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  • WWE seem to be doing this to AJ Lee as well. She got eliminated from NXT despite being one of the favourites to win, showed up on SmackDown! only to be betrayed by her friend and mentor Natalya for being a "perky little princess", was mocked for being in a romance with Hornswoggle, got attacked by Maxine who messed with her head and now it seems like her best friend Kaitlyn is turning on her as well for all the matches she's lost.
    • Moreover, she's been recently injured after The Big Show (who was facing her boyfriend Daniel Bryan) ran into her in a No-Disqualifications Match for the World Heavyweight Title.note 
    • And finally, this Cutie finally broke after Daniel Bryan mentally abused her. When he got kicked in the face and lost his World Title, he summarily broke up with her, which made her snap.
  • Kaitlyn. AJ Lee, her former friend, had just humiliated her with sending false secret admirer's messages and gifts, plays mind games with her, and beat her at Payback of 2013. And the way Kaitlyn was sobbing about the humiliation and attacks the new Divas' can't help but feel sorry for the poor girl.
  • Kelly Kelly was probably the poster girl for this trope. Let's see, Mike Knox abused her, her friends mocked her for dating Balls Mahoney, a member of her dance group turned on her, Kane was after her blood, Vickie Guerrero fired her for helping Edge retain his title, Beth Phoenix turned on her for no good reason, and then Beth and Natalya seem very fond of locking her in a painful-looking submission hold and holding up the house microphone to her face so the arena can hear her scream.
    • Crosses into real life when you remember her then-boyfriend Test died in 2009
  • On one episode of Raw, Lita was overjoyed to reunite with Matt Hardy and Matt said there was a special question he wanted to ask her, hinting strongly that he was going to propose. The same night the two of them were booked in a tag match that said Lita would lose her job if she lost. Matt turned on her and cost her the match, then dumped her on the spot for choosing the Women's title over him. Fired and dumped in the space of two minutes, and good God the poor girl was a convincing crier.
    • Outside the ring. she got a huge amount of abuse from fans after the Edge situation. Matt apparently encouraged the fans to chant obscenities at her, not helped by WWE turning it into a storyline. According to Lita. she couldn't even leave her house without someone screaming "you screwed Matt" at her. thus forcing her to retire from WWE.
  • Nearly literally, with the incredibly sexy Maria Kanellis. She had forcibly been placed in a match against Umaga – all for spilling coffee on Eric Bischoff's coat, and she was told to take the match or lose her job – and endured a brutal beatingnote . Just before Umaga made good on his mission to make Maria the hottest woman ever to lie in state at her hometown's funeral home, John Cena ran in to save the day. There were many other instances, however, where Maria was placed in extreme danger, only for a face wrestler – usually, Cena – to run in and save her in the nick of time.
    • And a year before that, Maria was just asking him a question and Eric put her in a match with Kurt Angle, who proceeded to beat her around with the Angle Slam. Poor girl didn't catch a break.
  • Miss Elizabeth, the valet (and one-time real-life wife) of Randy "Macho Man" Savage, was the poster girl for being placed in extreme danger – or at the very least, having her name splattered in mud – many times throughout her run (1985-1992). The short list:
    • Savage himself often grabbed Elizabeth's head and arm during his first heel run, usually when she didn't handle his robe properly or was perceived to be looking at another guy too long. He also tried using her as a shield to ward off attacks (usually by Hulk Hogan).
    • The Honky Tonk Man shoved her to the mat during a match against Savage, after he attempted to break a guitar over his head. Later, he cornered her in several matches and made suggestive gestures toward her.
    • She was handcuffed and had her wrist severely bruised by The Big Boss Man (and he threatened to club her in the stomach with a nightstick).
    • She was accused of "doing favors" for WWF President Jack Tunney by Bad News Brown.
    • André the Giant (more than once) grabbed her by the ankle – and on one other occasion, by the hair to forcibly pull her into the ring – after he became frustrated by her constant complaining to the referee about his choking out Savage.
