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  • The 1937 Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of A Free Soul resulted in massive revisions to the plot. In the film, Jan throws over her safe, dull boyfriend Dwight and takes up with Ace, a charming mobster. After they have sex without benefit of marriage, Ace becomes violently possessive. Dwight kills Ace after Ace threatens to reveal his affair with Jan and ruin her reputation. Dwight is then acquitted of Ace's murder. A Free Soul was made in 1931, during The Pre-Code Era, when movie makers could get away with stuff like that. By 1937, when the movie was adapted for radio, The Hays Code was firmly in place, so the plot was completely rewritten. In the Lux version, Ace is a gambler instead of a mobster. He and Jan get married instead of just having an affair. Further, it's Ace who kills Dwight in the radio show, and by a Gun Struggle instead of with malice aforethought as in the film. Making the murder a Gun Struggle allowed for Ace to be acquitted, since by 1937, guilty parties were no longer allowed to escape punishment in Hollywood productions.
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  • The Big Finish Doctor Who adaptation of the Doctor Who New Adventures novel Damaged Goods replaced cocaine with a Fantastic Drug called Smile, and doesn't have the Doctor take it. Chris's sex scene with David Daniels is toned down to them just kissing.

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