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  • Stacy Keibler's very long and very voluptuous legs were great for spin kicks...but they also made her a perfect target for the Walls of Jericho, as she learned to her chagrin after competing alongside Test in a tag team match against Jericho and Christian.
  • The Undertaker, apparently, can't be killed permanently. Sounds awesome, aside from the usual Who Wants to Live Forever? bit...aside from the fact that it also means he's been Buried Alive at least three times and one assumes he had to eventually dig himself out.
  • Daniel Bryan won the Money in the Bank, then couldn't win a match to save his life. Fortunately he got better.
    • Same trend happened with Dolph Ziggler.
  • The industry's preference for intimidating stature is a boon for The Giant, but they labor under the Square-Cube Law and have to either settle for unconvincing and contrived fights or train doubly hard to reach the level of fitness they need to throw their weight around.
    • It actually gets worse if said giant actually suffers from acromegalia or other diseases like that (such as Giant Gonzales and André the Giant). Since their bodies kept growing even after they reached uncomfortably big frames, they started having problems moving, and especially in André's case, his condition left him in escruciating pain during the last years of his life. Both André and Gonzales died way before getting to 50 years of age. The only reason The Big Show hasn't suffered the same fate as André and Gonzales is because he had surgery as a teenager to halt the condition, and as such has outlived both André and Gonzales (he's currently 48 while they passed away at 46 and 44 respectively) and kept far better health at the same age as them.
  • The Ultimate Warrior had the best body steroids could make, and his chemical imbalances made his promos incredible (in all senses of the term). But it was at the cost of his stamina: making his explosive entrances running to the ring would drain him, leading to sluggish in-ring work.


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