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  • From Angel Beats!. After Otonashi has to grab Yurippe inappropriately to climb up human ladder-style and Hinata attempts the same thing:
    [scene change]
    Otonashi: Where's Hinata?
    Yurippe: He was a noble sacrifice.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • When Mikasa gets asked exactly what happened when Eren, having not yet mastered his Titan form, unknowingly tried to attack her by her friends, she claims Eren was swatting a fly. In a completely straight face as usual.
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    • Eren Yeager tricks Falco into introducing him to Reiner by claiming to be Reiner's old friend. Too late, Falco realizes what's wrong with the story he heard- if Reiner had met his "old friend" more than four years ago, he did so while infiltrating the Island of Paradis, thus meaning that Eren is actually an enemy- something he should have noticed in advance.
    • In a flashback, Sergeant Major Gross claims to have showed Faye to the gates and left, adding that he's a busy man. In reality, he was slacking off at the riverbank at the time, and Grisha realizes that Gross fed Faye to his dogs.
    • In another flashback, Reiner Braun's mother tells him that his father will be praying for his success in his mission to infiltrate the island of Paradis and take back the Founding Titan. However, Reiner knows full well that it's not true, since his father's terrified about what will happen if they find out about his relationship with Reiner's mother, but doesn't say anything.
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  • In Are You Lost?, the four girls, who are stranded on a deserted island, catch a frog to eat. Asuka, who's holding the frog, is so disgusted by the prospect of eating it that she lets it go and claims that she accidentally lost it. Surprisingly enough, Homare, the survival expert of the group, actually believes that it was an accident, and chides Asuka for her carelessness, while Mutsu sees right through it.
  • In the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth manga.
    • A murder occurs at Bird Wing's last concert, so Edgeworth questions the surviving members of the band. Hiedei claims that she went over to comfort Bryan after Hammond (the killer) chewed him out, but she actually insulted him. The lie is obvious enough for the viewers, but it doesn't make Hiedei any more suspicious.
    • Mitt Nelson is a Stalker Without A Crush for Emi St. Cloud. When he's found hiding in her luggage, he says, "Good evening... I'm not doing anything suspicious."
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  • Axis Powers Hetalia: When France tries to get his rival and Sitcom Archnemesis England/UK to marry himnote  because he is in dire financial straits, he goes out of his way to deny that the document he presents him is a marriage contract:
    Britain: (indignant) That's a marriage registration form, you idiot!
    France: (in a shaky voice) No, it's not. Can't you see? It is a calendar...
  • About half of the dialog in Beelzebub is lies one way or another. Especially anytime Oga is describing himself or any other time it could get a laugh. Including the very first line of the series.
    Oga: Long, long ago, in a certain place, there was a very, very handsome, cool, respected, entirely angelic young man.
  • Bleach:
    • When Ichigo loses control of his spiritual power upon defeating a powerful Hollow, Uryuu is able to save his life by carefully siphoning off Ichigo's power and releasing it in a safe, controlled manner with his spirit bow. However, the effort rips his arms to shreds in the process, resulting in him attending school the following day with his arms heavily bandaged. He informs the teacher that he fell down the stairs and the entire class is scandalised by the fact the teacher doesn't bat an eyelid at receiving such an obvious falsehood from what is normally the school's best student. Flashbacks to Uryuu's childhood indicate that Uryuu's inherited this inability to lie well from his father.
    • In a flashback, Uryuu asks his father why he hates being a Quincy. Ryuuken hesitates for a moment, then looks him straight in the eye and tells him it's because he can't make a living from it. Uryuu, the only person on Earth who doesn't realize that Ryuuken is lying to protect his son, asks his grandfather how this can be. Souken weaves a Metaphorically True explanation about Ryuuken needing to feed a family, which fighting monsters as a Quincy cannot achieve. When he mentions that Ryuuken's actions are dictated by what he needs to protect, Uryuu immediately concludes Ryuuken must be protecting money. Realizing Uryuu's too young to understand what's being said, Souken drops the subject entirely.
