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/r/RWBY, the RWBY subreddit, is an interesting place, with in-jokes aplenty. At the suggestion of a member, this page was created.

     List of Tropers on the Subreddit 

/r/RWBY contains examples of:

  • Anything That Moves: The subreddit's general opinion of the show's entire cast.
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  • Initiation Ceremony: This occurs in the Steam group, where new members are asked who they think the best girl in RWBY is, and how many sharpies they can fit in their behind.
    Blackewolfe: Wait... that shit on the /r/RWBY TvTropes page about new people on the Steam Chat having to go through some sort of initiation ritual is REAL?!
  • Left-Fielder: When a thread goes on for a long time, the probability of this happening tends toward 1. This is a good example.
  • Running Gag:
    • Blood Rose (a Darker and Edgier RWBY Fan Fic) gets mentioned fairly frequently in posts that have any kind of violence in them whatsoever, or in fairly simple questions regarding RWBY fanfics.
    • People posting pictures of corgis with the caption "DAE ZWEI".
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