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  • Thunderbolts:
    • In issue #15, Techno clones Baron Zemo so Techno can put his mind inside the clone. Presumably disturbed by Techno's lack of boundaries, Zemo decides to kill the clone. Techno jokes maybe he should clone Kevin Costner instead. A couple years later, Zemo is killed in his Central American hideout and a few weeks later, Techno finds a gelatinous footprint, but he hides it from the other Thunderbolts. The last issue of the first volume of Thunderbolts resolves the mystery of the footprint. A resurrected and seemingly reformed Zemo (now in a new body) shows Hawkeye that he has given his castle to the natives who lived nearby. Hawkeye notices that one of the natives looks just like Kevin Costner.
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    • In issue #3 of the Marvel Now Thunderbolts series, when after Deadpool finds out that General Ross/Red Hulk is using and holding captive an amnesiac and almost depowered Leader for info and for future use behind the rest of the team's backs, Deadpool notes to Ross that if their teammate The Punisher finds out, he'll put a bullet right into Leader's forehead. Come the end of the issue, Deadpool is proven right, and he happily responds with a "HA! Told you!"
  • In Invincible, objects Mark tosses across the world with his super-strength will occasionally crash down several issues later, with humorous results. For example, when Mark's powers first manifest in issue 1, he is throwing a bag of garbage into a dumpster; it lands in issue 6, in another country, with no explanation. And then we return in issue 20, and...
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  • In Transmetropolitan #1, a toll booth operator calls Spider a hillbilly. Spider responds with a "I'll be back for you, shiteyes." Five years, 60 issues, a renewed career, two assistants, an impeached president and some brain damage later, he comes back and has the guy beaten with bricks.
  • About once an issue of Groo the Wanderer, someone will call Groo "slow of mind", and near the end of the comic Groo will suddenly remark "Wait, what did they mean by 'slow of mind'?"
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds has Faith suggesting she uses stakes as dildos. For anyone remembering that small detail this comes back on her big time when Giles' aunts stay with her in the season nine comic series: one of them tells Faith she found earplugs where she keeps her sex toys.
  • In Bone, the reason why the Bone cousins were run out of Boneville is because Phoney's campaign balloon ran amok, among other things. This is quickly forgotten as the Bones get caught up in the conflict of the Valley, with the mysterious Hooded One seeking Phoney because of an 'omen'. Halfway through the story it is revealed what this omen is; a giant balloon of Phoney with a torn banner that reads "Phonicible P. Bone Will Get You". Turns out the campaign balloon drifted across the desert into the valley. The banner used to read "Phonicble P. Bone Will Get Your Vote".
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  • Zipi y Zape: The "Around the world" story has one. When the family wins a free trip around the world and they're told that any extra cost will also be covered. Once they finish the trip, they find that the company that gave them the trip is now in bankrupt after paying for all the destruction caused by the twins.
  • Tintin:
    • Captain Haddock's difficulties with sticking plaster in The Calculus Affair are briefly referenced in Flight 714.
    • In Destination Moon, Thompson and Thomson believe that there's a skeleton sneaking around the moon project, due to a misunderstanding involving an x-ray machine. In Explorers on the Moon, when The Mole has been revealed and is being interrogated, they break in with a vital question: "The skeleton, Wolff. Was that you?"
    • In The Red Sea Sharks, a shark swallows a stray landmine and hiccups in all sorts of directions, after it gets lost by a mook trying to sabotage the ship Tintin is on. Several strips later, a hiccup immediately followed by a loud underwater explosion can be seen on the horizon.
    • In Cigars of the Pharaoh, Thompson and Thomson are shown fleeing a boat they think is about to explode due to an (unarmed) grenade. After several unrelated panels, including one labeled "Next morning," they are shown to still be waiting for the explosion.
  • During the honey harvesting in My Little Pony Micro Series Issue 3, Rarity complains about Flax Seed using "like" in every other word. The comic ends with Wheat Grass calling him out on it.
    Flax Seed: Whoa! Anger.
  • In Violine:
    • The captain and crew of the oil tanker return at the end of the second comic to be locked up for their crimes. To rub it in, Violine pulls the same bait and switch on them as they did to her.
    • Early in the story, a pig falls in love with Violine. Three albums later, the same turns out to have happened to her father.
  • A dark variant happens in Preacher. Early on, Cassidy expresses his dislike of bacon gravy by saying "It tastes like fuckin' semen! ...or so I'd assume." Some forty-odd issues later, we learn that in the past, Cassidy has indeed sucked dick for heroin.
  • Laff-A-Lympics: In "The Ends of the Earth", Huckleberry Hound asks an ice cream man (Fondoo in disguise) to make him a banana split and Fondoo literally turns him into a banana split. At the end of the episode, upon a similar request, Fondoo turns Dread Baron, Mumbly, Dastardly Dalton and Daisy Mayhem into The Banana Splits.
    • In "The Discount of Monty Cristo", there's a scene displaying the scoreboard as Yogis 60; Scoobys; 40; and Rottens 10. There's a note next to the Rottens' score reading "but they don't deserve it". Later, the scoreboard reads Yogis 70; Scoobys 65; and Rottens 15. The note now reads "and they still don't deserve it"
  • Rat Man is a heavy user, with a previous joke often referenced a few issues later. A typical example is Cynthia, the transexual in love with Rat-Man, offering our hero something he assumes being 30 cm long with Cynthia remarking it's actually a rose... That happens to be tattooed on her penis. At the end of the story arc, six months later publication-wise, Rat-Man and another character are about to have a horse race and Cynthia says she'll give a rose to the winner, prompting Rat-Man to shoot his horse.
  • In Doomsday Clock, a brick tossed in the original Watchmen lands: the latter comic had various newspapers and characters wonder if “RR” will run for president in 1988, a seemingly obvious reference to Ronald Reagan. Cut to the first issue of Doomsday Clock, set in the 90’s, and people are talking about how Robert Redford is president now.
  • In X-Men #202(2004), When Colossus asks Kitty Pryde if he should try to reconnoiter with a missing team of X-Men, Kitty answers, "You mean 'split up'? Someday I've got to sit you down in front of some good horror movies, babe." Later, as Kitty and Colossus double-check the mansion's security, Kitty explains the plot of The Shining to Colossus.
  • The Ultimates: Early on, Quicksilver claims to have saved Hawkeye and Black Widow multiple times during a mission. During Vol 2., it turns out Quicksilver moves so fast no-one ever notices what he's doing, and during a splash page in the final fight, he's seen doing exactly that.


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