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Thin Characters

  • Nanase from El Goonish Shive. Lampshade hung at one point, when Susan point-blank asked how she managed to avoid being fat. She (well, at the time, he) casts spells "from calories", in addition to being a martial artist in the first place.
    • That was even the hidden gag in this comic!
    • Later, at a roadside pancake place the girls stop at on their road trip Grace became one of only four people to eat the Pancake Mt. Doom Meal. This consisted of a dozen flapjacks, a variety of fruit fillings, sides of bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, three kinds of syrup, and your choice of eggs. The best part is that "Andy Debtman, Eater of Food" from Man Engulfs Food arrives to take on the challenge, and stands in front of the Wall of Fame filming his introduction when Grace's photo is added.
      • If you see carefully, the Beat Panel has Andy still staring at Grace's photo after her photo was put on the wall. Given the three other photos on the wall are of notably large people, he's probably in a bit of shock to see such a skinny person polish off the huge meal and retain her appearance.
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  • Lardee from My Milk Toof who is a milk tooth ate a chicken.
  • Ben from Loserz. Three double cheeseburgers and half a pizza for lunch.
  • In Gnoph, hosts to Gnoph symbiotes have to eat large amounts of food. If they use too many Gnoph powers without eating enough, the Gnoph will start to consume body tissues for energy. Abbey, who grew up homeless and was therefore never able to get enough food, is anorexic to the point of Body Horror.
  • In Emergency Exit, Eddie can consume large amounts of sugary foods with no consequences. Another character, Karl, also tends to eat large quantities of food when he's depressed though he actually gains weight from it and has consistent troubles keeping it under control.
  • Molly and Galatea, the pink furry peanut butter monsters in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! both have very high metabolisms (they grew from infancy to maturity in a month's time, and are fleet-footed enough to outrun a bear at full gallop) and will eat enormous quantities of any kind of food. Molly has reservations about eating peanut butter, though, saying it makes her feel "kinda cannibalistic".
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  • General Protection Fault: Fooker is well-known for having a truly rapacious appetite at times. Normally, he seems to have standard desires for food, but when it comes to some kinds of junk food, especially pizza, he can put enough away to put the Flash to shame. He's twice now nearly driven a pizza place (run by the same guy) out of business due to eating all of their merchandise and earned multiple lifelong banning for it.
  • Craving Control's lead character was a coed named Lalia, who was implied to acually have a binge eating disorder, but you wouldn't know it from her slim, extremely busty figure. This was eventually subverted as in one of the last strips, eighteen years of overeating finally caught up to her and she woke up with thicker hips and a noticable pair of love handles. Guess she finally ran out of room for fat in her breasts.
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  • Sluggy Freelance: Other characters often make reference to Gwynn "scarfing down" some sort of food or another (which she always angrily denies), but despite having eaten more recently than most of the rest of the cast, she's the first to get hungry when they're all trapped in the ass of hell. Well, first human, anyway.
  • Walkyverse:
    • Robin DeSanto of It's Walky! eats tremendous amounts of candy, as a justification of her Super Speed. Both her Super Speed and Big Eater habits have been played down (But not removed!) since she moved to Shortpacked!.
    • Walky had occasional Big Eater moments as well, usually involving his favorite snack food Doritos Nachitos. At one point it's revealed that this is all Walky ate back then.
    • Joyce also eats more than she should be able to and maintain her figure. When Walky eats similarly, he starts to gain weight.
  • Seekers: Giselda will scarf anything that is set in front of her. Especially when it doesn't belong to her.
  • Dee from PHD, who even sneaks out in the middle of an exam to get food.
  • Monica of Wapsi Square has a rather impressive appetite.
  • Bob and George: Mega Man, Chadling, and George, with ice cream. George has a high metabolism with his superpowers
  • Iki from Off-White likes to wolf his food down. It's a wonder his pack mates tolerate this behavior, considering he's useless when it comes time to hunt.
  • Thaumaturge: Befitting a webcomic that prides itself on its Shounen roots, Nomen's appetite is through the roof.
  • Too Much Information: the kittens. They're just ordinary sized kittens, but there doesn't seem to be any limit to how much they can consume. Nor do they appear to have much in the way of discrimination, either, since they'll happily devourer anything in the kitchen.
  • Very early in The Senkari Freija apparently eats 3 Burgers without breaking stride. Possibly justified as being a full time Action Girl she burns through a lot of energy.
  • Max from Sturgeon's Law is apparently fond of koalasagna.
  • Being a gluttony demon, Damien from White Dark Life is typically seen eating a snack and never changing in size. In fact, the only time he gains weight is when he becomes an adult and(logically) becomes taller. His daughter is more of a big drinker given her love of Orange Juice.
  • Cadi from Hexenringe has enough of an appetite that she doesn't mind grabbing someone else's chow in this episode.
  • Furry Experience: Cat is a seemingly 90 pound girl who makes sandwiches out of entire bread loaves, eats them in one gulp, and can polish off a tub of ice cream in five minutes.
  • Supermegatopia has the minor villain Piranha Girl, a genetically modified super-villainess who suffers from a rapacious hunger that sees her regularly eating twice her own body weight in a sitting, yet still being a slenderly built woman. Oh, and that hunger has apparently led her to eat people.
  • In Charby the Vampirate Menu is constantly hungry and getting food is a constant concern for him. He once ate a meal intended for everyone in the cabin, when there were sixteen of them. While he occasionally gains a little weight in his stomach after gorging himself it goes away very quickly as his constant hunger and burning through food is a side effect of being a werewolf.
  • Diamond Tiara from Diamond and Dazzle. Granted it's usually her cat Dazzle who eats more but she's no slouch. One instance during the Adventure Arc has her getting a Balloon Belly from eating too much in Dazzle's body.
  • Shin-Ae of I Love Yoo is an introvert who doesn't show much enthusiasm for anything. However, the prospect of food gets her very focused, and she tends to chow down on much bigger portions than her friends.