    • Shinji first appears seeking to recruit Ichigo to join the ranks of the Visored, which he leads. Ichigo refuses, so Shinji enrolls in Ichigo's school class to continue the pressure. Upon meeting his new classmates, he is inappropriately forward with Orhime, enveloping her in a bear hug. When Orihime later tracks Ichigo to the Visored's hidden training ground to pass on an important message from Captain-Commander Yamamoto, the group is absolutely baffled as to who she is. Shinji turns away and in a dejected mood states that she's his first love. Lisa crossly dismisses him, complaining that he describes every cute girl he's ever met as his first love.
    • Grimmjow defies Aizen's orders and secretly travels to the human world in an attempt to confront Ichigo and find out how strong he is in combat. Their fight ends when Tousen arrives to drag Grimmjow back to Aizen for punishment. The next time Ichigo and Grimmjow meet, Grimmjow is missing an arm. Aizen's punishment was to permit Tousen to destroy Grimmjow's arm, demoting him from the ranks of the Espada in the process. When Ichigo asks Grimmjow what happened to his arm, Grimmjow retorts that he cut it off himself because he doesn't need two arms to beat Ichigo. Ichigo doesn't seem fooled by that answer, but politely goes along with it.
    • Yhwach's announcement to the Stern Ritter includes a blatant lie which is more obvious to the reader than the characters. Since most of the Stern Ritter have never heard of the Ishida family, they don't realize Yhwach's deliberate focus on Uryuu's Gemischt status is hiding the existence of Uryuu's Echt father, Ryuuken. In short, Yhwach, Souken, and Ryuuken have all been lying about Ryuuken's Quincy status to almost every Quincy alive.
  • Bloom Into You
    • While Touko is campaigning for Student Council President, Sayaka offers Yuu, who's been appointed as Touko's campaign manager, a draft of a speech to read. Sayaka says that Yuu can't read it as-is, but she can use it as a reference. Upon taking a closer look, Yuu realizes that it's practically finished.
    • Shortly before Yuu's speech begins, Touko follows Yuu outside and confesses that despite seeming like a perfect student, she's actually quite vulnerable and had to work hard to change herself. After hearing that Yuu gives her speech as usual, saying how good Touko would be for the job but inwardly notes how far what she's saying is from the truth.
    • After being elected, Touko has the student council put on a School Play, then asks the student council members if they know someone who can write a script. Yuu, who's initially opposed to the idea, lies and says that she doesn't know anyone. In reality, Yuu's friend Koyomi once showed her a draft of a novel that Yuu found impressive, and Yuu knows that Koyomi is an excellent writer. Sayaka realizes that Yuu lied and calls her out on not respecting Touko's wishes.
  • Bokurano
    • Junji "Katari" Karita falsely claims to be a Zearth pilot, offering to prove it by doing a victory dance after the next battle (most likely assuming that the real pilots would play along and not realizing that some battles take place in other universes) and vaguely saying that he "was chosen" to pilot, in contrast to the somewhat elaborate cover story the authorities came up for the protagonists. Of course, while the story isn't very believable, it has the advantage of coming out first, thus thwarting the attempt to release a story on the real pilots. Unfortunately for Katari, some people who want revenge against the Zearth pilots believe him, and one of them ends up shooting him dead.
    • After Kana gets a call from Tanaka, who gives her an update on the search for Ushiro's mother, Ushiro himself comes in and asks who called. Kana, not wanting Ushiro to find out, lies and says that it's their mutual friend Kanji. Ushiro hits Kana and tells her not to lie about it.
  • Buso Renkin: When questioned about their relationship, Tokiko and Kazuki initially try to claim that they are actually siblings, despite the two looking nothing alike and the fact that Kazuki had never mentioned having an older sister to his closest friends. Nobody believed them except his actual younger sister.
  • Yamazaki of Cardcaptor Sakura gets his kicks improvising outrageous lies, usually about the history of things. Sakura and, strangely enough, Syaoran always believe him. Chiharu seems thoroughly jaded, but let Yamazaki talk long enough and she will start to wonder...
