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  • Epic Fail Guy of 4chan fame, when not depicted wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask, is a standard stick figure with outrageously long eyebrows.
  • The "Twinkie Brows" meme on Gaia Online refers to Johnny K. Gambino and his son Gino (a bit jarring, since Gino is otherwise a typical Bishounen). It's been speculated that Labtech X has them as well.
    • One of Gino's dolls now comes with a "Twinkie Brows" pose. The Bad Moon evolving item also included outrageous eyebrows in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and oh-god-my-eyes pink.
  • In Metal Gear Awesome, Solid Snake's eyebrows bulge out at the slightest provocation. At one point they branch out and sprout oranges.
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  • In a Rare Female Example, The Nostalgia Chick. What's kind of amusing about this is that the Critic, her Spear Counterpart, has smaller, thinner, blonder eyebrows; which are considered far girlier.
  • Tim from Marble Hornets has 'em, along with Hot Blooded Sideburns.
  • Paul from Eddsworld
  • At the end of episode four of None Piece Luffy and Zoro have a moustache battle. Luffy ends up with a massive pair of eyebrows, but Zoro wins the duel.
    • Starting in Episode 4, the characters start getting eyebrows superimposed above their eyes whenever they're required to look angry or upset during scenes where they don't.
  • Lilly from These days is easily recognized for them, and she's not too fond of that.


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