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A lot of people use lucid dreaming as a way to talk to their own subconscious, so I'm hoping I can do the same. And the best way to get lucid dreams is supposedly to keep a dream journal logging your progress as an exercise in recall & vividity, so that's what this is.

Also, my dreams have been really weird lately, and I want to know what's up with that.

Darcy Hayward, with the assent of her therapist, decides to use the dubiously-effective method of lucid dreaming to explore her own subconscious, hoping it will help her come to terms with her neuroatypicality, as well as maybe give her some insight as to her sudden spates of sleepwalking, nightmares, and amnesiac spells.


As she explores her dreams more deeply, though, she begins to notice one particular figure haunting her in nearly every one. Then He starts showing up in her waking life...

The blog was abandoned due to real life intervening, but the author is now working on rebooting it here.


  • Ambiguous Disorder: Averted. Given the Recounted By The Main Characters nature of the Mythos, most of Darcy's problems are merely supernatural extensions of the author's own, very real, struggles.
  • Dream Weaver: Sort of. Darcy tries (with varying degrees of success) to create and influence her own dreams, but has no control over anyone else's.
  • Spirit Advisor: Given that most lucid dreamers tell of dream characters serving thusly, Darcy briefly assumes her "Friend" is this. It doesn't go well...


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