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  • Angel Beats! features Mapo Tofu, a real-world dish so spicy that nobody in school can stomach it... except for the resident Emotionless Girl Tachibana, who finds it to be the only thing on the school menu worth eating. She likes it for the taste. The spiciness doesn't affect her in the least. When another character tries it, he's downing multiple glasses of water just to try and ease the suffering.
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  • A gag yonkoma from the 100th chapter of Eyeshield 21 featured Hiruma going into a specialty cooking store. Sena and Monta initially think they've discovered Hiruma is secretly into cooking... until they learn all he bought was dozens of bottles of super-spicy hot sauce, presumably for some scheme of his.
  • In the second OVA for Fairy Tail, Natsu is seen adding Tabasco sauce to everything he eats, as well as shoving bottles of the sauce into the mouths of opponents that he fights. As the characters do not have magic in this OVA, items such as hot rocks, dynamite, and Tabasco sauce serve in place of Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer magic.
  • In the final episode of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Ono D eats Excessive Heat God Curry Bread, then desperately runs around grabbing water bottles off nearby tables. Unfortunately one of them is Sousake's, containing a bacteriological warfare agent. Hilarity Ensues as Sousake has to put the entire class into Lock Down.
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  • Galaxy Fraulein Yuna: Yuri Cube's recipe for curry.
  • The short animated film Ghiblies features Studio Ghibli employees going to a restaurant after work and vying to see who can eat the spiciest plate of curry. It ends with one of them blasting off like a rocket.
  • In Girls Und Panzer Das Finale Hana and Cutlass combine this challenge with a Drinking Contest, seeing who can down the most shots of a habanero hot sauce.
  • Van of GUN×SWORD loves this sort of thing. Given that it's usually a green liquid, it's probably wasabi.
  • In the Mai Hime Blu-Ray special, Yukino puts some hot sauce onto a hot dog that glows bright yellow and seemingly causes the hot dog to melt before giving it to Reito, in order to get revenge for the Obsidian Lord's evil deeds.
    • Mikoto steals someone's lunch, only to discover it's covered in super-spicy curry once she takes a bite.
  • My Monster Secret: Whatever is in Mikan's "Russian Choux", it's not something that should be in the wrong hands. The one Youko eats just before Aizawa discovers her secret apparently had tabasco, habanero, and taka-no-tsume (a strong Japanese red pepper).
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  • One Naruto filler-arc featured the Curry of Life. So strong that it made Neji go Super-Deformed. Rock Lee loves it.
  • In the 4Kids dub of One Piece, Usopp's Kaen Boshi (Tabasco Star) is called Hot Salsa Star. Anyone who swallows one (including Usopp himself) becomes a Fire-Breathing Diner.
    • In the Dressrosa Arc, Usopp and his allies use a grape spiked with "Tatababasco" (Tabasco taken Up to Eleven) to take out Enfant Terrible Sugar less-violently (they want to knock her out without hitting her nor killing her). She ends up capturing Usopp and feeding it to him, but faints at the Ghostly Gape it causes him to make.
  • In one episode of Pokémon, James and Jesse's scheme requires them to pose as Pokeblock tasters. James learns the hard way not to take too big a bite of a Tamato Berry (a Berry known for being very spicy) and it also exposes their scheme (because, as Officer Jenny puts it, a real Pokeblock taster wouldn't do something so dumb).
    • One of their schemes involves serving up food with insane amounts of hot sauce to Ash as a means to distract him and snatch Pikachu. The only thing keeping them from a clean getaway is their decision to bombard the party from above, which backfires when Charizard ends up in the crossfire and subsequently sends them flying. And even before that, Ash and his friends throw the spiked food right back at them.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena features 9,000,000,000x strength curry powder as part of Nanami's evil scheme. But nobody cooks with it - the explosion and "Freaky Friday" Flip that resulted from that home ec class was because Anthy is that bad of a cook.
  • What happens when the Supreme Chef cooks with these was played up in Toradora!. When Ryuji, Taiga, Minori, Kitamura, and Ami all go to the beach house, Ryuji naturally asks how everyone wants their curry. Everyone but Taiga requests something as spicy as can be, and Taiga gets mocked by Ami for not wanting a more "grown up" dish. Taiga proves prescient, though, as Ryuji makes a curry ridiculously hot, as requested, to the point that it clearly causes pain to everyone almost instantly. However, because Ryuji is so good at food prep, they can't stop eating it, despite the pain.
  • The Tabasco soup from Urusei Yatsura.
  • Done as a one-off gag in the second season of Vandread. Some of the girls (notably Dita and the new girl Misty) found out that the easiest way of seducing winning Hibiki's love is Through His Stomach. Enter Jura who is legitimately trying to seduce Hibiki as well but is not a cook, so she asks her girlfriend, Barnette, to do the cooking for her. Barnette isn't happy about this, of course, so she spikes the food with super-hot sauce. Enter Bart, hoping to find out what makes their food so very special. By the end of the episode, Bart had sworn to eat only nutrition pills from then on.
  • The 4Kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX had one episode where Chumley's dad comes to take Chumley home feeling he was wasting time at Duelist Academy. In the Japanese version, he was the CEO of a sake company. In the dub, they changed it into a hot sauce factory and he downs the stuff by the bottle. At one point even sharing it with Banner and his cat, Pharaoh.


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