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In 2015, Netflix, in its production capacity, commissioned the creators of Black Mirror (and distributors Endemol) to create a new series. In 2016, Channel 4 was announced to have been unsuccessful in trying to buy distribution rights from Endemol, in favour of Netflix, with Endemol citing not only the higher purchase but also the fact that Channel 4 had declined to recommission the show in the last three years.

Subsequently, Netflix produced and released a third series the length of the first two combined (at a whopping six episodes) and released them all to stream on October 21st, 2016. This was around the time of the British autumn half-term (Fall break)note , allowing for British under-18s, at least, to have a week to binge-watch it.


Reactions to the third series were highly positive, particularly the Breather Episode "San Junipero", which won two BAFTAs, two Emmys, a GLAAD award, as well as being nominated for a Hugo and the Media Diversity TV moment of the year.

In early September 2016, over a month before the series release, "Nosedive" and "San Junipero" were premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.



Tropes relating to Black Mirror Series Three:

  • Pædo Hunt: In two separate episodes, vigilante justice goes after paedophiles. This is likely in reference to the ever-growing historical child abuse scandals (figures of authority raping and sexually abusing children beyond the statute of limitations) popping up around the time.
  • Pop-Cultural Osmosis: A variety of this may be the reason why Netflix took interest in the show, as well as the effect the show underwent after being on Netflix (especially Black Mirror: San Junipero).
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: Who Names Their Kid Yorkie, or Blue!? Mentioned by Kelly and Karin:
    "I'm Yorkie"
    "What, like the dog?"

    "Blue, as in B-L-U-E?"
    "My dad liked the sound of it."

Alternative Title(s): Black Mirror Series Three, Season Three


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