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The SCP Foundation has so very much Body Horror that trying to list them all would involve recreating half the site here. Reading random articles for any length of time is bound to make your skin crawl. Virtually any SCP labelled "transfiguration" will involve some degree of this trope. These are only a fraction of all the examples you can find.

  • SCP-149 ("The Blood Flies"). These mosquitos inject a virus that changes human cells into mosquito eggs. When the eggs hatch they fly out your mouth, nose or possibly eyes, which kills you.
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  • SCP-150 ("The Prosthetic Parasite"). SCP-150 infects the human body, changing the victim's limbs and torso into egg cases to hatch out its larvae.
  • SCP-186 ("To End All Wars"). The weapons the soldiers were given did things like causing tumors to grow and forcing victims to stay alive even after half of their heads had been blown off.
  • SCP-212 ("The Improver"). This device performs bizarre surgical procedures on its victims that leave them worse for wear. Changes have included replacing teeth with sharp blades, replacing feet with pads, and replacing hands with tentacles or crab claws.
  • SCP-290 ("The Picasso Machine"). After a person enters SCP-290 it relocates their limbs and facial features to random parts of their body, but without affecting functionality. It also changes their internal organs, blood vessels and nerves to support the body parts' new locations.
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  • SCP-412 ("Mutagenic Mirror"). Each time a subject views themselves in the mirror they suffer progressively worse bodily changes. The changes start out with enlarged lymph nodes, a facial rash, and skin discoloration. They eventually progress to an expanded ribcage, mouth cysts that force the jaw to stay open, and problems with the immune and reproductive systems.
  • SCP-415 ("The Harvested Man"). SCP-415 is a human being who has been physically altered so it is easy to surgically steal his organs.
  • SCP-420 ("Aggressive Skin Condition"). Anyone drinking SCP-420-1 (the liquid inside SCP-420) will suffer six stages of progressive body changes. The changes include finger nails, toenails and skin becoming brittle and growing at an increased rate, skin cancer, skin, hair and mouths growing in random locations, and the victim's skin killing and eating other creatures.
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  • SCP-428 ("The Crowd"). All of the members of the crowd are former human beings who have had every part of their bodies other than their skin replaced with an unidentified material.
  • SCP-446 ("Human Mannequin"). SCP-446 was apparently originally a human woman who was changed into the form of a mannequin by unknown means.
  • SCP-466 ("Mobile Veins"). SCP-466 is the animated combination of the cardiovascular systems of four different people, plus the head of the original person. Originally it was the cardiovascular system of one person which somehow became independent of its original body. It obtained the additional three systems by attacking several doctors that were trying to help it after it appeared to die.
  • SCP-478 ("Tooth Fairies"). After SCP-478 infects a human victim's mouth, teeth will begin to grow at a tremendous rate. The growth will fill the victim's palate and then spread to the rest of the digestive tract, lungs and underneath the skin.
  • A more offbeat variant is SCP-524 ("Walter the Omnivorous Rabbit"). It's a bunny rabbit that can eat anything. Including itself. It will regularly eat parts of itself, or even its whole body. Literally. When its entire body is gone, it then swallows its own mouth and disappears before completely regenerating.
  • Probably the most prominent example of this trope, and one many people have a particular horror for, is SCP-610: "The Flesh That Hates". Think Necromorphs, the creature from John Carpenter's The Thing or the BLACKLIGHT virus, and you have a pretty good idea. Probably NSFW.
  • When one of the fruits from SCP-757 ("The Fruit Tree") is eaten, a new organ forms inside the eater's abdomen, and a fruit forms inside said organ over the course of a week. This has been reported to be painful, and causes tissue damage with larger fruits. In one case, pumpkins were formed.
  • Anyone who touches SCP-805 ("Poison Wood Foal") has their body converted to wood over the course of 3 to 8 hours, and the process is described as extremely painful.
  • One that may be even worse than SCP-610 is SCP-835 ("Expunged Data Released"), a creature that is horribly disgusting in its own right, until you read the uncensored logs from the mission and discover that it is composed entirely of parts of the human anatomy. Tooth enamel, muscle. The thing itself is a mutated human and grew by digesting humans and its insides are lined with the screaming faces of every human it has eaten. And just like SCP-610, it can turn humans into more of itself.
  • SCP-1046 ("A House Without a Bedroom"). A man's body is spread out over an entire house in pieces and still alive.
  • SCP-1227 ("The Family Man"). SCP-1227 is eight human beings and a dog somehow merged together into a single scrambled creature as a result of a horrific experiment.
  • SCP-1353 ("Comforting Centipedes"). SCP-1353 can cut a hole in the skin (its venom is an anesthetic) and enter the human body, moving around inside of it.
  • SCP-1407 ("DJ's Headphones"). When SCP-1407 is placed in a human being's ears it will insert wires throughout the body, eventually creating more instances of itself.
  • SCP-1510 ("The Tarnished Legionnaire"). A Roman legionnaire was affected by a curse that caused his body to rot away and his mind/soul to be stored in his helmet.
  • SCP-1707 ("New Skin"). Having your skin removed and replaced by a colony of worms can ruin your whole day.
  • SCP-1877 ("The Guts of the Earth"). The intestines of three people in widely separated areas somehow became connected. The connecting intestines actually physically pass through areas in the real world such as electrical conduits, telephone receivers, water mains, sewage pipes, and subway tunnels.
  • SCP-2051 ("Stromatolite Habitat"). Anyone who is completely immersed in SCP-2051 (a certain cove on the coast of Australia) will undergo a transformation the next time they enter a man-made body of water (bathtub, swimming pool, reservoir etc.). They will lose all external structures (nails, teeth, hair), their bones will dissolve and their internal organs will change to skin tissue. Their brain will be split up into nerve bundles throughout the body.
  • SCP-2057 ("You Are What You Eat"). Anyone who eats SCP-2057-1 (a chicken composed of edible ingredients) at a temperature between 10 and 34°C while sick will develop chicken-like body parts, such as growing feathers on their forearms and loose skin growth under their chin and on the crown of the head. Also, their illnesses will be made a lot worse.
  • SCP-2102 ("Got Shoggoth?"). SCP-2102 is a human being who underwent an experiment. Whenever he suffers any kind of wound his body starts repairing itself at a rate a quadrillion times faster than normal. This creates large amounts of extra flesh, and he keeps on growing until his body is cauterized by flame.
  • SCP-2126 ("Letter from Grandma"). Hair grows downward through your skin. If you like a slow and painful death, you'll love this.
  • SCP-2401 ("Mary Had A Little Lamb"). SCP-2401 are honeybees that can enter a human body and build honeycomb-like structures inside it, turning the body into a large hive.
  • SCP-2484 ("Parasitic Mayonnaise Worms"). If an amount of SCP-2484 exceeding 235 grams is removed from its container, it will attempt to enter the body of the nearest vertebrate animal, by force if necessary. If any vertebrate animal eats enough SCP-2484, the eggs in SCP-2484 will hatch and grow into worms that consume the victim's body.
  • SCP-2610 ("Procreation"). SCP-2610-E are altered human beings produced by genetic engineering and inbreeding. They have a variety of serious physical differences such as added or missing body parts (limbs, eyes, ears, etc.), collapsed rib cages, protruding stomachs and large growths.
  • SCP-3001 ("Red Reality"). SCP-3001 is a Pocket Dimension with extremely low Hume levels. A Foundation researcher gets trapped inside it thanks to a Freak Lab Accident. As time passes by, his own Hume levels start to decrease, causing his body to disappear piece by piece. Even worse, he remains alive and conscious through it all.