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  • The stop-motion animation film A Town Called Panic features a literal example when Cowboy and Indian try to order 50 bricks to build a barbecue for their friend, Horse. They accidentally order 50 million bricks, and the day wears into evening as truck after truck deliver loads of bricks, until there is a pile as large as the house. Horse returns home to a brick-free yard, except for the newly constructed barbecue. His birthday party runs well into the night, and it is not until the lights are out at bedtime that we find out where the 49,999,950 other bricks have gone. They are neatly stacked on the roof, forming a cube larger than the house.
  • Megamind:
    • Bernard, the curator at the Metro Man Museum, is zapped into a small cube with Megamind's dehydration gun and kept in his pocket, and Megamind spends much of the movie impersonating him. The real Bernard doesn't reappear until the credits, where he is accidentally rehydrated while Minion washes Megamind's laundry.
    • In an early scene, snarky Damsel in Distress Roxanne complains that the titular villain's gimmicks are getting old, and he needs to make things more exciting. The thing is, Megamind has a habit of mispronouncing and misinterpreting words. So later in the movie, while exploring Megamind's lair (with Megamind, disguised as Bernard) she opens a door marked "EXIT" to reveal a deep pit full of alligators, some random toys on the ground, and a disco ball hanging overhead: "Bernard, you were right about that room being exciting!"
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    • Because of Roxanne, Megamind tries to make Metro City a better place... in his own alienated way. Such as solving the garbage problems by shooting each garbage bag (and a street cat) with a Dehydrator, a weapon that turns everything it hits into a crystalline cube, an effect that can be reversed by pouring water at it. Later, when Roxanne storms out of a restaurant while it's raining, all of the garbage returns to it's original state, and the cat runs right past her.
  • Mulan:
    • Remember how Mulan does her chores at the movie's beginning? At the end, we see that the chickens now associate Little Brother with food.
    • The decapitated ancestor also makes a humorous comeback in the ending.
  • In The Lion King, following Scar's little self-righteous speech at the beginning of the movie, Zazu casually comments about the villain lion that "He'd make a very handsome throw rug." 3 years later in the 1997 Disney movie Hercules, a short clip of a stressed Herc shows him tossing a familiar lion's pelt onto the floor in frustration. One of the many shout outs to previous movies.
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  • In The Lion King 1½, Timon and Pumbaa attend the presentation of baby Simba, and Pumbaa warns Timon that "I don't do so well in crowds" before demonstrating why. At the end, when Timon's mother rewinds the movie and dozens of Disney characters gather in the theater to join them, Pumbaa tells Timon "I still don't do so well in crowds" as the screen fades to black.
  • The Emperor's New Groove
    • In the beginning of the movie, Yzma announces to Kronk to "Pull the lever", and it sends her down a trap door into a moat with an alligator as she shouts, "WRONG LEVER!!". Then she angrily storms back in saying, "Why do we even HAVE that lever?" and smacking an alligator who was clinging to her. About ¾ of the way through the movie when Pacha and Kuzco walk back into the palace to enter Yzma's "Secret Lab", the first thing shown is a drenched Kuzco walking back in grumbling, "OK, why does she even HAVE that lever?" and smacking an alligator who was clinging to him.
    • This ends up being an Overly Long Gag AND a Brick Joke in the tie-in Series, where every single time someone pulls that switch, they will always pull the wrong one and comment on how it still hasn't been fixed. Per usual, Subversions, Inversions and Aversions are abound.
  • In Brave, Merida tells the witch she'll buy all her carvings. Much, much later in the movie (after the credits) the crow comes up to the castle to deliver all of them.
    • There's also how Merida pointed out to Elinor (while Elinor was a bear) that, as a bear, she's covered with fur, so she's not technically naked. Now skip ahead to the end of the movie, where Elinor's finally returned to her human form and she's totally naked under the tapestry that Merida had fixed.
  • In Piglet's Big Movie, during one of the flashbacks, Roo is drifting downriver and Eeyore tells Roo to grab his tail so he can pull him out. Roo tries, but misses. Later on at the end, Christopher Robins asks, "Where's Eeyore?" and it cuts back to him still hanging by the river asking Roo if he had grabbed on yet.
  • One scene of Coraline has Coraline visit Spink and Forcible, who give her a bowl of saltwater candy that is decades older than Coraline, so old the candies have melted together. Coraline tries to get a piece of candy out only to accidentally send the whole bowl flying onto the ceiling, where it gets stuck. When Coraline is leaving their flat, it falls to the floor and shatters.
  • Early on in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, an old man is freed from a cage and falls into a stockade saying, "DANG IT!". During the climax of the movie, the stockade's knocked loose and he's free. Then he falls into the sewers and shouts, "DANG IT!"
  • In Monsters University towards the beginning of the move, a slug monster who was trying (emphasis on "trying") to make it to his first class on the first day of school? Well, during the stinger after the credits, we find out that the slug finally made it to class...but it turns out it took him the entire school year for him to get there.
    • Another one appears in the ending credits: Near the beginning, there is a poster from a student who's lost an eyeball asking for passersby to help find it. Towards the end of the credits, another poster comes up from another student who has found an eyeball. Hopefully, the two of them will come across each other's posters.
    • In Monsters, Inc., Mike and Sulley are arguing about Boo on Scare Floor F, when Mike realizes mid-sentence that everyone is watching. He tries to spin his line "Put that thing back where it came from or so help me...!" as practice for the company play. During the credits, the cast performs "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me: The Musical."
    • Mike then tells confused scare floor workers and CDA agents, "we'll need ushers." At the end, a CDA agent is working as an usher.