    • She was a frequent target for Jake Roberts. At her wedding, she opened a gift package that hid a snake. Two months later, when Roberts lured Savage to the ring and allowed his snake to bite his arm, Elizabeth ran to the ring to stop it, but Roberts nearly sicced the snake on HER! A month later, he slapped Elizabeth in the ring (during the "Tuesday in Texas" pay-per-view").
    • In her final major WWF angle, Ric Flair claimed that she had an affair with him behind Savage's back. The angle never progressed past showing Photoshopped photos of Flair with Elizabeth (and later, the same photos with Savage in them in place of Flair), as Elizabeth left Savage in Real Life in the summer of 1992.
  • "Piggy" James. To elaborate, when Mickie James was drafted to Smackdown the duo LayCool didn't enjoy her stealing their thunder so they decided to make her life hell. Their attempts ranged from the ridiculous (taunting her backstage and cutting up her clothes) to the downright nasty - making fun of her weight and calling her Piggy James. This culminated in a segment where she got triple teamed and pig cake shoved down her throat and punch poured all over her. She got her own back though by winning the Women's Championship from Michelle in twenty seconds and then smashing a massive cake all over them.
  • Rey Mysterio Jr.. After his best friend Eddie Guerrero died, he won the Royal Rumble...only to lose that shot to Randy Orton. That's just one of many storylines including his son finding out he was not his biological father, his best friend turning on him and brutally attacking him, his daughter getting scared by CM Punk (on her birthday) and the number of times he's won the world title only to have it ripped away in ridiculous ways.
  • While the WWF's announcers routinely and roundly condemned male wrestlers who even so much as mildly threatened Elizabeth with harm, they enthusiastically cheered whenever villianous female valet/wrestler Sensational Sherri was struck by a male wrestler, most often after she tried interfering on Savage's behalf during his matches (Savage took on Sherri as his valet-manager after his falling out with Elizabeth over her overly-friendly behavior toward Hogan) The most frequent Sherri-beaters were Hogan (who once struck Sherri with her own loaded purse at SummerSlam 1989), "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (at least once) and most often the Ultimate Warrior.
    • In the Ultimate Warrior's case, his most extensive beating of Sherri came during his 1991 steel cage match against Savage at Madison Square Garden. Sherri repeatedly interfered in the match on Savage's behalf, causing Warrior to repeatedly beat her back or smack her head against either the steel bars or Savage's head. After Sherri ultimately caused Warrior to lose the match, he stalked Sherri and, after shoving aside numerous WWF officials and security officers, grabbed her by the neck and press-slammed her as hard as he possibly could to the mat. (Fortunately, real or kayfabe, Sherri was a top-shelf worker and not seriously injured.)
    • Sherri also was spanked by André the Giant in a 1991 skit that aired on WWF Superstars, although this was a comedy skit — Sherri was trying to seduce Andre, who replied by bending her against the bar and swatting her behind five times with a hilarious trollface expression.
  • Zack Ryder and Eve Torres...poor them. You think that after all the push that Ryder got to become the US Champion, it'd be fine. No; Kane has to come in and destroy him in order to goad John Cena into embracing hatred and Eve has become another target once Zack was out of the way. And then when Cena tries to play hero and save Eve from Kane's wrath on 2/13/12, they (accidentally) kiss in front of Ryder. Ryder is pissed, Eve has taken much of the blow for the crumbling relationship and about to become embodied by hatred.
    • As of 2/20/12, everything was revealed. Zack was nothing but Eve's meal ticket and she was going to dump him for Cena. As if WWE had to twist the knife for Zack even further. Thankfully Cena chewed Eve out about this, but what happens to Cena and Ryder's friendship is up in the air.
    • Coupled with a dose of Fridge Horror - the Raw before Eve kissed Cena it was heavily implied that Kane raped her backstage. No wonder she got so messed up.