    • It gets worse when Eriol joins the cast in the final season and plays along with Yamazaki's lies. The two of them play off of each other and build more and more outrageous stories. Becomes doubly funny when you realize that Eriol is the reincarnation of Clow Reed, and has all of the immensely-wise sorcerer's memories, so he's doing this entirely to mess with people.
  • The Sisters in A Certain Magical Index narrate themselves, so any lies end up like this.
    Mikoto: Did you just eat my ice cream?
    Misaka 9982: Of course not, Misaka says while enjoying the lingering taste of chocolate mint.
  • In Charlotte, Yuu Otosaka, as student representative for his prestigious high school, ends up being a Chick Magnet, but rejects everyone who confesses to him by claiming that he's too busy studying to have time for romance. This is a lie in two different ways. First, Yuu doesn't actually study, since he uses his powers to cheat on tests. Second, he has his eyes set on the School Idol Yumi Shiranayagi, and won't settle for anyone less.
  • Code Geass plays this for drama. Lelouch is a great actor and orator, but when put on the spot his lies are downright terrible. Unfortunately for him, no one ever calls him out on them and they sometimes even buy them because he's that good at manipulative people. This even includes lying that he just used the Black Knights For the Evulz...while they are about to shoot him and Kallen down, driving Kallen away. He immediately slips and asks her to "live" once Kallen is out of the firing zone.
  • Delicious in Dungeon has Marcille telling the others that she is "the picture of good health" after being exposed to the scream of a mandrake. Both her eyes are pointed in opposite directions.
  • The Dirty Pair are more properly addressed as the "Lovely Angels" because that more accurately describes them, and it's never their fault when something bad happens on one of their missions, even when a planet is destroyed, which tends to happen somewhere around a third of the time. At least, that's what they claim.
  • Durarara!! has Orihara Izaya saying "No way! I'm not the bad guy!"
    • Another fun instance of Izaya's blatant lies is during the Dufufufu!! OVA story, when he talks to the false Shizuo. He walks up to him, pretends not to know Shizuo at all, calls himself 'Tsukumoya Shinichi', asks if he can pay the false Shizuo to give him information, and spends pretty much the rest of his screen time spouting any random crap he can come up with.
  • In Elfen Lied, young Kouta lies to Lucy about the gender of his cousin in order to avoid making her jealous. BIG mistake.
  • The supposedly "gag free" episode 24 of Excel Saga does still have gags; they're just not as frequent as usual.
  • Fruits Basket: "Nobody's using you, Tohru!" says the guy who's using Tohru. Naturally, she believes him.
  • Galaxy Angel's Mint brings the staff of an amusement park to tears with her story of the deaths of Ranfa and Forte. They charged into a hail of bullets while she remained behind because of her powerful family. I almost burst into tears, then I remembered that Ranfa and Forte were back at base enjoying their coffee break.
  • Haiyore! Nyarko-san has the title character, whose Manic Pixie Dream Girl nature includes claiming her relationship with Mahiro is much hotter and heavier than it really is. It's actually backfired to an extent, as seen in episode 7 of the second TV series where Mahiro outright says that he can't believe it when she says "I love you" because of all the times she's lied about their relationship.
  • After the Life Alive concert in Haruhi Suzumiya, we can see Kyon wolf down his lunch in silence and then casually stroll out of the classroom and declares that it's not that he wants to talk to Haruhi about the concert or anything, he just took a walk to settle his stomach. The narrator is blatantly lying to the viewer!
  • In Gugure Kokkuri San: Yamamoto is a grey alien who doesn't even bother with disguising himself, but claim that he is a human. No one except Kokkuri seem to find anything weird with him.
    Yamamoto: Yamamoto is an Earthling. (touches Kokkuri's finger with his own) E! T!
    Kokkuri: Earthlings don't call themselves Earthlings!
  • Hidamari Sketch: "The Hidamari Apartments is a small apartment block across from Yamabuki High School, infamous for housing weirdos from the arts program. But they've all graduated! We're normal now!" Customary introduction to the Hidamari Apartments at every year's welcoming party.
  • Pion of Humanity Has Declined spends a fair amount of time claiming to be human. Despite running on electricity, making weird noises, possessing Super Strength, and having cat ears.
