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  • The Firefly fanfic Forward has a very plausible version of this develop between Jayne and River, after they end up relying on one another to survive and escape being tortured by Niska.
  • Yang, of course, has this throughout Ruby and Nora. Though she knows Ruby can take care of herself, and puts all of her faith in her when Ruby is in a dangerous fight, if Ruby is held captive or threatened, the bad guys get hurt...badly.
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  • Katiya of the Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch fic The Warmth of a Sister's Love goes to quite a few great lengths to save her little sister Kyla when she is caught by fishermen, beginning with swimming all the way to Japan to get help from Lucia and her friends.
  • Uriel Dolheb Sohryu in the Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic Nobody Dies has this towards Asuka Langley Sohryu, given that she's his adopted sister and he feels compelled to protect her and make her happy, even if he has absolutely no idea how to do it beyond giving Shinji the If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... speech. His Big Brother Instinct also extends to Asuka's half-sister Mari Illustrious Makinami, to the point where her attempts to flirt with him fly completely over his head.
  • Once More with Feeling: Shinji returns to the past knowing Rei is his sister and instantly becomes very protective from her. When someone asks him about it, he tells Rei is like a sister he did not know he had (which is actually accurate).
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  • Do not threaten Kanae in front of Kyon in Kyon: Big Damn Hero. Do not try and kill Kyon once he's done teaching you why you shouldn't attack Kanae. She may not be his little sister, but he treats her like one.
  • In The Wizard in the Shadows, Boromir and Aragorn see Harry as a little brother, Aragorn in particular. In the sequel, Boromir outright refers to Harry as a little brother, and spectacularly tears into a guardsman who mocks Harry. As he tells Aragorn, that is something he will not let past.
    • Harry sort of has this with Emrys.
  • In Child of the Storm, Lex Luthor does not tolerate anyone harassing Carol Danvers, being her self-appointed Knight Templar Big Brother, even though she can handle herself better in a fight than he can (especially by the sequel). The last person who refused to take no for an answer was put on a one-way flight to Guantanamo Bay, a flight that only turned around once he swore on his life never to go near Carol again. Of course, it's noted that this has some unpleasant side effects, to put it mildly.
    • Harry tends to take this attitude to anyone he feels needs protecting, such as Luna Lovegood, as the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and HYDRA found out, and Bobby Drake, as his older brother found out. Having gone through a growth spurt, he's the size of an average man at 13/14 with lots of growth left in him, is being trained in martial arts by Clint, Steve and Sean Cassidy and he isn't shy of wandlessly conjuring fireballs to emphasise his point and as of Chapter 70, he seems to have got the hang of his Psychic Powers, to the point of qualifying as a Person of Mass Destruction. By the sequel, he's a fully fledged Apocalypse Maiden with a nasty temper. Really, he's not someone that most want to annoy.
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    • Carol has this towards Diana, who, though tiny by comparison, could probably tear her in half, whereas Carol is a Badass Normal. That said, Carol is noticeably and unconsciously protective of the younger girl, who doesn't seem to mind. Quite the opposite, in fact.
      • She's also very protective of her little brothers.
    • Jean Grey is described as being 'big sister to the world', and is particularly protective of Harry and later, Maddie, the latter of whom she says that she'd take on the entire universe for. Since she is with the exception of her twin, Maddie Pryor the most powerful mortal psychic ever born - and by the end of the first book, realises it - and for all her warm and caring nature, has the family temper, this is not something to be taken lightly. In Ghosts of the Past, when in a debriefing interview with Coulson, she makes it clear that she does not trust SHIELD (what with how easily HYDRA managed to hide within), and that if they even breathe the wrong way towards Harry or Maddie, she will personally bring the entire organisation down around his ears.
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia's Fanon, it's a known fact that America is protective of his twin brother Canada. Sometimes, he's portrayed as an over-protective brother whenever another nation is interested in Canada.
    • There was this one story (based on Vocaloid's "Servant of Evil" series), where Russia had killed Canada, mistaking him for America. Bad move, as America promptly declares war on Russia.
    • It also works the other way around. In a lot of fics, if America is hurt or captured, Canada is the one to rush to his rescue, in the most badass ways possible.
    • It goes the same way with Russia and his two sisters Ukraine and Belarus. There was this one story where Ukraine had mysteriously vanished, Russia believing that America was the one doing it ( He didn't) grabbed him by the throat and for all measures, was perfectly willing to rip America's head if it would bring his sister back.
    • In the fanfiction Awakening, America and Canada both act as big brother figures and protectors to the children being kept by Joseph Mengle. Given how history went, itreally ends badly. Until the end, when it's revealed that they did inspire at least two of the surviving kids to keep going until their lives got better. Aw!
    • If they're not shipped together, it's possible that England may take this role for America instead.
