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Bratty Half Pint / Literature

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  • Pinocchio, in The Adventures of Pinocchio. He caused much trouble to his dad and was mischievous and bratty. He got better through character development.
  • Gavroche of Les Misérables (the book) is an inversion of this trope - he's the one who rescues Bratty Half Pints, and is one of the most likable and mature characters. In the musical version, he's a straight example of the trope except that he doesn't get rescued.
  • Major plot point in the Mercedes Lackey's Arrows of the Queen with Princess Elspeth, who was being raised to be this by her nurse. She gets better.
  • From the moment she poked her little fire-breathing snout of the eggshell, it was obvious that Iskierka from Temeraire was going to turn out like this.
  • Karen from The Baby-Sitters Club. Dear god, Karen. Jenny Prezzioso is seen as such by the sitters.
  • Todd Lyons from The Clique.
  • Sybil Russell in the Chalet School series, partly due to her resentment at having to compete for her mum Madge's attention with several older cousins. One nasty incident involving a kettle and her little sister Josette, later, however, she gets over it.
  • Scabmona from Robin Jarvis' Deptford Mouselets book Fleabee's Fortune. She revels in being as vile and unpleasant as possible. As they are rats, her parents are actually proud of her rude behaviour, while they are ashamed of her polite older sister Fleabee.
  • Ramona Quimby
    • Willa Jean. She ages from book to book, but Ramona still can't stand her. Willa is such a spoiled brat who doesn't get in trouble for anything she does because, don'tcha know, she's just sooo cute (though she does try patience on some occasions), that you just gotta hate her.
    • Ramona herself was like this when she was younger. A running gag was that when her older sister Beatrice and her friend Henry would play checkers and ignore Ramona, she'd forcibly break up the game by ramming the table with her tricycle. Ramona was actually mortified when she was told she'd been as bad as Willa Jean once.
  • Penelope from The Serpent's Egg trilogy does this, except everyone believes her insane stories. Except, of course, the true one about that magical elf land she goes to with a Druid. She also happens to have a toy poodle which she always paints a new color each book... And yes, she does eventually wise up.
  • Lila Little Hawk from Gives Light.
  • Pretty much any kid who appears in a P. G. Wodehouse story or novel.
  • The eponymous Junie B. Jones.
  • There's a children's picture book called 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Any More, which is sort of like an illustrated version of Skippy's List or Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG starring an adorable little girl.
  • Lucy, Grella and Rosa from The Last Dragon Chronicles all slot into this trope at some point in their lives.
  • Robert A. Heinlein is fond of this trope, especially in his juvenile novels.
  • Constance from The Mysterious Benedict Society is constantly annoying her older friends with her complaining and her grumpy attitude. After the reveal that she is only just turning three years old her immaturity makes more sense.