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Meet Annex. He's your average college kid, except for one thing. He's scared, and he can't figure out why. He talked to his therapist, who told him that if he started a blog, he could skip the sessions. In no time flat he started Too Tired To Be Afraid. As we go through his day-to-day life with him, a skilled troper will notice something. He's losing time, acting odd, and mentions being afraid of guys in business suits. Yeah, you can see whats happening.


At least, that's what is was at first. The guy has been gone for weeks at a time, and when he finally returns he knows nothing about what was on his blog beforehand. And now it's a vlog too. First post here: Channel-

The story provides examples of:

  • Crossover: A side character, who talks of Annex on his comments and on her own, is Aly.
  • Schedule Slip: Annex disappeared for quite a while during the December-January period, and hasn't posted in over a month as of this edit.


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