  • In Aladdin: The Return of Jafar, as the final battle starts, Jafar's "master" Abis Mal gets thrown out a window. Then we get the huge fight with Jafar, his death, a Disney Death for a hero, the movie's closing scene and the credits...before cutting back to Abis Mal hanging from a tree, pathetically asking if this means he won't be getting his third wish from Jafar.
  • In Robin Hood, Lady Cluck jokes that when Maid Marian married Robin, that will mean King Richard will have "an outlaw for an in-law". At the end when Robin and Marian get married, King Richard himself makes the same remark to Friar Tuck.
  • The bubble-clucking chicken ends up this way in the beginning of The Book of Life while Maria, Manolo and Joaquin are children. The whole movie takes place, and far on the outskirts of town, just before the camera zooms in for the end, the bubble-clucking chicken makes another appearance.
  • The Mansions of the Gods: Asterix and Obelix first appear arguing over who gets to catch a boar, later having much the same conversation (substituting a legionary for the boar).
  • Home:
    • During a "pee break," Oh takes a bite out of a urinal cake, thinking it's a "blue mint." When the rest stop is blown up, a urinal crashes to the ground a short distance away, followed by a urinal cake with a bite taken out of it.
    • Tip hit a Boov with a booby trap that covered him in glitter, and he still has it on during the Dance Party Ending.
    • In addition to going "Number One" and "Number Two" like humans, the Boov also go "Number Three". The events of the climax almost make Oh go Number Three.
    • One of the Brain Boov suggests Playing Possum to ward off the Gorg. Even at the end, she's still pretending to be dead.
    • Oh invited the entire galaxy to his party. Which is why the Dance Party Ending includes species we've never seen arriving on Earth.
  • In Big Hero 6, Hiro and Baymax go to the police station to report being attacked by Yokai... leading to Baymax using up a good deal of one cop's tape to patch up some holes in his body. Then, much later during the credits, we see that they bought that cop a new tape dispenser at some point (complete with a gift bow!).
  • Barbie in Rock 'n Royals: Early on, Erika sarcastically tells Princess Aubrey and Princess Genevieve there are centaurs at Camp Pop. When she learns about the bet and tells them there's something important they must know, one of them asks if Camp Pop really has centaurs.
  • Cars:
    • A minivan couple visits Radiator Springs, apparently lost. The residents ask them to buy something there, but they don't. The rest of the movie happens. Then after the credits, the couple appears again still lost in the desert and the husband has seemingly gone crazy.
    • After the opening race, Lightning McQueen's pit crew gets fed up with his ego and quits en masse. Lightning gives his former pit chief a parting shot, calling him Chuck. The pit chief yells "And my name's not Chuck!" In the closing credits, the pit chief is identified as "Not Chuck".
  • Sleeping Beauty has a scene where a minstrel gets drunk on wine and sleeps away under a banquet table. Later, while the three good fairies are putting the castle to sleep, the minstrel wakes up from his stupor, only to be put back to sleep by Merryweather.
  • Over the Hedge:
    • At the start of the film, Hammy says he buried some nuts in the woods and runs off to find them. At the end of the film, he finds them... and there were apparently enough to fill the whole log.
    • Another one involving Hammy comes back twice. RJ tempts Hammy into helping him by showing him a cookie, only to throw it away and say it's "junk", much to Hammy's disappointment. During the big heist later on, Hammy finds the cookie on the roof, and RJ has to put him back on track. Even later, Hammy enters Caffeine Bullet Time, and he uses this opportunity to finally get his cookie.
    • When he pitches the idea of suburbia to the forest animals, RJ exclaims that humans have "food out the wazoo," to which Verne responds that he "doesn't know what a wazoo is or what kind of food comes out of it." Later, as they're eating out of the garbage cans, Verne very nearly eats a diaperinvoked, which RJ warns him "does come out of a wazoo."
  • As the four protagonists of Hoodwinked tell their day's accounts, pay close attention because a small detail in one character's story that seems bizarre or out-of-place will be explained when another character's story is told.
    • In the entire mine cart sequence in "Be Prepared", everything about Red's ride is what you would expect... until a giant avalanche comes rushing over the tracks, nearly collecting her cart. Granny Puckett's story has a scene of her using explosive charges to escape from the Bandit's henchmen in a ski race on the upper mountain.
    • The porcupine with the Chronically Crashed Car. First the car is crushed during Kirk's tree-cutting spree. And then at the end, when Kirk, driving his schnitzel truck (which has been outfitted with tank treads), crashes into a tree, said tree is uprooted and lands on the same guy's car.
    • Also, the fisherman on the river bank that the Wolf floats by after Red tricks him into falling into the water. He looks bored and looks like he has been sitting there all day. He's seen again, still at the same position, when the cable car lands in the river and blows up after Granny releases the grip. Dozens of disturbed fish fetch up on the shore around him.
  • During the boating scene in Kubo and the Two Strings, Beetle has Kubo shoot an arrow at a fish and it sinks. During the fight against one of Kubo's aunts, he returns with the fish he caught.
  • Toy Story 3 has one set up in Toy Story, fifteen years earlier. The Squeeze Toy Aliens are obsessed with the claw game that they are taken from, revering it as "the Claw." This gets the gang in trouble in the first film, but a garbage claw saves them in the end of the third from incineration, with the same intonation of "the Claaaaaaaaaaw".
  • During the prologue of The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning, a pair of overweight mermaids try to catcall King Triton, to which he sheepishly gestures back. Much later, during the finale, the same, now-elderly merpeople perform the scenario again.
  • Spider Man Into The Spiderverse: When Doctor Octopus introduces herself to Peter B. and Miles, she says "My friends call me Liv." In a later scene Aunt May refers to Doc Ock as "Liv", implying the two have a history.


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