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Bound And Gagged / Music

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  • Creature Feature has an aptly named song, "Bound and Gagged", that details the kidnapping of the President's daughter.
  • Green Day's song about BDSM, titled "Blood, Sex, And Booze" opens with the line: waiting in a room/all dressed up and bound and gagged/to a chair...
  • The music video for "Say You Like Me" by We The Kings is cartoonish and video game-themed, about the band members rescuing a (real) woman who is kidnapped by a cartoon character and cartoonishly tied and gagged, while the band members go through game-like obstacles to rescue her.
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  • A completely serious and terrifying instance of this trope appears in the music video for Song Ji Eun's "Going Crazy", though it's actually more a case of Bound and Blindfolded than Bound and Gagged. As the trope is used for drama, most of the shots of the captive are of his trembling lips and helpless squirming. In fact, a lot of the tragedy in this video can be attributed to the use of this trope, although it helps that the man who is bound is handsome.
  • The blindfolded variant is in play in two of Violet UK's songs: the original uncensored Blind Dance and possibly referred to in Blue and Blind as well.
  • White Poem II by X Japan also features Yoshiki being blindfolded and bound both in the PV and the live, in a potential case of Author Appeal as he also wrote both of the above Violet UK songs.
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  • This music video, "Another California Song", by Damhnait Doyle features the singer tying up another woman to a chair and taping her mouth.
  • The Music video "Tommorow" by the Cranberries features the lead singer Dolores O'Riordan tied up to a slab and then a rope that seems to be on a pully which spins her around as she sings.
  • The Girls Aloud alternate ending for the music video "I Think Were Alone Now" for their cover of the song of the same name, has them getting caught robbing a casino and all the girls are tied up together and left in a vault.
  • In the music video for Kim Jaejoong's "Mine" he is muzzled and chained before breaking free.
  • The music video for Edguy's song "All The Clowns" involves the lead singer being duct taped to a chair (with a piece of tape over his mouth) by another band member during the guitar solo. He's free again by the time he has to sing again though.
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  • The music video for 'Closer' by Nine Inch Nails subjects Trent Reznor to this.


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