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  • Often, by a face-leaning play-by-play announcer when a heel wrestler is about to commit a heinous deed or win a championship title following rulebreaking, with the trope-making "NO!" coming right as the act is carried out.
  • One particularly famous example was The Hart Foundation winning the WWF Tag Team Championships from the British Bulldogs after Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart had been allowed (thanks to biased refereeing from Danny Davis, whom the Harts had in their back pocket) to double-team Davey Boy Smith; Vince McMahon shouted "No, NO, NO!!!!" as Davis made a fast three-count on Smith, the perfect compliment to heel announcer Jesse Ventura cackling evily in celebrating the title win. More than two years earier, McMahon's other "Big No" moment came when he tried — in vain — to stop Kamala from eating a live chicken on the set of WWF Tuesday Night Titans.
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  • During their famous "I Quit" steel cage match at Starrcade 85, MagnumTA and Tully Blanchard had several. One would hold the microphone to their opponent's mouth and yell, "Say it!" and the other would deliver the Big No.
  • One time "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase tried to buy the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Hulk Hogan in the late 80's. Hulk Hogan's response?
  • When Vince McMahon was asked if he wanted "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as WWF Champion, he responded "That's not just a no that's a, OOOOOOOHHHH HEEEEEELLL NOOOOOO!!!"
  • There was an attempt to turn Eddie Guerrero heel on Smackdown by having him throw Yoshihiro Tajiri through the windshield of his low rider on the mistaken belief Tajiri had "touched" it. The following night when Eddie came out to explain his actions he asked if they blamed him for what he did.
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  • Its been shouted at Radiant Rain in response to one of her verbal tics ("YEAH!") at Full Impact Pro.
  • Double NOOOOOOO from Triple H as he sees the referee for his next match.
  • Almost parallel to the rise in popularity of Daniel Bryan's YES! mantra, the fans began chanting NO! every time they saw something they didn't like, and alternated between YES! and NO! when a face and a heel (respectively) or a fan favorite and a Scrappy traded blows in a slugfest. (The more traditional chants were "YAY!" and "BOO!")
  • Daniel Bryan himself after he has had enough of the "YES!" chants. Hilarious in Hindsight: Back in 1995 in WCW, the Zodiac (Brutus Beefcake) of the Dungeon of Doom would ONLY speak in either "YES!" or "NO!". For his efforts, Zodiac gets inducted into WrestleCrap. Daniel Bryan gets it over and gets merchandise. Although he would eventually go back to "YES!", he still uses "NO!" occasionally.
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  • Fans of NYCW took to yelling "NO!" at any hint of Rick Cataldo.
  • Kimberly shouted this at the referee demanding she release her Texas Cloverleaf on Leva Bates, following their loss to Made In Sin, even after being threatened with suspension.
  • The crowd began chanting "NO!" at the unauthorized ROH A Night of Hoopla when the "Lumber jills" called in by Truth Martini for Davey Richards and Silas Young's match all turned out to be drag queens.
  • Upon the break up of the Shield in 2014, when Seth Rollins winds up the chair to hit Roman Reigns, a single fan in the audience can be heard shouting an anguished "No!"
  • Bobby Heenan really brought the Big NO when Ric Flair was on the verge of losing, or has lost the WWF Championship.

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