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A fanmade Tumblr Character Blog featuring Lord Voldemort, the Big Bad of the Harry Potter series.

The (somewhat flimsy) premise is that Voldemort's case worker in the Afterlife, Janus Thickey, thinks it would be good for him to be in regular contact with living Muggles. This is achieved through said muggles asking Voldemort questions through the blog, which are answered as short comics.

Compare Ask Ernst Stavro Blofeld, which has a similar premise of a cult Big Bad (in this case, Blofeld from the James Bond series) being forced to answer questions from their jail, and Ask Hogwarts, another Harry Potter blog that answers the questions as short humorous comics, this time to the staff of Hogwarts.


Beware, as the blog takes place in the present-day of the Harry Potter universe, spoilers for the entire series (including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) can be found both in the comic and on this page.

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