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Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce / Video Games

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  • Pokémon: the Spelon Berry; description: "So spicy is the Spelon Berry that, Fire type or not, Pokémon will try to breathe fire after eating a single one."
    • Whatever Mallow had the player whip up in Pokémon Sun and Moon, neither Lana nor Kiawe could handle a single bite of it.
  • The Jalapeño in Plants vs. Zombies can instantly burn all the zombies in a single lane. The sequel introduces the Pepper-pult, which deals fire splash damage and also warms up plants around it, and the Wasabi Whip, which deals heavy close-range fire damage and also warms plants.
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  • The Superspicy Curry item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which technically made its debut in Kirby's Dream Land) makes you spit fireballs that damage your enemies but not yourself. Your character does a dance of pain while it's active, however...
  • Street Fighter:
    • The original explanation for Dhalsim's fire-breathing abilities was that he ate a lot of spicy curry. This was later changed to a blessing from Agni, the Hindu God of fire.
    • When winning against Dhalsim in Super Street Fighter IV, Rufus gives us this story:
    Speaking of India, I took my girl Candy to a curry restaurant the other day - one where you can pick how spicy you want it. I always get the spiciest! Candy tried it, and lemme tell ya...
  • The Dead Pepper, featured in Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy: Unlimited. When they were fed to chocobos, it drove them crazy and gave them supercharged abilities.
  • In Tales of Monkey Island, there is the fugu jolokia, a chili pepper so hot, you can't touch it with your bare hands without getting burnt. You have to hold it to your tongue for eleven seconds. (the name alone should have you running; it's a portmanteau of "bhut jolokia", aka ghost pepper, with "fugu", aka horribly poisonous Japanese blowfish)
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  • World of Warcraft has (sadly outdated) Dragon Chili, made from mystery meat and a small flame sac taken from baby dragon bodies. Every so often after eating it, the character will breathe a damaging cone of fire on anything they're fighting.
  • The Jabañero pepper in Kingdom of Loathing is evidently so spicy that "Just thinking about it makes your mouth hurt." Putting one in a spicy enchanted bean burrito, then eating one, gives one the (fairly useful) skill 'Chronic Indigestion'.
    "You know those bottles of novelty hot sauce they sell, with the black labels and skulls and names like "Ed's Hot Sauce That Will Totally Murder Your Family"? Compared to this stuff, they're ketchup."
  • In Quackshot and Deep Duck Trouble, Donald Duck can eat peppers to become explosively angry and invincible.
  • Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja includes a jalapeño pepper as a food item. Eating it provides invincibility and a fire attack against enemies, as well as a humorous animation with Joe or Mac breathing fire.
  • The Roguelike Omega has a szechuan pepper as a findable item. If you eat it, "your sinuses melt and run out of your ears"— and you become immune to Sleep spells.
  • In Persona 4 Rise likes to put overwhelming amounts of spice in her food; one bite was enough to cause poor Yukiko to pass out.
    • Persona 5: During the school festival, the party stops by a takoyaki cafe and orders a "Russian Takoyaki" with one of the takoyakis being colored bright red as a visual indicator for being extremely spicy. When the party is trying to decide who will be okay with eating it, Goro walks into the scene to greet the party, picks up the red takoyaki despite Haru's warning, and eats it whole. He goes straight into a Heroic BSoD within seconds, complete with choking, shaking, and declaring how he loves spicy foods. Ironically, Haru stated during said warning that she wanted to eat it herself, much to Makoto's disbelief.
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  • In World of Warcraft, Dragonbreath Chili can grant a player a buff that causes him/her to breathe fire randomly on enemies during combat.
  • In Fate/stay night and spinoffs thereof, Kotomine Kirei's favorite food is blazing hot mapo doufu. Which he offers to share with Shirou. Shirou seriously considers whether this might be an off-the-cuff assassination attempt.
  • In Granblue Fantasy, Izmir's present for the protagonist in her birthday line is a spice called The Not-So-Spicy-Looking-But-Crazy-Hot-And-Addictive-Mouth-Burning Spice Sensation. "Crazy Spice" for short.
  • Some servers in Space Station 13 let you create ghostlier chilis, a chili pepper hot enough to make whoever's foolish enough to eat one burst into flames. If the botanist making one gets it just right, it can turn people to ash in a single bite.
  • Implied in the Moshi Monsters mission "Spooktacular Spectacular". Upon being caught in a spider web, a firebug with fire powers loses them. To get them back, he drank some hot sauce. It is unknown if the power lay in the hot sauce or the bug.
  • Downplayed example in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Any dish cooked with a spicy ingredient, such as the Spicy Pepper or Goron Spice, will give you cold resistance when eaten.
  • Kirby Star Allies depicts the Ultimate Choice menu with an assortment of jalapeno peppers, and Kirby is seen holding a bottle of this sauce over a plate of food. The higher the difficulty, the more frightened Kirby becomes as more of the sauce is poured on; at Soul Melter difficulty, his facial expression goes from frightened to demonic as he empties the bottle.
    • And in Soul Melter EX, his face becomes completely soulless as he empties three additional bottles!
    • Even better, on both difficulties the food gains a face to show that it's in pain. And on Soul Melter EX, it actually starts burning!!


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