  • In Inuyasha, Kagome's long absences and many missed days of school are explained away by her Grandfather as being the result of various illnesses, most of which are not remotely probable for someone her age and which she would be highly unlikely to be able to recover from so quickly, such as diabetes, scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis. He seems to draw most of his inspiration from his own physical ailments. Worse, the classmate who has a crush on her is the son of the owners of an alternative medicines clinic, and frequently brings her increasingly ridiculous herbal remedies and other health aids. This is often how she learns of her grandfather's latest excuse for her absence.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War: When the student council discusses upcoming exams, Shirogane(the top student in his grade) claims that studying at the last minute won't do any good, Kaguya(his closest rival) agrees, and Ishigami (who's having trouble), promises to keep studying hard. The narrator bluntly describes how false each statement is- Shirogane's desperately fighting to keep his #1 spot, Kaguya's working hard to dethrone him, and Ishigami would rather play games than study. Fujiwara is the only honest one out of the four.
  • Kotoura-san:
    • Haruka is bad at telling lies, but often resorts to that to hide her traumatic past, so it happens a few times.
    • Manga-only: After Manabe and Haruka came back to Haruka's apartment in Chapter/Episode 1, the first thing Manabe asked was why Haruka lives alone, and Haruka wants to avoid telling him her broken past...
      Haruka: [blushing and sweatdropping] My, my parents went on a worldwide trip...
      Manabe: Don't tell such obvious lies...
      Haruka: I Lied...
    • She had a Cry Cute a few moments later, at the same scene. She claimed that was Onion Tears. Manabe of course called out her not even being close to an onion.
  • In Love So Life, Nao tells Oeji that Shiharu isn't home when the latter comes to check on her injury.
  • Chantez Arpinion of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid shows just how much of a trickster she is when she gives one of these to Vivio during a practice match. For extra points, she's a nun of the Saint Church and Vivio's the clone of their Jesus analogue.
    Chantez: I'll start with an attack from your Majesty's right side.
    Vivio: Right-hand side... really?
    Chantez: Of course! Sister Chantez is a good, honest girl! So she won't tell lies...
    (Chantez uses her Super Speed to attack Vivio from behind)
    Chantez: (Thinking to herself) Most of the time.
    • Earlier, in StrikerS, Fate told Nanoha that Vivio was okay, after she was kidnapped by Jail Scaglietti in an attempt to comfort her. The next scene showed us just how wrong she was. While Fate doesn't know Vivio's state, she has no reason to believe that she's as well-off as Fate says, making it an obvious lie to make Nanoha feel better.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: The Mages Hand Wave things like people flying, shooting fireballs, or giant demon mecha with "It's Toku." (In the official English translation, it's "CGI", which stretches both this trope and the Willing Suspension of Disbelief even further.) And it works. This sort of makes sense during the festival arc where the Muggles were already using magic guns and the like, but there's no reason for it to work the time it showed up in the Kyoto arc.
  • Mai Hime: After the results of the Power Trio's first encounter with an Orphan, Reito comes to Mai the next day and tells her that they're reporting the collateral damage to the landscape as the result of "a (freak) lightning strike." Nobody seems to buy it, but on the other hand they don't know of anything else that could possibly cause that destruction.
  • In Mayo Chiki!, Kanade is a master at this. She tells Kureha, the main character Jiro's sister, that Subaru is in fact a guy in episode 3. Later, in episode 7, Subaru is wearing a bikini and looks like a girl when Kureha once again shows up. Kanade blatantly points out that she's a girl, and is in fact Subaru's "cousin", Punyuru. Kureha once again falls for it.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid: Mafia boss Seto Gozaburo's introduction as the new homeroom teacher:
    Gozaburo: Starting today, I'm taking over this "group". I'm the leader of this group. I'll scold whoever makes noise. Nice to meet you all.
    Class President: E-em...what happened to the former teacher, Shibazaki-sensei?
    Gozaburo: Mr. Shibazaki is...on maternity leave!
    Students: Eh, he can give birth?!
  • Naruto:
    • Tobi claims that the attack of the Nine-Tails was a natural disaster, but we learn later that he was the one who caused it.
