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Black Mirror / Series Two

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Just over a year after the first series aired, Black Mirror returned to Channel 4 in February of 2013, now more fully examining the fears of reliance on and interaction with modern technologies — in particular Twitter.

The Christmas special, Black Mirror: White Christmas, that aired in December 2014 is not attached to series 2, not to any series, of the show; Channel 4 list it as a single-episode series 3, though this is effectively RetConned out of existence by the series 3 later produced by Netflix (who do list it as part of series 2).



Tropes relating to Black Mirror Series Two

  • New Media Are Evil: The theme becomes more distinct in this series.
  • Thematic Series: "How dangerous is Twitter?" posed in three different ways:
    • "Be Right Back": It is possible to use the personal nature of social media uploads to effectively recreate the humour and mind of a deceased person.
    • "White Bear": It distracts you from having humanity for the sake of recording popular moments, ending up with a herd of sheeples terrorizing people.
    • "The Waldo Moment": A political joke gains twitter notoriety that translates into real-world popularity, despite being the worst person for the job.

Alternative Title(s): Black Mirror Series Two, Season Two


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