Fat Characters

  • Supermegatopia:
    • Hyper Hippo. Like most speedsters, she has to eat a lot to fuel her powers; unlike most speedsters, she does store the extra energy as body fat (she is an anthropomorphic hippopotamus).
    • There's also the gluttonous canine sorceress Red Stephie from the side comic Crushed: The Doomed Kitty Adventures.
    • Mad Scientist Dr. Nesbit displays a huge appetite for donuts during her stint in the Weasel Boy comics, where her current "evil plan" is using a machine that drains energy from the city's power grid and converts it into donuts. She causes several city-wide blackouts in the process of creating small mountains of donuts, which she eats singlehandedly, visibly packing on poundage as a result of her gluttonous indulgence. True to form, as a Mad Scientist, she brushes off an observer's comments about her weight, assuring them it's a temporary side effect that will be undone when the donuts revert to energy... completely ignoring that fat cells are created to store energy for the body's use.
  • Youko from Muertitos and Tsugumi from Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy. Both comics are drawn by the same author, who has an admitted preference for fat chicks.
  • Legrakix from My Roommate Is an Elf can eat two or three times what a human being can eat.
  • Ana and Bree from Kurami. Bree is known to take "all-you-can-eat" to extremes, while one Halloween strip has Ana buy a massive pile of candy only to admit it's all for herself.
  • Shannon from Bloody Urban. Has been known to clear out entire vending machines in minutes, and has eaten classmates whole as a child. Though he was forced to let them out afterwards.
  • Stump from Beyond the Canopy is nearly always depicted with food in hand.
  • Bridgette's Belly: Excluding pregnancies, Bridgette does tend to fluctuate between a little chubby to a much more heavyset frame, at least in the early strips.
  • Emerald Jaegar, from Heartcore, is shown ordering food for at least three people, then eating it all herself.
  • In Sinfest, Squidley. Then, he is a pig. And it fills the existential angst stemming from the emptiness of life.
  • In Rusty and Co., Madeline the Paladin orders three dozen pizzas for Cube.
  • Tim of Looking for Group got sick and puked his lunch... which turned out to be a live oryx.
  • In Zeus' Godly Goodtime, Fat Princess' gluttony gets the better of her when she eats King Dedede's birthday cake. Evidently, she didn't learn her lesson, because she then goes on to eat Sweet Tooth's ice cream.
  • Jeremy from Split Screen. Eats as a coping mechanism. Weight fluctuated through the comic's run, but was never below "pudgy" - save for flashbacks.
  • From The Whiteboard, while Doc being a nearly seven foot tall polar bear would make most realize he doesn't eat petite meals, once he ate an entire deep-fried, full-size walrus.
  • A fat squirrel in The Petri Dish eats an awful lot.

It's Impossible to Tell

  • Professor North Dakota Jones of Irregular Webcomic!, who has been known to order for two at all-you-can-eat restaurants and can go on about food for hours given the opportunity. You can't tell which heading he's under because he's Built with LEGO and thus appears to have exactly the same build as every other character in the "Cliffhangers!" theme.
  • Princess Kaira from Restaurante Macoatl switches from being chubby to being thin depending on the storyline.
  • As with her animated counterpart, Pinkie Pie from Slice of Life eats impossibly huge amounts of patries, baked goods, and sweets, but never gains any appreciable weight over other ponies.
    Pinkie Pie: "Betcha I can eat three cakes at once!"
    Pumpkin Cake: "You're on!"
  • It's mentioned that a lot of the people in the agency in Manly Guys Doing Manly Things are this, to the point it's deconstructed: they've run so many all-you-can-eat restaurants out of town that the Commander and Ganondorf beg Jonesy not to tell the rest of the guys about the one they're currently at. It's placed in this category because there's people of both types in the agency.
  • Dazzle from Diamond and Dazzle will eat any kind of sweets, even if he's already full. Needless to say, his weight has fluctuated since the comic began.
  • The small, round but not chubby-seeming, furry blobs called "peeves" from one strip of The Petri Dish can eat things bigger than them.
  • Rowan and Murphy from Boy and Dog are both average-sized and both love their food. Rowan apparently has two breakfasts, brunch, and elevensies, while despite pretending not to be hungry, Murphy likes food as well.
  • After only two adventures, it is evident that the knight protagonist from Legend of Legendary Mighty Knight is primarily motivated by food. The knight crushes some brigands so that they can eat an entire banquet themself (that was meant for someone else, no less).


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