    • Also:
      Tobi: I am Madara Uchiha.note 
    • Kakashi always makes up ridiculous excuses for his lateness, such as getting "lost on the path of life." No-one ever believes him, and the truth is that he simply loses track of time while standing by his friend's grave.
  • Nichijou means "My ordinary life" in Japanese, but there's also robots created by small girls, salmon falling from the sky, girls that pull weapons out of thin air, and dogs that bite people so hard that they fire their lazers.
  • Onsokumaru of Ninin Ga Shinobuden is a floating yellow ball with arms, yet for some reason Shinobu believes him when he claims to be a hawk. This is just one of countless lies he manages to sell her on. Kaede is never fooled for a second.
  • Shinobu and Kazama from Ninja Shinobu-san no Junjou when they claim they are not ninja's, despite clear evidence to the contrary, such as throwing shurikens and kunai's, performing acrobatic feats and other ninja-like stuff.
  • In No Game No Life, when Feel says that Kurami, her long-time friend and her family's slave cries whenever Feel takes her eyes off of her, Kurami, deeply embarrassed, frantically denies it. Unfortunately for Kurami, the main characters and the viewers have seen her crying on two occasions- the first time was when Sora gave her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech after defeating her, and the second was after she was restored from being reduced to an Empty Shell in her second match with Sora.
  • In Occult Academy, during Maya's fathers funeral he comes back to life after saying the wrong spell in a "Goodbye" tape played during the funeral. Maya tries to pass it off his possessed corpse going on a rampage as being staged. None of the students buy it.
  • One Piece:
    • Usopp has many of these, the most famous probably being "I have 80 million men under my command!" The, ahem, more gullible members of the Straw Hats and a few other idiots actually take him seriously.
    • After experiencing all of Luffy's physical pain and fatigue courtesy of Bartholomew Kuma, Zoro is found by Sanji. Zoro is just standing there with his arms crossed, severely injured and soaked in his own blood. Sanji wonders what's going on. Zoro replies:
      Zoro: Nothing...nothing at all...!!!
    • In the Fishman Island arc, one of the Big Bad's top henchmen, Zou, does this regularly due to his fantastic pride. And I mean fantastic: people ignore him when he talks? He says he spoke it quietly on purpose. Someone steps on his head while he's lying down? He'll say that he's doing a headbutt attack against their sole. Suddenly ages a few decades due to abusing an evil drug? He'll say he became old on purpose.
    • After accidentally ordering a Buster Call against Enies Lobby and callously gloating about it, Spandam, realizing he accidentally broadcasted it to the entire island then claims to be Luffy. No one is fooled.
  • In volume 6 of Over Lord 2012, during the raid of the Eight Fingers' hideout, Sebas no sells the ultimate attack from one of their strongest fighters and then kills him in turn with a single strike. He remarks to his companions that he was just "a little bit stronger" which no one buys for even a second.
  • In Panty and Stocking's In the Name of the Moon speech, they refer to themselves as "delicate maidens". The same two girls who curse more than a preteen gamer and are practically the personifications of Lust and Gluttony respectively.
  • In Persona 4: The Animation, when Chie goes on stage during the Yasogami High swimsuit pageant, she nervously tries to claim her favorite food is yogurt, since she's self-conscious about liking meat and other tomboyish traits.
    Yosuke: YOU BIG LIAR, IT'S MEAT!
  • In Please Twins!, the trio gets a visit from Tsubaki, who's clearly interested in Maiku. Karen notices Miina glowering.
    Karen: Miina-san, your face looks scary.
    Miina: I was born like this.
    Karen: that right?
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: As much as you would want to believe that Kyubey is lying, he's not. He actually considers himself above lying and always answers questions honestly, although he typically also leaves out a lot of very important details. Gen Urobuchi, however, lies constantly, and reached legendary Troll status that way. Saying SayakaExplanation(Spoilers)  was the main character is just one example...
