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Bound And Gagged / Webcomics

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Characters being Bound and Gagged in webcomics.

  • Bound Adventures is an action adventure series with a dominatrix theme, so getting tied up is part of the point.
  • In one arc of Casey and Andy, Andy and his girlfriend are captured and tied up by the Mime Assassin. Casey's girlfriend is Satan, but she's Too Kinky to Torture, and is enjoying being tied up too much to bother to rescue Andy.
  • Has happened more than once in Collar 6. Then again, the comic is about bondage, so this isn't a surprise.
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  • Happens to Bleu 3 times in Cuanta Vida, the first time alongside Scout.
  • Used more than once in The Cyantian Chronicles.
  • Appears frequently in Demon Candy: Parallel. It's also about bondage.
  • In Girl Genius Beausoleil binds and gags Agatha when he kidnaps her to force her to help him deal with an upstart trying to take over Paris. She frees herself very quickly.
  • In Matchu a robot arm programmed to duct tape things together wraps Amber head to toe when she gets too close to it.
  • Memoria: Matty, here.
  • In Pacificators, how Cinna and Egmond handled Rendo. According to Muneca, it wasn't in the guidelines.
  • Done to Larissa in Sandra and Woo to keep her from interfering while Sandra and her boyfriend, Cloud, share their long-delayed First Kiss. Overlaps with Unwilling Suspension but harmless in this case.
  • All over Semi-Auto Semla. Understandable, given its emulation of the pulp genre.
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  • Sunstone, being about BDSM, tends to feature this a lot. Lisa, one of the two leads, was even a self-bondage enthusiast before she met Ally.
  • Happens frequently on Suspicious Links, whether it's the protagonist or supporting characters.
  • Parakewl and Mauchi from Tower of God do that to all their team member they can find so that they can be used as hostages to make Quant let them pass the test. Unfortunately for them, Quant calls their bluff by saying that if only one drop of blood is drawn, everybody will die.
  • A frequent occurrence in V The Vampire Vigilante, given that it is a Damsel in Distress Comic, this is not surprising. It can be read Here


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