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Thin Characters

  • Chocolatey from Brawl of the Objects. She loves candy so much, that she could just burst.
  • DSBT InsaniT: White Killer Eels aren't as voracious as Sushi, but they still have a nasty appetite.
  • Gaston loves to eat throughout The Gaston Trilogy, mentioning food at least twice in every single section, with the third being entirely about him trying to obtain Taco Bell.
  • Deandra from The Most Popular Girls in School, exhibit A to your right. She eats $57.28 worth of food in her lunch. Her menu there is an Overly Long Gag in itself.
    Deandra: Can I have a hotdog?... Lemme get some tater tots. Oh, and, also, a slice of pepperoni pizza, and, also a basket of jalapeno poppers, and some chicken nuggets, a ketchup boat, three potato pancakes, a creamsicle, two quesadillas, a bread loaf, side of ranch, some pixie sticks, taco salad, an order of ribs, aaaAnd a Diet Coke- no. Strawberry shake. No! Diet Coke. NO! Both.
    Lunch Lady Belinda: That is gonna be one huge shit.
    • Fun Fact: This trope even applies to Carlo Moss (the VA of Deandra) himself. According to a "Live In The Bathroom" livestream video, Lily says that when they went to a buffet, Carlo got eleven full plates for himself.
  • RWBY has Ruby, a teenage speedster with a a major Sweet Tooth and a killer metabolism, demonstrated in the first episode when she eats an entire plate of cookies offered to her in only a few seconds. She repeats the feat five volumes later with a plate of sandwiches prepared by Jaune's sister Saphron and her wife Terra, scarfing down sandwich after sandwich. There's also Nora, who inhales entire pancakes and drinks maple syrup straight from the bottle.
    • All of the main characters early in Season 3 order bowls of noodles roughly the size of their entire torsos. Blake's also has several huge fish stacked on top of the noodles. Each of them finishes their entire bowl, and have contented expressions like that was just enough food to fill them up. Except for Jaune. He looks (and sounds) like he’s about to throw up. Later in Season 5 they cook a giant pot of ramen (specifically meant for a party of several adults) and eat the whole thing themselves. The combination of rigorous Huntsmen training and teenage growth spurts is probably to blame for it.

Fat Characters