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  • The Optimist features Stabbucks Coffee in this strip.
  • User Friendly had "Snurf" guns in several early strips, as well as Bigbucks Coffee.
  • YU+ME: dream has "IHOW", the "International House Of Waffles", as well as "".
  • Dork Tower features this frequently, especially for RPGs and board games. Examples include Warhamster, Travailler, Dungeons & Dragoons, and Vampire: The Groveling.
  • Megatokyo has the company names "Lockart" and "Cubesoft".
  • Pops up in the background of Punch an' Pie, most memorably the shopping bags from "Warm Mention" (Hot Topic).
  • In Tower of God, Yu Han-sung loves his instant coffee which is totally not a rip-off from Korea's most popular instant coffee brand.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • The series does this with the trademarked wizard names from Dungeons & Dragons, attributing the "Bigby's" spells to either "Bixby" or "Bugsby" instead. Likewise, Mordenkainen's Disjunction is referred as simply Disjunction. A character who was a clear copy of a D&D property (with a name of the original character's scrambled up) was dragged away by lawyers in mid-fight. He later returned under the loophole of "parody is protected speech".
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    • We also see a social network for clerics called Macebook.
    • Then there's SerfWay (instead of "Subway").
    • Don't forget Quest Buy.
    • Early gags where Durkon is seen as a box of Band-Aids and Elan as a can of Diet Coke were genericized as Bandages and Diet Cola in the print version.
    • Also in the book, the narrator can't say the name of the game itself, "because we'd get sued by the trademark holder". So the comic dances around it.
      Player 1: Let's play Demons & Delves.
      Player 2: No, let's play Dwarves & Donjons.
      Player 3: I prefer Drakes & Daggers.
  • So far, The FAN has brought us the electronics brand "Sunny" and the "Yeskia" mobile phones (complete with a provider called "Lemon" that even becomes plot-relevant at one point). An early episode mentions an online messenger called "Yippy Courier".
  • Sequential Art has MMORPG Realm of Lorcraft and 3D building game Cubeminer.
    • This comic is rife with slight respellings of product names. Pip uses an online auction site called eBuy. The phone book is called the “Hello Pages.” It happens with movies and video games, too: the Wintendo Pee (as well as the handheld Wintendo BS), its rival gamemaker Saga; Arkham Lockdown, Contemporary Warfare, All Saints Boulevard, Skyroam, the oft-mentioned Temple Raider. Films like Far Trek, Nightlight, The Metrix (and its sequels, The Metrix: Rebooted and The Metrix: Rotations).
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  • Averted in Yehuda Moon & the Kickstand Cyclery. The characters have no problem mentioning real brands, and at one point a real-life item becomes a major plot point.
  • Selkie has Selkie wondering whether she can watch movies on Flixnet (an obvious take on Netflix) at home.
  • The Whiteboard: If you look closely at the background, you can see Doc carrying a Khil chainsaw, while more recently Jinx can be seen with his brand new Khil Jr. chainsaw. Clearly a pastiche of Stihl and Skil power tools.
  • El Goonish Shive featured a chase through a "Swedekea" store. "Salty Crackers Comics" counts too; there's a regional comics chain around Chicago called "Graham Crackers". There's also the American Cake movie, a reference to the movie American Pie, but with the plot of The Brady Bunch Movie.
  • In Everyday Heroes, Mr. Mighty once held a civilian job "hauling concrete blocks at SuperHomeCenterMart". Several strips also show "Sundo's" coffee ("sun" = "star", "dough" = "money" = "bucks").
  • In this Fuzzy Five strip, Otto is using a search engine called Searchy with a suspiciously familiar design.
  • There are no fewer than seven examples in this Kevin & Kell strip.
  • The Titular character of Moxs Blog uses "CRADOS" instead of the real-life translation environment tool "TRADOS".
  • In Rusty and Co., who doesn't want a can of Cloaker-Cola while listening to music on their Eye-pad and checking Feysbook using Druid?
  • Moon Crest 24: KB Games and Cool Topic.
  • Dr. McNinja's first published foe was against the fast-food clown everybody is familiar with: McBonald! (It actually was Ronald McDonald when first published; Chris Hastings later touched up the original chapters, so he could continue to use the character without fear of litigation.)
  • Pretty much every product in Sluggy Freelance is one of these. The PlayStayShun 3 console, the Years of Yarncraft MMORPG, the pirate-themed coffee shop Swashbucks, the list goes on.
  • Parasite Galaxy does this with pretty much everything: WcDonalds, Starducks, Microhard. Even the names of countries get changed.
  • This Master of the Obvious comic, with a young Stan Lee, has "Kentucky Fried Something" in the last panel, with the slogan "We Do Something Right".
  • Knights of Buena Vista has "Sorcery: The Rendezvous" for Magic: The Gathering.
  • These abound in Squid Row. For instance, Randie often eats Pop-N Tarts. Other brand names are respelled but still recognizable.
  • Jason And The Princes Of The Universe gives us "Red Yak".
  • Woo Hoo shows parody / joke brands and logos every time a brand appears (like "Technical Virgin Megastore").
  • In Grrl Power, Sydney is exhausted after running laps, so her training officer gives her a bottle of Power Ade "Joule Juice".
  • Alien Hand Syndrome has Pizza Hat (Link contains bad language).
    • Erin's smartphone appears to be a Pear. You know, as opposed to...
  • Walky is a big time fan of cheese Nachitos, along with the actual Taco Bell. (The Taco Bells in Dumbing of Age sell Nachito shell tacos.)
  • In Rain, Video game systems and games tend to be lawyer-friendly versions of their real life counterparts. For instance, the "Super Nintendo" entertainment system instead becomes the "Super Funtendo" entertainment system, and the game Battletoads becomes "Fighter Frogs". And it's just as hard as ever.
  • In Ozy and Millie, Stephan collects Gathering: The Obsession cards. The brand name says it all.
  • Please Forgive Me!!! features the "Goofle" search engine, sticks of "Pocko" snacks, and a "redthing" (or "hotbox") kiosk.
  • The Comic Adventures of Left & Right: Discussed in "Parody Brand Names", where it's mocked with the notion that companies generally wouldn't sue nobody comic artists over using their product names anyway.
  • Apricot of Apricot Cookie(s)! buys her bread from the 11-Eleven convenience store (as opposed to 7-Eleven).


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