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It all starts with a Cherry. Slenderblogger Amelia Mama Bear, gentle guide, and a truly professional wild mass guesser, Amelia takes a more laid back approach to surviving, coping, and living with old' Slendy. Like Zero from A Hint of Serendipity, she was an Agent Mulder who believed the mythos and participated on the blogs before actually becoming haunted, herself.

Fond of Alice In Wonder Land and fruit references. She started out as a simple observer that some of the haunted took comfort in talking with on Comments Sections of various blogs. As of The Night of the Hunter, she officially became among the chased herself.


Originally titled Disciple by Robert, she becomes one of the second group of Sages set to experiment on how to get rid of Slender Man. She is the only one of the second group of Sages to go on the Run. Last post was in November, last known to possibly have participated on the Solstice.

Tropes associated with ''Road to the Heavens:

  • Agent Mulder: Very similar to Zero in this regard, observing the events before finally taking part in them, herself.
  • The Chick: Among the Sages, yes, she is very well fits this role by not daring to take on Slender Man in any direct confrontations and instead fleeing when the going gets tough.
  • Genre Savvy: Had the good sense not to go gung ho with her parents' stash of weapons the instant tall, dark, and unholy showed up, having read or seen how ineffective conventional human weaponry is against Slendy.