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Enter Slim. He's just moved from the big city to a small town in the middle of nowhere for mysterious reasons. Life is good. He is making friends, things are starting to look up. Then on the day of a national celebration, as he goes on an errand for one of his new friends, he sees something horrible on the edge of the forest. As it stares at him, he awakes eight days later, and his friend is missing. Also, those flowers she wanted? Freshly picked next to him in bed.


Oh, I forgot to mention something. Slim's full name is Slim Hooves, he moved from Canterlot to Ponyville, the celebration is the Summer Sun Celebration, the forest is the Everfree Forest, and his friend is Lyra Heartstrings. This is a slenderblog made in Equestria.

Found here, with a sister blog.

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