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Body Horror / Advertisement

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  • Anti-drug commercials often do this.
  • Modern Skittles commercials just won't give up on the body horror.
    • In "Harvest the Rainbow", a boy has a skittles tree growing out of his abdomen.
    • In "Chocolate the Rainbow", a guy who looks like and may be a humanoid piñata has been assaulted by a colleague who wanted the skittles he presumed were inside him.
    • In "French the Rainbow", a boy has skittles as teeth. A girl open-mouth kisses him just to eat his skittle-teeth.
    • In "Warp the Rainbow", a guy ages rapidly over the course of a few seconds because his roommate takes skittles from his skittle-filled hourglass.
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    • In "Touch the Rainbow, an office worker turns everything he touches into skittles, including people.
  • This Sprite commercial. Apparently Sprite is used to fuel Ridiculously Human Robots.
  • Some Fruit-by-the-Foot ads have involved switching things with it, such as skis. In at least once this included someone's DNA, you can guess how that went.
  • The Capri Sun "Disrespectoids" ads. These basically consist of a kid either stepping on a Capri Sun pouch, trading a Capri Sun for something, or even simply throwing away a Capri Sun pouch... and being transformed into something.
    • Fortunately, the tie-in flash games and cartoons show the kids getting along pretty well. They even see their transformations as "freaky powers".
    • They even had a Grand Finale game where the kids were turned back to normal. All’s well that ends well, eh?
  • This ad for Mortal Kombat 3
  • This UK advert for X-Cite breathmints that help you "avoid dog breath". For those wondering, a man sleeping on a couch realizes his breath smells and proceeds to gag and vomit up a snarling, filthy dog. No wonder it was banned!
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  • Fruit Gushers ads from the 90s typically involved folks eating the snack and their heads turned into a random fruits or other objects. Their use of this trope was inevitable. Take 0:18 of this tropical flavors commercial for instance.
  • This horrifying picture advising tourists visiting Suriname to use protection. The picture is a woman with multiple holes in her back. 6 of those holes have an infant inside of it. Not for people with trypophobia. It seems to be intentionally based on the Surinam Toad, which carries its eggs on its back in a thin layer of skin used for that purpose.
  • This Afrin Nasal Spray commercial features a man whose head is transformed into a giant nose. As the commercial puts it, his "nose took over."
  • The Natural Born Smoker, a British PSA from The '80s, features an eerie Blade Runner-esque Cyberpunk world where a future evolution of humanity exists, one that has several adaptations for smoking. These include a bigger nose to filter our impurities, self-cleaning lungs, extra eyelids to protect against irritation, and smaller ears because they don't listen.
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  • This disturbing Honda commercial has a podiatrist's patient reveal that after he bought his Honda, his right foot stiffened into a solid lead foot. In addition to the unsettling sight of his leg transitioning from flesh to metal at his ankle, he requires both of his hands to lift up his heavy foot, and it emits a loud ping when the doctor taps it.