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  • A curious example from Baby Blues: Hammie has a G.I. Joe expy called Action Man. Action Man is the British name of GI Joe. Did the (American) writer know this and use it purposefully, or did he just make up Action Man as a generic toy name?
  • Bloom County had the Banana Jr. computer, an obvious parody of Apple computers. The computer even looked exactly like an Apple Macintosh (of the time), except for having stubby robot legs.
  • Dykes to Watch Out For does this constantly to parodic effect: "," "Bounders Books & Muzak," "Bunns & Noodle," "Bed Bath & Bite Me," "Papaya Republic," "Panthouse," "Mothra Stewart" magazine, "Stairmistress," etc. The best was a publishing house, "Furrier Sprout & Genoux."
  • FoxTrot is chock full of this, mainly on the magazines or newspapers the characters are reading. Names such as Arper Shimage, Waxmell House and Gique are frequent. There's also "Iron Mysticus"note , "Doomathon", "Duke Quakem", ''World of Warquest", the iFruit, Bitty Babies, and the BackSync Boys. Jason also once made jPods, though they were deliberate knockoffs in-universe.
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  • In Get Fuzzy, the characters are often seen going to McDoody's to get a Howdy Meal. They also have a fish-and-chips chain called Cap'n Dawson's (both referencing "Captain D's", and allowing a Jaws reference by covering parts of the word "Dawson's" with the edge of the frame).
  • Zits has "FourBucks Coffee."
  • In Luann brother Brad worked at "Weenie World", which uses a "W" logo shaped like inverted arches.note 
  • La Cucaracha features a combination coffee shop-and-check-cashing-store called "Barriobucks".
  • Cul de Sac features a giant discount store with greeters called "Val-U-Less", and a bric-a-brac-filled family restaurant called "P.J. Piehole's".
  • Candorville has brands like Concast Cable (not Comcast) and Feudalbanc Massacard (not MasterCard). The strip for November 3, 2013, used a sports team called the Candorville Rednecks to reference the Washington Redskins name controversy without using the real team's brand.
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  • The Drabble strip for January 24th 2014. Ralph went into a fast food place called Down-N-Out Burgers. Even though he didn't say anything, the counterman said "Coming right up!". Ralph says "You've heard of the secret menu? I just ordered off the super secret menu!". The Real Life hamburger chain In-N-Out actually has a "secret menu" of items and specialties that aren't on the regular displayed menu.
  • Crankshaft.
    • The title character had a collection of old Bean's End mail order catalogs, until he sold them off. Beans's End is a combination of the Real Life L.L. Bean and Land's End catalogs.
    • The title character regularly meets his friends at Dale Evans Restaurant, based on the Roy Rogers chain (Dale Evans was Rogers's wife) combined with the Bob Evans family restaurants.
  • Sister strip Funky Winkerbean has McArnolds burger chain, and Battom Comics, which mirrors Marvel Comics (which also exists) to the extent of having No Celebrities Were Harmed versions of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


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