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I feel like I’m a faceless man reaching out to different faces, different identities and slapping them on like masks.
Adam Grayson, Becoming the Face

Shattered Psyche is a multi-blog story/verse that takes place within The Fear Mythos. Each blog has to do with something called "Project Destiny," which involves something that happened to four children during the millennium.

Currently all blogs are being put on hold until the writer begins working on a Continuity Reboot of the blogs due to his desire to see them restarted and improved upon with a more clearer focus than before.


Becoming the Face is blog written by Adam Grayson, a theatrical actor. It was suggested to him by his psychologist, because Adam has a tendency to get...involved in his roles. And soon he starts working on a new play, a play involving a certain Slender Man.

The East's Eden is a blog run by the Overseer, a man in his fifties who runs the "Eden Facilities," places that he assures are "safe zones" from the Slender Man. But there is something not quite right about him or the Eden Facilities.

Memories of The Heart is a blog by Aura, one of the people whom the Overseer "saved" from the Slender Man. She lives a sheltered life in one of the Eden Facilities, but there are still things she doesn't know, including the incident from her childhood and what became of her friends Iris, Chad, and...Adam.


Tropes included in the Shattered Psyche Verse:

  • Large Ham: What Adam is initially.
  • The Reveal: The Overseer works for the Wooden Girl and is the head of Project Destiny, controlling the lives of all four children. In addition, he is also Dr. Belli, Adam's psychologist, who first recommended starting the blog.
  • Shout-Out: "Project Destiny" was deliberately modeled after the likes of the participants. Thus certain imagery is taken from the movies, television shows, and video games they liked.
    • The Overseer (and the symbol of the Eden Facilities) is very similar to the same named character from Fallout.
    • The Eden Facilities themselves are modeled after Wolfram & Hart, including having an upper floor be "the White Room."
    • Each of Adam's personalities (barring one) corresponds to both a Fear and a fictional character. So far, we have seen Giles, Angelus, the Master, the Repo Man, and the Millennium Earl.
  • Split Personality
  • Timey-Wimey Ball


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