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  • Gogo Bomango alternates between this and Axe-Crazy.
  • A good chunk of Dubious Company's Cast can fit in here, but special nods go to Walter (one of the leads) who is a pirate, who can fly, and his flying pirate ships is powered by the crew's alcoholic signature. Captain Barry also counts, except he hasn't appeared for a while and never allied with them.
  • Felucca and Tengu from Earthsong.
  • Girl Genius gives us:
    • The Jägerkin. They're a race of Boisterous Bruisers! Well, except for Vole, and he doesn't count — they kicked him out.
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    • Othar Tryggvassen, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER!!! And yes, the all-caps are a must.
    • Zeetha, in a nice female example (and it's possible her whole race may be like this, too)
  • Guilded Age: Frigg, yet another female example.
  • In Impure Blood, Elnor is another female example, fond of drink and fights and guys.
  • A female example, Pella from Looking for Group is introduced standing behind a door as a main character smashes it into pieces. She has barely said hello before punctuating a joke by cutting off another character's hand, which he finds as amusing as her. More than anyone else, she always faces battle with a smile on her face and a song on her lips. Never an appropriate song. At the current stage of the comic she has yet to find a problem she can't solve with sufficient violence. In quiet times she likes to use Richard as target practice.
  • MegaTokyo: Largo's playing style and avatar in the ''Endgames'' universe. Tireless in his fighting of "teh 3vil" and pursuit of b33r. Irritating to his long-suffering friend. Since games and reality are not that different to him, it carries over to his interactions with flesh-and-blood people, especially Miho.
    • And in a tribute to Baldur's Gate, his conscience is a hamster named "Boo". Boo tries to give him good advice, but Largo mostly misinterprets it.
  • Rumisiel from Misfile is a likeable drunken goof who got kicked out of Heaven for smoking pot while on duty and now spends most of his time sleeping on Ash's couch and trying to rack up karma points to get back in. Despite his usual drunken apathetic state, when he gives out advice on relationships he tends to be right and has displayed at least above average intelligence when circumstances have called for it.
  • Yeagar from Nodwick likes to think he's his group's resident Boisterous Bruiser. And to be fair, he is probably rather fun to get along with... unless you happen to be a henchman.
  • Played straight with Pauline, but subverted with Lenny in Our Little Adventure.
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  • Another female example: Illyra from Rumors of War mixes seduction and magic to kick ass and take names.
  • Rocko Sasquatch from The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!.
  • Sed Wingless from Silver Bullet Nights. Hulking, jolly and loud, he's never happier than when extorting money from a low-level criminal. Despite this, he's quite good at his job.
  • The Order of the Stick's version of Thor is like this (so, the same as in the old myths).
  • Damon Chisolm definitely fits this role at the beginning of Wandering Ones, but seems to be growing out of it as time goes on.
  • Ship Leesoo from Tower of God. He isn't the The Big Guy, he's the second The Smart Guy. Furthermore, he can be perceived as Miles Gloriosus at first, since he is merely a Badass Normal Overshadowed by Awesome, but still boasts to Anak and Hatsu who he just witnessed outclass him by a tenfold of his Killer Martial Arts. To everyone's surprise, he does pretty well, even against multiple enemies.
    • That however is definitely outshone by Quant. He's a large ham, an egomaniac and a Lightning Bruiser.
  • referred to by its old name in this Comments on a Postcard strip. now if only we could actually see the guy...
  • Never Satisfied:
    • Philomena has the sunniest disposition of the main cast. She also can effortlessly lift Lucy over her head, and keeps posters of famous wrestlers and strongwomen in her room for inspiration.
    • Siobhan is cheerful and outgoing, but it wouldn't do to disappoint her.


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