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Breaking The Fourth Wall / Advertising

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Examples of Breaking the Fourth Wall in advertising.

  • A 2013 commercial for Allstate Insurance featured an ad-friendly couple whispering to each other about the concerns they have about their home and having it be protected. Then Mike Holmes (of "Holmes on Homes" fame) shows up right next to them in bed and whispers to them that they shouldn't be concerned because they're protected by Allstate. One of the couple asks if they're dreaming, then Dennis Haysbert turns on a light in their bedroom and says that no, they're in an Allstate commercial.
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  • A commercial for The Big Bang Theory episodes showing on TBS involved Sheldon noticing the TBS logo on their table and having a conversation with Leonard about it. Leonard eventually tells Sheldon that "They aren't supposed to know they're on a TV show."
  • One advertisement for the Portuguese Iris television service involves three Japanese people getting introduced to Iris, while a seller explains to them the benefits of the service. The Japanese people's lines are subtitled in Portuguese, and the seller's lines are subtitled in Japanese. One of the Japanese asks another how the seller is able to understand Japanese. The seller tells him he is reading the subtitles.
  • A commercial for La Quinta Inns has a salesman at a meeting (after being refreshed by staying at the sponsor's facilities). The announcer says, "Here's a clue, he's selling ice, they're Eski..." whereupon an Eskimo in a parka interrupts him and says, "Nobody needs a clue."
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  • Magnavox did a series of commercials in The '90s with John Cleese. In at least one of these, he points towards the bottom of the screen during his spiel and enunciates the word "Magnavox!" so the gag only works if you're watching the commercial on a Magnavox set, with its logo displayed right under the screen.
  • A commercial for the Nissan Juke parodying action movies. At one point, the "hero" looks directly at the camera and says, "Professional driver, closed course," right as said disclaimer appears on the bottom of the screen.


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