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  • Antimony from Gunnerkrigg Court finds herself on the receiving end of this three separate times (some less successful than others).
  • Girl Genius. Happens a lot. Some examples.
    • Zeetha pulls this off with characteristic flair...and a bit of fortunate coverage.
    • And again in the very next strip with just about everyone else — this time featuring a heaping helping of "What did I miss?"
  • Gwynn (of all people) actually pulls one of these off in this Sluggy Freelance strip.
    • There's a much bigger one in the Vampires storyline, when Riff, Bun-bun, Aylee and Kiki head to save Torg and Zoë from vampires. Delays caused by Bun-bun and the others cause them to arrive in the nick of time too, though they had several days to start with. Played only partly straight in the end, as Torg and Zoë end up killing the most important vampires themselves, albeit only enabled to do so by the help.
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  • No Rest for the Wicked: just as the Witch is about to shove November into the oven, Red arrives.
  • Pulled twice by different characters in this Order of the Stick strip, plus lampshaded:
    Bozzok: Damn it!!! How do the good guys keep DOING that????
    Belkar: Trade secret.
    • Belkar has one moment when he is cured from the curse that left him half-comatose for several weeks of comics.
    Belkar: Back me up and I'll cut a path through these guys. Wait, did I say "path"? I mean a five-lane blacktop highway with a two-lane service road - and I'm packin' a fist full of tokens and a radar detector.
  • Tedd in El Goonish Shive pulls a non-violent one.
    • Not to mention a more violent one at the end of the Sister II arc from Nanase
  • "Rejoice, for very bad things are about to happen."
  • In Ctrl+Alt+Del, Rory does this for Ethan by means of a Dynamic Entry.
    • Also here, when Ethan saves Lilah from the Xbot. Slightly subverted in that the Xbot then attacks him.
  • 8-Bit Theater has the following:
    • Black Mage returning as Hellking and banishing Lich to Hell.
    • Red Mage slaying Ur from the inside right before the apocalypse started.
    • Dragoon killing Muffin as she had Thief in her hand.
    • And finally...White Mage and 3 other white mages killing Chaos.
  • Invoked in Buttlord GT, where Buttlord gets to the battle on time, but refuses to interfere until his allies are half-dead.
  • Just when it looked like Sixx was lost to Butterfly and Trina, Ginger and Laura break into subspace, which should have been impossible for the latter. Ginger takes out Trina, and Laura gives Sixx a Cooldown Hug, giving her the strength to withstand Butterfly's assault.
  • Several of these in The Water Phoenix King have been subverted or ambiguous (everyone chasing around in the tunnels in Chapter 1, the anticlimactic fight in the clearing in Chapter 2) but when Gilgam and the Commander finally arrive at the inn just in time to give the magic-users cover enough to repair their defenses at the conclusion of "Pride of the North" it's classic, and Book 4 takes it up to 11 when Anthem and Vish are the only ones left to go try to rescue all the real warriors from the Temple...CMOA, bringing a lot of themes full-circle there.
  • Tower of God
    • First happened when Ho attempted to murder Rachel. While ranting about dealing out justice in God's stead to her, Quant, the test administrator, appears.
      "A mere Regular acting on the behalf of God? What impudence! The god of this testing area is ME!"
    • When Anak and Androssi get beaten to near-death by Ren and things are really getting ugly, Yuri shows up and saves the day with her finger flicks of doom.
    • Just when Rapdevil is about to kill Prince, Kang Horyang appears and beats the shit out of the Da'an Guard and RD.
  • Yo-Jin-Bo has its own moment of the heroes saving the other half of the heroes. Sayori trips and falls as she and Muneshige are running to first escape the castle. The ninjas have her surrounded and are about to kill her. Enter five wise-cracking heroes. Those poor ninjas never regain their competence.
  • In the "Armadeaddon" story-arc in Penny Arcade, it looks like Gabe and Tycho are about to be overrun by the zombie horde when they are saved by Fruit Fucker! Fruit Fucker: Make Fruit Your Bitch. And stopping a zombie apocalypse is part of its programming—Code Omega.
    Fruit Fucker has joined the party!
  • In All Manner Of Bad the hideout was attacked while half the group was away retrieving family and loved ones. One of those characters made an end of the world plan with his wife that included zombies. Upon their return he and his wife open fire on the huge horde of zombies attacking their hideout (and former workplace). Partially subverted in the last panel as their self-proclaimed bad assitude is wittily rebutted.
  • Occurs in Far Out There when Sophia and Claire finally respond to Ichabod's call for help.
    • Seen again when Tabitha saves Bridget and Alphonse from Santa.
  • In Endstone, Kyri intervenes to prevent slaughtering higher animals (Little Bit Beastly humans).
  • In Zokusho Comics just as a goblin sorcerer is about blow up a ten year old, Jin comes out of nowhere and twists the goblin's head around 180 degrees.


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