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  • All over the place in Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, what with the amount of murder and suicide in it.
  • A few instances pop up in the Cool Kids Table game The Wreck.
    • Joy Hibler doesn't know how she died. Josh tries to hold out the rope they got the room before and ask her if that's how.
    • After several items are deemed too big to put in the inventory (including a ghost), Lazy Boy ends up with a rope and a stool.
    Josh: You know, just in case things get too crazy.
  • Throughout the Sequinox episode "Inferno Pt. 1", Sid insists on wounding or killing people until Vivaldi stops showing up to discover his identity. Becomes Harsher in Hindsight when they discover Vivaldi is Caiden...after he's shot through the chest with Scorpius' laser.
  • In A Very Fatal Murder, Pascall's reenactment of the murder of Hayley Price ends up killing an intern.
  • Some pretty dark stuff occurs in the Interstitial Actual Play one-shots A Touch of Evil and A Rush of Sugar to the Head, such as Shego leaving Betty Cooper in a burning car to die or Morton Koopa murdering Wreck-It-Ralph with a hammer. It's not surprising because they're both villain episodes, but it's hilarious because of the bizarre crossover context which causes them to happen.

Pro Wrestling

  • Not long after Chris Benoit had strangled his wife and son to death, then hanged himself, a picture of him crying (taken from the Eddie Guerrero tribute episode of RAW) made its way around the Internet, with the questionable caption "They were supposed to tap out!" You can see it here.

Puppet Shows

  • Fur TV is the king of this category, yes, along with shows like South Park or Family Guy, but a puppet version. Sometimes reaching disturbing levels.
  • On the 11/14/10 episode of The Funday Pawpet Show everyone was watching a reporter show footage of an angry man in a Rascal scooter ram an elevator door three times, the third time disappearing down the shaft to his real-life death. As the reporter showed the footage again, out of nowhere cast member Blitz said "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" completely catching everyone off guard.
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  • The Ferals: Even overlooking the levels of violence and cruelty, which is not easy, the rabbit character is named Mixy...after myxomatosis.
  • Sesame Street, of all things, engages in a bit of black comedy with the Game of Thrones parody.


  • Big Finish Doctor Who has its moments, particularly in the episode "Max Warp". The entire episode is a gleeful Take That! to Top Gear. The Richard Hammond character appears to die violently in a space ship crash. In Real Life, Hammond was in a serious car crash two years before the episode aired.

Theme Parks


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