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A Slenderblog recently started by troper Faeline 2. Erin Ashe is trying to figure out what happened to her roommate, Dea, when she finds a strange journal amongst her possessions...

Erin's Twitter

The main blog

Relevant tropes:
  • Black Humor: BANG BOOM THUMP. Probably a coping mechanism.
    • "...making light of a bad situation is supposed to be good for you, right?"
  • Cosmic Horror Story: Duh.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Also duh.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Erin invokes this trope after Dea's (presumed) death.
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  • No Body Left Behind: Dea's corpse was not found; she is presumed by the world at large to have left town. Erin is convinced that Dea is dead, however.
  • Painting the Medium: The NⓍtebook.
    • Interface Screw: I̵͝ ̧ H̫̬̣̹̣̱́E̡͈͓A̺̺͈͖͉r͈͚̫̮̜̙ S̖̫͞ I̵͝ n̛̹̻̗̞͓̪̟̗͑̿̈́̏̅͒͋ͭ G̀҉̡̀͟I̵͝ n̛̹̻̗̞͓̪̟̗͑̿̈́̏̅͒͋ͭ G̀҉̡̀͟.
  • Posthumous Character: Dea's death kicked off the main plot. Her journal may or may not play a larger role.
  • Slice of Life: What isn't cosmic horror is probably this. It's a tag on the blog, too.


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