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  • Chiyu Tamade from BanG Dream!. One of the youngest girls in the cast at 14 years old, she's the closest thing the series has to an antagonist. Despite being intelligent and a skilled producer for Raise A Suilen, she's incredibly controlling and abrasive. From vowing to crush Poppin' Party and Roselia after perceived slights by Tae and Yukina respectively to demanding loyalty from her bandmates to the exclusion of all their other obligations, she certainly fits the bill.
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  • Isidro from Berserk. Rude, ill-mannered, he is a master at the art of provoking and pissing people off.
  • Alois Trancy of Black Butler is a very, very dark variation of this. Most definitely a subversion of the usual kid-appeal qualities of this character.
  • Bleach: Shinigami tend to be Really 700 Years Old. However, the child characters are biologically children nevertheless.
    • Hiyori is perpetually angry, violent and aggressive. She takes out her moods on Shinji mostly, but picks fights with everyone.
    • Turn Back the Pendulum reveals that Byakuya was an obnoxious, hot-tempered brat when young. The manga has always hinted that Beneath the Mask Byakuya may be Not So Stoic. It turns out that he's become extremely good at hiding his Hair-Trigger Temper.
  • Broken Blade: not necesssarily a kid, but Girge deliberately admits this.
    Rygart: "You're basically just a bratty-kid!"
    Girge: "That, I already knew."
  • Meilin from Cardcaptor Sakura. When she isn't fawning over Syaoran, she's constantly bragging about her abilities, real or imagined, and early on, whining whenever Sakura gets a card over Syaoran and just being a general nuisance. However, she is also very determined, caring, and always ready to take action, traits which become more prominent late into her appearance in the series.
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  • Matt from A Cruel God Reigns, although one could argue that he has some valid reasons.
  • In the fourth Dirty Pair OVA a group of pre-teen boys, whom are the sons of wealthy aristocrats take over a military base believing it to be a fun game, they also disrespect any authority figure who try to talk sense into them, including Yuri and Kei who they call "old women" even though as Kei points out at 19 they're only a little bit older than they are.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Kid Trunks. What distinguishes him from Future Trunks, thanks to growing up in a time of peace (and having his father around).
    • Goten can be like this at times too, especially when he's around his big brother. Or when Trunks ropes him into misbehaving with him.
    • Pan the Token Mini-Moe in Dragon Ball GT.
  • Mischa from Endride is a barely diffused tykebomb, who is tiny, arrogant, and only wants to listen or speak with Demetrio. She often gets into petty one-up-man-ship with Felix, who is her rival in reticence and Undying Loyalty to Demetrio.
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  • Mashiro from the yonkoma (and its anime adaptation) Engaged to the Unidentified. Self-important, and always trying to find a way to either take advantage of, or inconvenience her prospective sister-in-law Kobeni. Thankfully her bratty instances are curbed either by her own childish tendencies, or by Kobeni's older sister Benio, whose attentions Mashiro is terrified of.
  • Mai and Mami from Explorer Woman Ray, a couple of treasure-seeking teenage girls who steal an artifact from the title character left back in Japan, in the hope of meeting her and returning it.
  • Bat in Fist of the North Star.
  • Hiro from Fruits Basket, differing from the archetype in that he's especially bratty towards the heroine. In the manga, at least, he grows up a lot, though he never does come to like Tohru.
  • Taka from Gakuen Babysitters. Compared to the other toddlers, he's a loudmouthed little troublemaker with a rather big ego.
  • Date Masamune from Gate 7 is a precocious and mouthy Bratty Half-Pint, luckly (or unluckly) for him and everybody else, Kujuurou is always close to him to scold him. Subverted, since he's the One-eyed dragon's Reincarnation, he's everything but a Distressed Dude.
  • Girls Bravo: Tomoka. She is portrayed as super-irritating. In fact the only justification for her terribly annoying attitude and disposition is that she is a little girl.
  • The main character of Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East, Inuzuka Shino, is this. Of course, he's Older Than He Looks due to possessing Murasame as the price for being his vessel and wielding his power is to have one's time frozen. Aka, he's actually 18 instead of 13. Him being a brat is semi-justified by Who Wants to Live Forever? and the issues that come from always being seen by others as a kid. And, unlike most Bratty Half Pints, he is actually probably one of the strongest characters.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • South Italy, also known as Italy Romano, was spoiled, lazy and entitled as a child, with a habit of insulting his caretaker Spain and rejecting all of the kind acts he attempted to do for him...and then grew into a very fierce mix of all Tsundere Type A varieties.
    • Sealand transforms from a somewhat delusional and determined Cheerful Child into this when he's around his older brother England, whom he refers to as "jerk England," and goes out of his way to tell him that one day he's going to be a bigger empire than England ever was.
    • More recently, Ladonia is shaping up to be a prime example, mixed with him being a Spoiled Brat prone to throwing tantrums when things don't go his way. He demands to be made leader of the micronations in his introduction, no dissent tolerated.
    • Czech Republic was this as a child; she was Always Someone Better to the young Slovakia, and enjoyed rubbing it into his face and teasing him.
    • Prussia as a child (The Teutonic Knights) was this as Word of God notes, being spoiled by the Pope and allowed to do whatever he wanted, as well as being a loud and tactless pint-sized Blood Knight.
