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"I want to do better than I did..."
The Treeangle Entity, reflecting on the past.
Almost a mirror reflection...note 

"Just Square and Pink" is a Character Blog comprised of the story and character interpetations based on Just Shapes & Beats located on Tumblr. The blog surrounds the daily life and happenings of Rilat S. Polygon, the interpretation of the main protagonist; the cyan square. The blog also includes the interpretations of the other showcased characters from the game, representatives of the game's levels, alongside delving within the lore of the world the blog takes place in.

Also includes a side-blog for incorrect quotes!

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This blog provides examples of:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: With the source material being portrayed without words, any fan-made item related to the game is bound to end up with this. This blog is no exception.
  • A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: The story has to be the same as the game. But think about it; if the Entity hadn't went with the decisions he chose, Rilat would be a much happier person and the entire world would have been without significant trauma.

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