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  • The Absolute Power episodes "Radio 3" and "The BBC"(on Radio 4) was full of digs at The BBC. The episode "English Sporting Success" included the line "In the BBC ratings are like sex; of course they're not important, just as long as you're getting some!"
    • Absolute Power's parent show, In The Red and sequels were made of this trope; BBC radio comedy dramas about an inept BBC radio journalist and his unpleasant BBC bosses.
  • In Season One of Old Harry's Game, Thomas persuades Gary to lead a rebellion of the demons. Two demons keep insisting they need mission statements and brightly-coloured charts.
    Thomas: Who are those two?
    Gary: They're the demons in charge of torturing former BBC executives.
    Thomas: I think they've gone native.
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  • I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue often made fun of the BBC. In particular Tim and Graeme spent the early 2000s taking potshots at the Controller of BBC2, Jane "The Goodies will be repeated over my dead body" Root. After all, she started it.
  • The News Quiz and The Now Show, because sometimes The BBC is the news.
  • The Goon Show started off a lot of their shows with digs at the BBC.
  • Car Talk has an inversion via Self-Deprecation: the stinger for the show is inevitably something to the effect of "And even though [something indicating deep disapproval/disappointment happens] every time we say it, this is NPR, National Public Radio." In other words, they compliment their network by calling themselves unworthy of it.
  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!:
    • When they had teenage fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson on to play "Not My Job," her subject was "Stuff Old People Like." One of the questions was about NPR.
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    • Peter Sagal called Ukraine holding a fundraiser for its military the "public radio approach to national defense."
  • During the time period when Terry Wogan hosted the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show program "Wake Up to Wogan", he would make delicate jabs at the program, including referencing "the other listener" when responding to listeners' e-mails or the like. He would also poke fun at the BBC, from pointing out how many buildings they tend to purchase to their moving certain headquarters from London to Manchester to "the decided lack of provender [food]" available at times to the BBC's "Health and Safety" boffins and so on.
  • In separate episodes of The Unbelievable Truth, David Mitchell has claimed the "guiding principles" of Radio 4 include "people don't like things because they're nice, people like things because they're used to them" and "allowing a format to stagnate". In another, when Holly Walsh says the programme is starting to feel like an old folks' home, he replies that this is "very much the vibe this radio station goes for".
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  • Lo Zoo Di 105: Inverted. The new bulding that hosts the studios of Radio 105 as well as Virgin Radio and Radio Montecarlo has been financed by a group named "Finelco", so whenever that word is spoken, Gibba reacts accordingly by replying mid-sentence.


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