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  • Tank in An Extremely Goofy Movie. He's the biggest character in the entire series, being large and strong enough to dwarf and pick up resident Gentle Giant PJ, and is very loud, confident, and tough. He is introduced as the right-hand man to local Jerk Jock, Bradley Uppercrust III but at the end of the movie he has sided with the protagonist, Max, instead, because Bradley left him to die and Max saved him.
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  • Tangled: The thugs at the Snugly Duckling turn out to be a likable bunch with a collective sensitive side, while at the same time are still a pack of violent oafs.
    Hook-Hand: Though I do like breakin' femurs
    You can count me with the dreamers
    Like everybody else, I've got a dream!
  • Thanks to its 'Scottish legend' backdrop, almost every adult male character in Brave is a Boisterous Bruiser. Stand by for Ham-to-Ham Combat.
  • Baloo in Disney's The Jungle Book and TaleSpin.
  • Pumbaa in The Lion King during Simba's Hakuna Matata phase.
  • Captain Silver from Treasure Planet, an alien of the Ursid race, certainly counts. He's huge, built like a bear with a heavy accent, enormous hands, is always jolly and jovial until he reveals himself as a pirate and angrily attacks Jim, Doppler and Amelia with his crew, but then turns back to his kind self after saving Jim out of fatherly love and loves food, in fact he is the ship's cook, and at one point is seen regaling the rest of the crew with stories over tankards of drink, enthusiastically acting out parts of it and using his mechanical arm to provide shadow puppets of the events. He can certainly hold his own in a fight as well, showing a mere fraction of his strength in nearly crushing the spider-alien Scroop's claw when he threatened Jim, and when threatened by a black hole, he is seen with Jim, using his own body to not only anchor Jim to the ship better, but to shield him as well.


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