrier. Almost fifty chapters later, in the middle of Book 2, Tony shows that he did insert a backdoor into the Helicarrier. By hacking the sound systems and making it play AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" at a highly appropriate moment. Wisdom is not amused.


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