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  • Destroy the Godmodder: Very common. The main idea behind it is that it takes place in a video game (Minecraft specifically, although so heavily modded as to be completely unrecognizable) and many of the characters know that. Even canonically fictional ones. In the second game, the actual Fourth Wall of Minecraftia is broken, causing the Homestuck Invasion
  • The League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions did this frequently.
  • Bioshock: Above the Sea: Zero does this twice, once, when a roleplayer states her upset at being dumped Zero "kills" her ex in the actual roleplay, and another time when he spends a few seconds speaking with the roleplayer that made him.
  • This was a prominent running gag in We Are Our Avatars, where characters like Bass, Deadpool, Bernkastel, "Raven", among others, would refer to the readers and the people reading, but, the gag was done to death and it's since been downplayed. It got to the point where Etheru retconned the ability out of Bass because of annoyance with the gag.

    Web Animation 
  • Brawl of the Objects:
    • In the Cold Opening to episode 5, Boat is attempting to speak French with Baguette using the dictionary he purchased in a previous episode. Once Boat asked Baguette to repeat what he had just said, Baguette asked Boat if he couldn't see the subtitles. At which point the subtitles themselves address Boat. After witnessing Baguette getting hugged by the subtitles, Boat proceeds to break a wall labelled 4.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke in The Stinger. When Boom Box mentions how some of the characters there (him, Party Hat and Shieldy) were recommended characters and Party Hat agrees (while looking at the screen to boot), Boat once again breaks the same wall.
  • In an episode of Da Amazin OT Advenchr, Deine called the show itself crap when it started "evolving".
  • Taco-Man frequently references his cartoon state.
  • RWBY Chibi:
    • In episode 6, Team RWBY is shocked when Pyrrha, who was killed off in the main series but is alive here, shows up with the rest of Team JNPR. When Ruby goes to mention it, Nora cuts her off with a rant.
      Nora: Nope! Never happened! Everything's FINE! Pyrrha. Is. FINE! And nothing bad. Ever. Happened. (Turns to face the viewer.) EVERRRR...
    • Episode 23 goes completely and utterly nuts with this trope as Nora downs an entire pot of coffee and ends up travelling through various dimensions she ends up in the real world. She's brought back to "relative" normal when her voice actress drinks coffee.
  • EVTV Weather has a few occasional 4th wall breaks. Along with the character of Maggot Man, who serves as a pseudo-narrator.
  • Da Amazin OT Advenchr does this occasionally.
    • In sooper appisote 3, the entire series’ font gets changed midway through the sooper appisote, due to someone pressing a button that said "CHANGE FONT".
    • And in A.18, Liteslayer and Deine indirectly break the fourth wall by acknowledging the live “evolution” happening to them. It starts by a text-to-speech-translator, getting colored, then spelling properly, then so on and so forth until Lite kills himself to stop any more "evolution" from happening.
  • The fourth wall is broken continuously in the Alfred's Playhouse series. Alfred address the audience as "boys and girls" and in the movie, Dictator Pickles personally introduces Alfred to the audience.
  • The eponymous Emperor of If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device breaks the wall oftentimes, from lamenting that he can't make any more fourth-wall-breaking jokes anymore to commenting on the new opening the series gets in episode 12.
  • Homestar Runner does this, particularly in the "Virus" Strong Bad e-mail where the format of the web page gets tampered with. Also, "My mouth was a broken JPEG!" Happens literally in some of the iTunes openings, where Strong Bad will either press his face against the screen, leaving a print, or literally try to break your screen!
  • At one point in a Happy Tree Friends interactive minigame, a character is killed when they're crushed against the fourth wall.
  • Everything Is Broken:
    • When Flippy plays LG he starts to scream, Flaky hears him from the other room and holds up a sign reading "Should I ask?" to the audience in part 1.
    • The Author Avatar holds up a sign reading "Thought I should break the fourth wall before dying" in part 12.
  • In GEOWeasel, the fourth wall is broken enough that Mitri complains about Nar breaking the fourth wall, and Nar retorts that pointing it out would also be, as he says, self-referencing.
  • DarkMatter2525 is mentioned in his video "If God Answers Prayers", when God complains about atheists on YouTube making videos about his actions, especially "that Dark-Matter, what's-his-face-douchebag".
  • SMG4 : This series has a lot of examples. They can all be found here.

