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Big Damn Heroes / Music

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  • This is the core theme of the Coasters' novelty song "Along Came Jones" (written by Lieber and Stoller).
  • The free-runner in the "It's Not My Time" video cuts his Big Damn Heroes moment extremely close.
  • Skillet - Hero - "A Hero's gonna save me just in time...."
    • And that hero is Jesus Christ himself. Doesn't get any better than that!
  • Nate Dogg rolls up and shoots Warren G's would-be robbers just in time in "Regulate".
  • My Chemical Romance's video for their hit singles, Na Na Na and SING both held such moments. Unfortunately, neither of them turned out well for the good guys.
  • In the Story of Evil fan song "Daughter of Vengeance," Meiko is ambushed by one of Rin's soldiers. Luckily, Kaito, who is leading The Cavalry, arrives just in time to slay him with an arrow.
  • The second half of Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris when Jack saves Joe after he's injured.
  • Sabaton's song Winged Hussars, about the arrival of the Winged Hussars of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the Battle of Vienna. For more details, see the second entry on the Real Life page.