  • In Punchline Ito tries to hide the fact she has a bear cub in her bedroom. Her lies become increasingly harder to explain, however luckily Mikatan is oblivious and believes she has a rare disease that causes her to grow spines out of her back. When the others see the cub Ito tries to pass him as her baby brother. No one buys it.
  • In Ranma ½, all of the Miniature Senior Citizens claim to have been both normal-sized and very attractive when young (particularly the ultra-lecherous Happôsai and Lukkôsai, who claim to have been dignified, respected Bishonens). This is proven to be false in Happōsai's case (who was a homely little dwarf with the exact same standards as the present Happōsai) and is likely the same in Lukkōsai's case. Cologne, on the other hand, looks the same in both her and Happosai's flashback, so she's probably being honest. It's confirmed as true in the anime.
  • Weaponized in Re:CREATORS by Magane Chikujōin, whose Reality Warper powers actually require someone to call her bluff in order to make it reality. She demonstrates this by informing an unfortunate shopkeeper that a monster is about to attack him, then asks him if he thinks she's lying. He says yes. Enter the monster.
  • Rozen Maiden's Suiseiseki takes full advantage of the fact that Hina-Ichigo will believe anything she's told. In one memorable case, she convinced Hina that mailboxes were dangerous monsters...purely so she could get her letter sent first.
  • Minako of Sailor Moon does the same thing during her own manga, Codename: Sailor V. Artemis doesn't buy it for a second.

  • Sazanka: Tatsuki tells two in a conversation with her best friend some time after breaking up with her boyfriend, Keita.
    • After telling Aoi that she quit her job, Tatsuki claims that she ran afoul of a rule prohibiting workplace romances, despite there being no evidence that any such rule exists. She then claims that she was kidding, and that the real reason was that she "wasn't good enough." In reality, after Tatsuki asked to break up with Keita, Keita insisted that she quit her job, to spare him any awkwardness.
    • When Aoi notices a bruise on the underside of Tatsuki's armpit, Tatsuki claims she hit the arm against something, not wanting to admit Keita gave it to her.
  • Soul Eater gives us this when Kid head-shots Black*Star and Soul to break up a moment they were having.
    Death the Kid: Oops. Sorry. [beat] My fingers slipped.
  • Ran Kotobuki of Super Gals! had a Running Gag in which she was constantly late for class, and every time offered an unbelievable excuse, such as being kidnapped by aliens or being ambushed by the paparazzi when in reality she'd either gotten distracted or simply overslept.
  • In Sword Art Online,
    • Endou has an almost hilariously flimsy pretext for asking for money from Shino, saying that they did karaoke for too long (20 minutes after school let out), and don't have enough money for the train (they have passes), so they need 10,000 yen (Roughly $100). Shino sees through it, but it doesn't do her much good.
    • Quinella, Administrator and ruler of the human realm of the Underworld, swears on the Goddess Stacia that she'll let Prime Senator Chudelkin do whatever he wants with her for one night if he deals with the heroes. The reason why this is an obvious lie is because Quinella doesn't believe in Stacia, so her words mean nothing.
  • In WORKING!!, Aoi claim that she have nowhere to go because her home burned and she lost her memory, which is blatant enough as it is, but became doubly so when she show that she brought her luggage with her. She asks Takanashi his age and says she is the same, and at first doesn't answer when called Yamada, showing that it is not her real name. Takanashi isn't fooled and knows that she obviously ran away from home, but Popura and Otoo buy it.
  • The World God Only Knows:
    • During an obvious breather arc, Keima gets upset about losing a shogi match and tries to pretend he meant to do it as part of his strategy. The girl he's working on, Nanaka, then points out that he has Ocular Gushers going on, at which point he claims he's not crying, he's relaxing in a hotspring! Complete with an image of him filling up a hot spring with his tears.
    • An earlier example has the narration lying where after Keima gets tasered the narration assures it's a completely safe stun gun. The girl who attacked him later breaks a tree in half with them. Totally safe stun gun, that. Yeah.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: In episode #38, when Dr. Kogami—his father—asked him if he found out Playmaker's identity, Revolver said no. Cue the flashback of Revolver seeing Yusaku in the footage taken from Baira's apartment and him slasher-smiling at the sight.


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