  • Shippo in Inuyasha zigzags between this and Mouthy Kid. In his defense, there are times when he tries to help (even though he is too young) and his teasing of Inuyasha is often due to him upsetting Kagome (who Shippo sees as a adoptive mother).
  • Marion from Kaleido Star, in her first episode.
  • Kurumi, Yusaku and Hikaru from Kimagure Orange Road.
  • Rune from Kimba the White Lion.
  • The Canon Foreigner Sanae Dekomori from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, who irritates her upperclassmen Yuuta and Shinka to no end.
  • Sara from Love Hina. Particularly early on, when she deliberately sets out to get Keitaro fired from his job assisting Seta. Even afterwards, she'll pull pranks for sheer amusement.
  • Yuri -Sayaka's disabled cousin- from Mazinger Z.
  • Yuuri of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is a brat who continually insists that she isn't a child and stomps off to go do her own thing, always failing miserably. After she leaves the cast (for the most part), Seira is introduced on the good side; she does mature, and was only selfish because she had yet to gather the facets of love (which was the original intent of the quest for her to be born; having her heart stolen complicated things).
  • The three girls from Mitsuboshi Colors might be this at different levels, but Sat-chan is the absolute queen of troublemaking in her class.
  • Naruto:
    • Naruto Uzumaki — played with and deconstructed, if due to his main character status.
      • Naruto's prototype was even brattier and far more of a Jerkass. In order to take revenge on a boy who spread rumors about him, he trapped him in a hole, pretended to offer him a lift out, then urinated on him, leaving a stench that lasts 10 days.
    • Konohamaru, the Third Hokage's grandson, is a more straightforward example. Although later on, we see him Take A Level In Badass and give a Pain body a Rasengan.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
  • Pop Harukaze from Ojamajo Doremi. She retains some of this after her Character Development, but she's much less bratty and more taking occasional potshots now and then.
  • Maho from Please Teacher!.
  • Mannen in Prétear, the self-proclaimed leader of the younger half of the Leafe Knights. He tends to get the group in trouble by demanding to be treated as equals with the older knights, but he seems to genuinely mean well.
  • Tomoka, Horio, and to some extent Ryoma in The Prince of Tennis.
    • Also, Akaya of Rikkai. It's developed so far that Brat is basically his second name in fanfiction.
  • Anita King of R.O.D the TV, at least partially (especially prominent in the anime's early episodes).
  • Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin is an interesting case. He's obviously the Bratty Half Pint, and is not only fully aware of it, but doesn't want to be. His character arc is his journey from Bratty Half Pint to full-fledged Shonen hero.
  • Chibiusa of Sailor Moon, at her worst. More in the anime, but the manga version wasn't above everything.
  • In Saint Beast, Maya is the youngest and most immature character on the show. He tends to throw tantrums when things don't go his way, and is often a Distressed Dude.
  • Komachi from Samurai 7; she does get along with most of the others, but dislikes Kyuzo. But then, no one gets along with him. It is notable that Komachi almost literally hangs off Kikuchiyo.
  • Sgt. Frog: Karara, Chiroro, Tororo, Taruru (to some extent) and Sumomo (in the manga).
    • Through flashbacks and Kululu's age manipulation beam gun, we learn that Fuyuki used to be the brattiest of them all.
  • Uesegi Hiou from Skip Beat! threatened Moko with his family and to ditch an appearance and blame Moko. Then he acknowledges his feelings and starts to behave.
  • Miu from Strawberry Marshmallow. Rare is the episode where she doesn't earn Nobue's wrath, usually in the form of being knocked face-first into the floor.
  • Uriah from the second season of Superbook was this way to Chris at first.
  • In the first OVA series, Sasami of Tenchi Muyo! was this, her first appearance being spent playing a prank on Tenchi and insulting Ryoko. This held over into the first Pretty Sammy OVA, but once the second Tenchi Muyo! OVA series came out, she came out of this and became the more mature of the girls. The whole Tsunami thing probably helped with that.
  • Taruto of Tokyo Mew Mew. He ends up in a Dating Catwoman relationship with the Token Mini-Moe.
  • In Umi Monogatari, Urin is childish and petulant at times, moreso to people on land than her mermaid sister Marin.
  • Ten from Urusei Yatsura. One translation of his full name, Jariten, literally means "Bratty Ten". His insistence on "Ten" is for much the same reason Sakuramboo, the ugly little Buddhist priest, usually calls himself "Cherry" — Sakuramboo can mean "Cherry" (as in the fruit — Sakura refers to Cherry Blossoms), but also "Deranged Priest".
  • Johji of Yu-Gi-Oh! — He is bratty and, of Yugi's party, the only one who he gets along with is Anzu... because he is a perverted baby who lusts after women.
  • The Nishigori triplets from Yuri!!! on Ice, though most of their bratty behaviour is aimed at their mother Yuko. They use their parents' social media accounts without permission (like how they used Yuko's account to upload the viral video of Yuri reenacting Victor Nikiforov's program, which she scolds them for afterwards), and they often stay up past their bedtime to watch figure skating competitions and post on social media, much to Yuko's frustration.


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