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  • Sailor Nothing has the following at the start and end of the Web Novel. "My name is Shoutan Himei. I'm sixteen years old/seventeen years old, going on eighteen in two months, and I'm very tired."
  • Broken Saints begins and ends with a voice-over monologue by Shandala, starting with "I dream". Both start off much the same, but grow gradually different to reflect the change from the beginning and ending of the story.
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  • The pilot of Cause of Death begins and ends with a shot of the sunny street, which counters the horrible things that happened inside that house...
  • Awkward. begins and ends with the same discussion between Alex and Lester. The context and roles have changed, but the location and dialogue are the same.
  • Kickassia begins with The Nostalgia Critic knocking on President Kevin Baugh's door and telling him he plans to invade Molossia. It ends with a defeated Critic knocking on the door and giving Baugh his country back.
    • And speaking of The Nostalgia Critic, most of his reviews actually begin and end with him saying, "I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it, so you don't have to!"
    • Suburban Knights begins with Angry Joe believing he's won a free car. It ends with Chester A Bum believing he's won a free car.
    • Oddly enough, one could apply this to each of the (as of 2012, first) four Anniversary specials with respect to the relationship between the Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd. The first one is basically a set-up for an all-out brawl between the two that had been developing for several reviews. At the end of the fourth special — To Boldly Flee — a now-friendlier Nerd ends up helping the Critic to save the day and get his friend home, revealing a sense of respect that had developed in their time since the feud, culminating in a friendly handshake between the two before the Nerd departs.
      Critic: See you on the other side, man.
      Nerd: Nice working with you, Critic.
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    • The Critic begins and ends his review of Barney's Great Adventure with him roasting his father, who is also named Barney, with bait-and-switch comparisons. The first time, he says that there are two types of Barneys; the first is an obnoxious dinosaur nobody likes to listen to and the other is purple. The second time, he says that Barney might be a better character if he had a good sense of humor, and the dinosaur could use some help, too, but this time, Barney Walker delivers a Groin Attack to the Critic, causing him to fall on the ground.
  • A Very Potter Musical opens with the song "Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts" and A Very Potter Sequel ends with a reprise of the same song. The sequel is actually a prequel, so when they're singing "Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts," it's like putting the two ends right in the middle.
  • The Yogscast has one in their first season of its Minecraft series. A bit before discovering the town full of NPCs, Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane build a portal to the Nether (which doesn't work). At the end of the season, they are at the same portal, preparing to venture into it. However, they end up not trying to enter until the start of season three, with season two being more of a breather season. And the portal still doesn't work.
    • Season three starts with almost the entirety of Simon and Lewis's old world on fire, and them trying to reclaim items from the wreckage. Much later (though not at the end of the series, but at the end of an important part), they find Mistral City also on fire, and are trying to reclaim items from the wreckage. This time, specifically the Holy Record from the church.
    • In Survival Island (a custom map that eventually starts having slight relevance to the main plot that is billed as Season 2), they are in a slight hurry at the start to get coal for torches. Near the end, they again go looking for coal, this time to fuel the airship that will take them home.
    • The Blackrock Chronicle has a heart breaking one. Near the beginning and end of season 2. Both times the confession at the end is averted. First, because the computer explodes before Zoey Proasheck can read Rythian's message. The second time in the closing of season two, it's Zoey, and her sentence is interrupted by a nuclear explosion.
      Rythian/Zoey: I miss you, I need you, I love you."
  • Volume 3 of Dial B for Blog began with this image and ended with this one. Both are based on the cover to Strange Adventures #162.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd's 100th review ends with a shot of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (the first game he reviewed).
  • At the start of the Mario Party TV group's first Grand Canal playthrough, Steeler states that Toadette is top tier thanks to her Triple Shroom Orb. At the end, after discovering he couldn't use other Orbs while it was in effect, he claims she's switched to bottom tier.
  • In The Runaway Guys' Let's Play of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, NintendoCapriSun is killed by the first Goomba in the game and the last Goomba in the game.
  • The Super Failio Cousins, Although Pencil normally won the races in their Mario Kart Wii series, Mollipop won the first and last races of the game.
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • Social Media Challenges begins and ends with a creepy face, which is usually only done at the end of all of his vlogs instead of at the beginning.
    • In the beginning of Matt's video A New Planet & Antimatter, Matt pats his body, and says, "Woah". This doesn't make sense until the end. At the end, Eugene breaks a container of antimatter, which kills Matt. Matt convinces St. Peter to let him go back to Earth instead of Hell, since he was just about to get 1500 subscribers. He goes back, pats his body, and says "Woah".
  • The first episode of The Most Stupid Deaths In Super Mario 64 ends with Mario getting a game over. He talks for a bit, then continues playing, much to the horror of the annotations.
  • Vsauce:
    • In some videos, Michael talks to the same person at the start as he does at the end. For example, in one video, Bill Nye asks him, "Why did the chicken cross the road?". At the end, Bill Nye returns.
    Michael: And as always...
    • Jake's "3 paradoxes" video forms a loop with the end seguing into the start, reasonably. While explaining the butterfly effect, Jake kills a fly, causing him to spontaneously grow a mustache. A knife also materializes in his pocket. He ends up throwing the knife behind him, killing another Jake in the distance. Jake uses this to segue into the grandfather paradox, the last of the 3. He realizes that the entire video is a paradox and tries to do his Signing-Off Catchphrase, but disappears from existence before he can complete the sentence. The camera winds up on the ground, in the exact same state that it was at the start. The beginning of the video replays itself, and you already know where this is going...
  • AlpharadTV's How To Play Smash 101 videos started and ended with playing as Villager.
  • The famous GMod channel RubberFruit started on October 28, 2006, and released its final video (before going defunct, at least) on October 28, 2013, exactly seven years later.
  • The Welcome to Night Vale episode "One Year Later" follows up on many of the plotlines first introduced in the pilot episode. The opening lines are nearly identical.
  • The SuperMarioLogan episode, "Where's Jeffy?" begins and ends with Jeffy riding a unicorn piñata and playing a maraca, a rubber chicken, and a cat piano while Mario plugs his ears.
  • The first and final scenes of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared are practically identical; all of the puppets are sitting around a table as a notepad comes to life and asks them what their favorite idea is. Now, for context, the series finale ended with Red Guy unplugging a machine controlling the teachers that are currently torturing Yellow Guy, which ends up resetting all the events of the series, taking the characters all the way back to the first episode in a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • After the prologue, The Pirates Covered in Fur starts and ends with Michum hanging out at a skate park. But unlike how it is at the beginning, in the end, the park is in ruins and all his friends are dead.
  • The premise of Jonathan Pie is that a stressed out journalist says what he's really thinking between takes, which naturally creates this effect in most of his videos.
  • Each regular episode of '80s All Over (and many of the Patreon bonus episodes) starts with the sound of a VHS tape being popped into a VCR and ends with the tape being popped out and put in a rewinder.
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged starts out with what is blatantly footage from One Piece before a static cut to Edward and Bella making out in a house full of bodies. The final episode has Integra reveal that a sequel series called Two Piece is going, with its main character Buffy being seen as a questionable successor.
  • The Music Video Show:
    1st episode: "Here we go, people...Lord have mercy on our souls.
    100th episode: Here we go, people...Christ have mercy on our souls.


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