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Big Eater / Puppet Shows

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Thin Characters

  • Eureeka's Castle has Emma which is funny, since not only is she a small mouse, but she is smaller than the main characters.
  • The puppet for Jacques Chirac in Les Guignols de l'info is portrayed as a Big Eater, always willing to devour large quantities of food. This is an exaggeration of the real-life Jacques Chirac, who has nonetheless the reputation of a healthy appetite.
  • The Funday Pawpet Show's Hugh Manatee is always looking for mass quantities of chalupas. From the 420 show... "The Heart Attack Grill".
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  • Animal on The Muppet Show is both a Big Eater and an Extreme Omnivore.
  • In Thunderbirds, the eldest Tracy son Scott has next to no self-control when it comes to his beloved apple pie.

Fat Characters

  • The Letter People: If it's not enough that Mister M's sound is "Munching Mouth", his song cements his status this way as he lists foods starting with M that he loves to eat. And if that's still not enough, his introductory episode had him at a market, eating foods beginning with M, making a mess.
  • Sesame Street: Cookie Monster. "ME WANT COOKIE!!!!!"


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