    Web Video 
  • KateModern comes dangerously close to breaking the fourth wall on a number of occasions, always with some in-universe justification (however flimsy). They finally break it directly in "The Last Work", when Tez, after talking to an off-screen Meryl, turns to the camera and says, "She should get her own show, that one." This was also a direct Shout-Out to the fanbase, as the concept of a Spin-Off called "MerylModern" was a popular fan in-joke. Of course, KateModern never had a Fourth Wall in the traditional sense, because while the characters aren't aware that they are fictional, they are always aware of the audience and address them frequently. The fictional "fan" Sophie, in particular, broke the fourth wall repeatedly on her Bebo profile.
  • In The Guild, Codex breaks the fourth wall at the start of every episode, talking to the audience about what's bothering her.
  • To Boldly Flee got three instances of this right in the finale, when The Nostalgia Critic comes face to face with his own creator, Doug Walker, when Chester A. Bum points out a inconsistency from the special itself, (It Makes Sense in Context), and when the Nostalgia Critic points out that the audience had figured out that The Angry Video Game Nerd was Gort the whole time.
  • There is a bit of fourth wall breaking in The Cartoon Man saga. While no one ever acknowledges their existence as characters in a movie, Roy looks into the camera numerous times as if acknowledging an audience. It's played as one more aspect of acting like a cartoon character. Roy and Valerie also go through a "montage" in the third movie, and specifically refer to it as such.
  • Resident Evil Abridged: The entire cast is aware of the sort of situation they're in - from Rebecca pointing out why having a medic at all times in a Survival Horror game would be an unfair advantage, to Jill recognizing when she's entered a boss room.
  • The characters in The Sonic Amigos know that they are in a Web Video, and occasionally comment on it.
  • Left POOR Dead: Frequently, examples include Dr. Smedly refering to himself as the antagonist and Tippy knowing Toby's name from seeing it in the opening credits
  • In I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC almost every character knows that they are comic book characters and they frequently meet at the hero bar "Stan's Place" to talk about the movies and tv shows that are based on them. However, Deadpool still manages to be one step ahead of everyone else by being the only character to know that they are all action figures in a Youtube video series with long waiting periods between videos.
    • Pretty much the only character to not know about his comic origins at first and believe himself to be real is Darkseid. Once he learns the truth from Joker, he admits it was a blow to ego but then he takes the time to study his comic origins and Marvel's, learning about the writers, artists, and continuity, until he uses the concept of reboots for his next Evil Plan. He is thwarted when Deadpool uses his own device against him to transfer his knowledge of their world into Darkseid's head, and Darkseid, has a breakdown, being unable to handle that he is really just a toy.
  • When Samantha clarifies to Darma that she and Jake are neither married nor related despite having the same last names in Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers, she says it is because they are not very creative.
  • Danny Gonzalez:
    • One Vine has him call himself out for using peanut butter instead of a phone, to which he points out the peanut butter is just a prop for the video.
    • "I've got a date with a hot cougar!" "Ah, nice! Oh wait, I know how this Vine going to end..." and cue the Visual Pun of an actual cougar being the date, just as was predicted.
  • Futuro Ex-Porta: Some participants were criticized for attempting to break the fourth wall by facing the judges directly. It's considered a mistake because the performances are supposed to mimic Porta dos Fundos sketches, not stage plays, so technically the judges are not the actual audience.
    • In Episode 2, Catharina and Dan were criticized for addressing the judges directly a few times during their performance, which, according to João Vicente, made the sketch too "theatrical".
    • In Episode 4, Pimenta was praised for facing the camera during the fictional debate, making his performance as a candidate in a televised debate seem much more realistic. Meanwhile, the other participants were criticized for only facing either each other or the judges, even though, in Gregório Duvivier's words, the judges "don't exist" in the scene.

  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-674 ("The Exposition Gun"). When SCP-674 is fired at characters in a TV show or movie, the user perceives that the characters respond to the shooting and even talk to the user.
    • There are several other SCPs that break the fourth wall towards the reader, for example, SCP-1893 ("The Minotaur's Tale")
    • Any article with the Pataphysics tag ("Pata" being the step above "Meta") deals with the fictional nature of the Foundation, such as the Foundation realizing it's fictional and trying to influence the writers or readers or even the wiki itself.
  • TV Tropes:
    • An editor of the site will often introduce themselves as "This Troper". This is frowned upon for examples. So are That Troper and The Other Troper.
    • There are a handful of articles that make a point of addressing the reader directly, such as Big Brother Is Watching You.

  • This poem, titled I Love You But You're Real.
  • Certain characters in Star Harbor Nights are "meta-aware", notably the Hex Kittens and the inhabitants of the Sands of Time, the local Inn Between the Worlds. Most often used for Lampshade Hanging.
    • The chapter Super Vision Lampshades this when Johnny Dark cautions Maria not to overthink the nature of the Sands, because it makes the author irritable. Later, Tigerlily Bender seems to fall afoul of this same phenomenon.
  • In the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society's base of operations, there is an actual fourth wall that makes a tremor when broken. Also notable is the fact that Tyler will frequently have arguments with the narrator.
  • In the Whateley Universe, the Monkey King is a godlike being who apparently has this as a power. In his own point of view short story, he repeatedly addresses the readers and even makes comments about some of the forum posters.
  • In one of the Soul Pancake video "Unexpected Visitor" the intruder tells the guy, and atheist he is God, the guy says "you just lost me" to which God says "that's okay, we probably just lost about Half our audience." then looks and winks at the camera.
  • This trope's the very first trope discussed on On the Tropes.
  • The Last Generation runs over the fourth wall with a bulldozer and then pees on its remains. After hopping through several worlds across the Multiverse Inna, the main character finally reaches our own, where she meets her creator, who proceeds to explain that she's just a character in a roleplaying forum whose uniqueness is the result of several retcons, and the reason her world is being destroyed is that the forum has closed down due to inactivity.
  • In the Top 10 4th Wall Breaks in TV from the narrator Rebecca refers to the video she is currently narrating and then turns confused to the camera.
  • Cranbersher did an animation of Markiplier that was a sequel to a previous one, and in the introduction, this happens:
    Markiplier puppet: [The first Timore game] also spawned an animation made by Cranbersher—
    Cranbersher puppet: (looks up from animating an even smaller puppet of Mark) [jump cut]
  • Hector's World: The characters often talk to the viewers when delivering morals.
  • Pretending to Be People: Horror Host Wolf the Dog evidently exists in-universe and has his own backstory, but also addresses viewers and provides recaps and announcements.