    • If Scotland isn't portrayed as an abusive bastard, it's possible he's portrayed as this for England, Same goes for North Korea, towards South Korea. The latter is to be especially expected in fan-fics about their childhood.
  • In the Batman fic The Choice of Family, it was inverted when Tim and Damian angrily called out Jason for putting Dick in danger and having him end up at the hospital. But it was played straight in the sequel Antidote for the Poison where Jason was furious when he found out Tim was injected with a dangerous amount of heroin by some drug dealers. When he cornered said drug dealer, who knows what he might have done if Damian wasn't there.
    "You took my little brother, tied him up, pumped him full of heroin, and left him to die in this shit hole. Now I ask you: do you think I have the slightest bit of remorse about cutting you open and letting your guts decorate the floor?"
    • Jason also openly acknowledges Tim and Damian as his younger brothers and brings Damian safely home after he and Damian go out to get the drug dealers.
  • In the Young Justice fanfic Of Monsters and Men, 13-year-old Robin aka Dick Grayson is nearly raped by a human trafficker while Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Speedy are tied up hand and foot unable to do anything other than listening helplessly in utter fury. When Dick gets frightened enough to start screaming in fear, Wally manages to literally vibrate his molecules through his restraints, Flash Step to Robin, rip the would-be rapist of him and subject him to a Groin Attack and get his friend the hell out of dodge.Robin is the youngest of his friends and all three of them, especially Wally are very protective of him.
  • An odd goblin example of this trope (though with the sister being the protective one) can be found in Travels Through Azeroth and Outland.
  • Raonar, the Guile Hero dwarven prince in Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns develops some advanced protective tendencies towards the dwarven commoner, Faren, as evident when the former finds the latter trapped in his worst nightmare during the Broken Circle questline in the Fade. The resolution with the sloth demon can be seen as a partial subversion, however, because it's Faren himself who, ultimately, curbstomps the demon before the protagonist sends him over to Justice to be dealt with properly.
  • A female example in The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn is Cynder towards Ember. Ember is slightly younger than her, but is very childish and naive. Despite the fact Ember has her characteristic crush on Spyro (though in this case, it's due to being to socially naive to realize Cynder and Spyro are mates), Cynder ends up having this mentality towards her, even describing her as being like "an annoying little sister" at one point. This makes hurting Ember in front of Cynder one of her Berserk Buttons, which Cyros finds out the hard way when she performs a Break the Cutie on Ember and gets her kidnapped. Cynder reacts violently.
  • Almost named in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as one of its chapters (but it uses the word "reflex" instead of "instinct"). Link is rather protective of Medli because she reminds him of his little sister. First, he saves her from falling off the edge of a spiral path in the Aviary, despite her having wings. He claims that he does this a lot because his sister enjoys playing on a lookout. Next, he immediately runs to Medli's aid after the wind causes her to crash into a cliff. Additionally, he bandages her sprained wing, which he got used to after his sister ran into a wall.
  • Fanon often have Gaara and Kankuro of Naruto threatening Shikamaru in Shika/Tema Fanfics or any other Fics that involve Temari getting hooked up with someone. They're technically little brothers as Temari is the Eldest Sibling.
    • It also doesn't help that Gaara is in fact the Kazekage, which means he has some authority over Temari. To which he abuses or at least attempts to abuse said authority.
  • Kakashi's Kid, a Naruto fic, has a notable female example. The older of Kakashi's children, Kana, seems to emit killing intent whenever her younger brother's feelings are hurt.
    • So far, the main examples have stopped a kidnapping attempt and directed unfriendly eyes toward Kana, instead.
  • In the Death Note fanfic Xanatos, Matt shows this toward Linda, most notably in chapter 3.
  • In Harry's New Home, the normally law-abiding Percy snaps when he finds out that someone tried to use the Cruciatus Curse on Ron.
  • In For Good, Buzz has a very serious Berserk Button in his adopted little sis.
  • A common motif in Sherlockian fanfiction is Dr. Watson being veeery protective of Sherlock Holmes (a canonical truth, but one that gets emphasized in fics). The Deliver Us From Evil Series is a good example of this, giving Watson a troperiffic role in Mortality (Badass Boast, Berserk Button, Darker and Edgier, Deadly Doctor, Earn Your Happy Ending, The Hero/The Leader, Heroic Vow, Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!, Violence Is the Only Option, and You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry). Those criminals really should not have messed with Holmes... which proves that if they do, the end result is not pretty. Smith found that one out the hard way. Way to go, Smith.
  • Twins Elladan and Elrohir from The Lord of the Rings are often shown to be this towards their younger adopted brother Aragorn, as seen in fics like The Roots of Evil or Visions of Betrayal. Their Berserk Button is if any harm comes to Aragorn and they are merciless to anyone who dares hurt their little brother.
