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Big No / Pinball

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  • In Fun House, Rudy does this whenever you shoot a ball into the trap door during Midnight Multiball.
  • Done whenever the ball drains in Plants vs. Zombies Pinball.
  • General Yagov does this when you defeat him in F-14 Tomcat.
  • So does Shiwan Khan in The Shadow after the player defeats him.
  • In Monster Bash, the Bride of Frankenstein does one of these when "Ball and Chain" mode is activated.
  • In Cirqus Voltaire, the Ringmaster sometimes gives one when he's defeated.
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  • The genie will also sometimes give one in Tales of the Arabian Nights when he's defeated in "Fireball" mode.
  • The Addams Family: Gomez will sometimes admonish Thing with one if he grabs the pinball at an inappropriate time.
    Gomez: "No, no, no!"


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