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  • Welcome to Night Vale:
    • It's not unheard of for Night Vale residents to grow new eyes (at least one person has eight), or win "prizes" like surgically-applied, working gills.
    • The mayor is seen to be melting at one press conference, and is mentioned another time to have more than two arms.
    • One woman explodes into a fine white dust during a public poetry reading and then floats down and settles on the heads of the crowd. Cecil at least finds this beautiful and moving rather than repulsive.
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    • At least two "Community Health Tips" instruct the listener in graphic detail how to 1.) skin yourself alive and 2.) remove, cook, and eat your own heart.
    • It's been mentioned at least twice that the hearts of Night Vale citizens are full of straw and insects.
    • Once the broadcast announced that following the news is the sound of someone chewing up glass shards.
    • The Whispering Forest lures hypnotized people into wanting to stay there and then slowly turns their bodies into a wood-like substance so they become part of the forest.
    • There is an outbreak of people's skin becoming covered with 15-inch-long spiraling horns.
    • A senior football player grows a second head and his mother has the original head removed because she likes the new one better.
    • A woman gives birth to a disembodied grown man's hand. The hand is alive and sentient and the loving parents decide that it's a daughter and name her Megan.
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    • People influenced by the Well of Night have skin grow over their eyes, and all their hair retracts under their skin. Cecil comes under the effects of this, and describes it as enriching.
  • A few times throughout the Two Best Friends Play podcast, Super Best Friendcast, as well as their show, they discussed how Woolie onetime had to go to the hospital after a violent allergic reaction, presumably caused by ant poison....The symptoms they describe are not pretty to say the least.
    • During their playthrough of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Pat tells a story about his father who, as a child, was attacked by a dog. It clawed one of his eyes out of the socket and it fell onto his cheek. With the nerves intact, he could still see with it.
  • On the Tropes had an episode in which Themmo had pustules grow and spread all over his body, before exploding.
  • The Magnus Archives: in the episode "Skintight" Sarah peels the skin off her injured arm, then staples it back on.
  • When Kepler from Wolf 359 pisses off the Dear Listeners, they burn his hand off, audibly, all the while he screams in pure agony. When Minkowski speaks again, she sounds like she's about to throw up, and later dialogue reveals that Eiffel had immediately hidden himself underneath a console.
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  • When the party in The Fallen Gods investigates the wizard’s tower in Palanthis, they find the remains of previous adventurers being stitched together in terrifying mashups in the basement of the Tower in Palanthis.
  • Gemini from Sequinox looks like two people made of silly putty slammed together, and when she splits into Pollux and Castor she literally grabs the sides of her head and tears herself apart.