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Body Horror / Advertisement

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  • Anti-drug commercials often do this.
  • This Skittles commercial. For people too lazy to watch it, he's got a tree growing out of his abdomen.
    • In fact, most Skittles ads from the last decade or so have often gone right into this territory, including but not exclusive to: a guy who looks like a full-sized humanoid Pinata, another guy who ages rapidly over the course of a few seconds, and an office worker who turns anything he touches to skittles.
  • This Sprite commercial. Apparently Sprite is used to fuel Ridiculously Human Robots.
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  • Recent Fruit-by-the-Foot ads have involved switching things with it, such as skis. In at least once this included someone's DNA, you can guess how that went.
  • The Capri Sun "Respect the pouch! Respect it!" ads. These basically consist of a kid either stepping on a Capri Sun pouch, trading a Capri Sun for something, or even simply throwing away a Capri Sun pouch... and being transformed into something.
    • Fortunately, the tie-in flash games and cartoons show the kids getting along pretty well. They even see their transformations as "freaky powers".
  • This ad for Mortal Kombat 3
  • This UK advert for X-Cite breathmints that help you "avoid dog breath". For those wondering, a man sleeping on a couch realizes his breath smells and proceeds to gag and vomit up a snarling, filthy dog. No wonder it was banned!
  • Fruit Gushers ads from the 90s typically involved folks eating the snack and their heads turned into a random fruits or other objects. Their use of this trope was inevitable. Take 0:18 of this tropical flavors commercial for instance.
  • This horrifying picture advising tourists visiting Suriname to use protection. The picture is a woman with multiple holes in her back. 6 of those holes have an infant inside of it. Not for people with trypophobia.
    • It seems to be intentionally based on the Surinam Toad, which carries its eggs on its back in a thin layer of skin used for that purpose.
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  • This Afrin Nasal Spray commercial features a man whose head is transformed into a giant nose. As the commercial puts it, his "nose took over."
  • The Natural Born Smoker, a British PSA from The '80s, features an eerie Blade Runner-esque Cyberpunk world where a future evolution of humanity exists, one that has several adaptations for smoking. These include a bigger nose to filter our impurities, self-cleaning lungs, extra eyelids to protect against irritation, and smaller ears because they don't listen.
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