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Little Green Footballs is a political blog started by Charles Johnson. He started it way back in 2001 to talk about various boring things in his life like most bloggers do.

But then September 11 happened and Charles decided to get to work. He started to do as much research as he could on the subject of radical Islam. His blog became one of the most visited on the Web.

Many assumed that the blog really made its mark when it helped reveal that certain papers put forward about George W. Bush's military record during the 2004 election were actually faked before the Mainstream Media did.


Charles is a man of many parts who supports Israel, and is a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal. His turn-offs include bigotry and he is none too fond of people who refuse to think logically. His considerable amount of research on the issue of global warming, or really any position he takes, makes one wonder how he finds time to sleep sometimes, especially given that he recently got married.

At the moment, the site is home to a fair number of both liberals and conservatives of many different stripes, but LGF has been largely disowned by conservatives in recent years, and Johnson is viewed as unhinged by many on the political right.

As for the meaning of the name, nobody knows the real meaning except Charles, and he isn't telling.


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