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Breath Weapons in webcomics.

  • In El Goonish Shive:
    • Fire summons and the Bulldog Dragon are capable of shooting fireballs from their mouths
    • As shown in Dragon Goo: Omega Goo could straight up breath fire from one of its many mouths.
  • In Issue 2 of Deadendia Courtney uses this on a cowboy named Murdoch.
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  • In Sinfest, Tomey uses it on some bullies.
  • Rival Angels is a webcomic set in a 'verse where Pro Wrestling Is Real. Not surprisingly, one character is known to use the Asian Mist attack described under Professional Wrestling above.
  • Subverted in Madness In A Box, where the Combustible Crusader can breathe flame...out of her nostrils.
  • Corgi Quest has a somewhat unconventional example: Puffington's breath makes the target deliriously happy. She is a faerie dragon, after all.
  • Pengi of Wootlabs - a genetically modified penguin with ice breath.
  • Erfworld's dwagons; at least the red, green, blue, purple, and brown ones; have normal elemental breath weapons (fire, poison gas, lightning, sonic blast, and smoke respectively) while pink ones breath pink bubbles that smother enemies, while yellow ones inverse the trope by having massive bowel movements. Yellow dragons can give you a really crappy day.
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  • Fire demons in Slightly Damned can use fire magic but almost always seem to just breathe fire with it,note  Buwaro's seems pretty weak but other fire demons are shown to be quite deadly with it.
  • Lord English, the Big Bad of Homestuck, has the ability to fire a multicoloured laser from his mouth that destroys everything it touches. No exceptions. He uses it to shatter a Dream Bubble and double-kill (read: permanently erase from existence) all of the ghosts residing there.
  • Ozy and Millie, Ozy's adoptive father Llewellyn is a dragon who breathes fire on occasion. It's usually played for laughs, i.e. setting things alight when he sneezes.
    • Naturally, this means that as the son of a dragon, Ozy has to learn to do this. He's succeeded twice on-panel.
  • The dragons of Dragon City have vestigial venom sacs in their throats that produce flammable venom. They're usually removed as hatchlings and the one time Erin uses hers they burn her throat and render her mute for weeks.
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  • Slack Wyrm: The two dragons (fire drakes) featured there, Ferragus and his sister Hildegard, breathe fire.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • For a time, the Toughs' flagship is named Broken Wind, which due to the religious symbology of the culture they got it from, could also have been translated as "Angry God." Later, an ambassador dislikes it; "wind" lacks the proper spiritual aspect as it does in the original language, and "broken" isn't destructive enough. He suggests an alternative: Breath Weapon.
    • Tagon gets an upgraded Dragon-class cruiser with a main gun that shoots a powerful beam of plasma at short range.
      Murtaugh: My ship is keeping the name Breath Weapon. You can't have it.


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