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  • When Wookieepedia, the official unofficial Star Wars Wiki, was going for their first Featured Wikia of the month on the Wikia main site, there was some consternation when they discovered they were losing to WikiFur, the Furry Fandom's Wikia. This sent them on a wild scramble for more votes. The furries, to their credit, played up their role of villain with the following message on the Wikia boards. "Join us, and together we can rule the Internet as Wookie Fur!" Wookieepedia made the only appropriate response. If only Chewie, rather than Vader, had delivered the last Big No of the saga....
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  • The website helpfully provides a Big No button for use "in dire situations".
  • The reaction of manga addicts everywhere when Onemanga announced it was going down.
  • When the Whispering Forest appears in episode 23 of Welcome to Night Vale, officials from the town's Parks Department react with a press release consisting of "the word 'no' on a single piece of paper, but with hundreds of Os and maybe two dozen Ns."
  • In Part 3 of Pinkie Pie's Exciting Adventure, when the Unicorn is beating by Pinkie from a reflected magic blast. (Though the sound clip is taken from Dota 2)
  • One day on Yahoo! Answers, a user by the name of Susan asked a question that would become memetic: "Does spider have pusspuss?" The response, from someone going by Sisyphus, was simply "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Whether Sisyphus was Screaming at Squick, attempting Translation by Volume, or just being a typical Yahoo Answers user, the world may never know.


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