  • In the Doctor Who fanfic Time and Space, Zanna Sterling is just about ready to drop everything and go after Garrett when he goes into a cemetery where a couple of guys have gone missing. Why did those guys go missing? Because a Weeping Angel was living there.
  • The Powers of Harmony: When Shining Armor sees a weakened Twilight dueling Trixie in Chapter 25, he remembers his training telling him to never charge into a situation without proper understanding of it first... then ignores it, because as he puts it:
    "No one picks on my little sister."
  • Like in South Park canon, Kenny McCormick is incredibly protective of his little sister Karen in The Ballad Of Stoot And Argyle, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness. This instinct becomes even stronger when Kenny thinks anyone might be interested in Karen romantically.
    Karen: My brother says the older boys are off-limits. They're not… he says none of them will be interested in relationships, per se.
  • Like in Danny Phantom canon, Danny is very caring towards and protective of Danielle in fanon, especially in The Return Of Dani Phantom or Facing the Future Series, where she is Happily Adopted by the Fentons and goes from self-proclaimed cousin to his actual little sister.
  • Weirdly played with in the Reading Rainbowverse. The character that acts this way to Octavia is actually her split personality.
  • In The Hunger Games fanfic Some Semblance of Meaning, Vale exhibits a Big Sister Instinct for not only her four younger siblings but for her district partner Kit, as well. Typically, Vale is a Shrinking Violet, but if someone tries to hurt Kit, it's a good reminder of why one ought to Beware the Nice Ones.
  • Through The Well Of Pirene has three counts of this of the female version of this trope. The protagonist Daphne vows to rescue her little sister Amelia, and later in the story, Rarity and Applejack are dead set on saving their their own little sisters, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom respectively.
  • Turnabout Storm: Cruise Control, who has so far been a total doof, turns dead serious for a few seconds to tell Apple Bloom that big brothers always care for their siblings, perplexing Twilight. Turns out he follows this to a T, as he was perfectly willing to go through with Ace Swift's blackmailing and become a loser if it meant his little comatose sister getting the medical care she needed.
  • Lord Tydal in The God Squad. He is Celestia and Luna's older brother who raised them when they were fillies. He held Discord off to give the alicorns time to wield the Elements of Harmony, which caused him to turn to stone as well as Discord. When he reawakens 1,500 years later, he picks up right where he left off, despite Celestia and Luna now being adults.
  • Erik in Tenebris Lux is very protective of his adopted younger brother Luc, and is willing to do anything to keep him safe and happy. Luc, for his part, has a raging little brother instinct — so much as look at his beloved older brother wrong and be prepared to duck the sword being swung at your head.
  • Ace Attorney fanon tends to portray Edgeworth like this for Franziska, particularly if a fic has them both raised in the same household by Manfred von Karma, as children. In some cases, Franziska might be like this for Edgeworth, despite being younger.
  • Free! fanon usually has Rin, who's normally an Aloof Big Brother, secretly be very protective of his little sister Gou.
  • In the Rise of the Guardians story Guardian of Light, the main character, Helen, is this to her two younger siblings, Jamie and Sophie. This quote from the third chapter pretty much sums up how protective she is over them:
    Jamie: "She's our sister! And she'll kick your butt if you go near us! One time, when I was getting picked on by some bullies, she tore a plank of wood off the fence and chased them away with it!"
    Helen: "Jamie, we almost went two years without ever mentioning that."
  • The Megamind & Rise of the Guardians crossover story Protectors by the same author as the above has Rikki, the elder sister of Roxanne, who is not only protective over her sister, but the other kids as well, especially Teal (Megamind). During the story, it's realized that Wayne's (Metro Man) father and her mother have been conspiring to turn poor Teal into a villain with Wayne as the hero. When Rikki comes face to face with them both, she's not happy.
    Rikki: "Despicable villain?! He's just a child! He may look different, but that doesn't make him a monster! You're the monster, you racist, bigoted bastard!" (punches him, hard enough to knock over)
    • She then yells at her mother, but refrains from hitting her. That is, until her mother goes for Roxanne. Then she's on the floor with Wayne's father.
    • Jack Frost is this as well in the story, although he doesn't get quite so... violent.
  • In Field Of Innocence, Lu Ten has this for his little cousins, Zuko and Azula, who both see him as an older brother. When he finds out Ozai has been abusing them during training, the normally sweet and kind prince gets scary.
    Lu Ten: (after slamming Ozai against a wall) Now you listen to me, Uncle, and listen good. If you hurt either one of those kids again, if you say anything to make them feel bad, if you so much as look at them wrong, I will face you in an Agni Kai and I will break and humiliate you in front of the entire court. I don't care who you are. I don't care if our family is watching. I'll hold nothing back, I will destroy you!
  • In Mega Man Reawakened, Robert is protective of Roll, and doesn't want her to make the same mistakes he did.
  • Maxwell and Grue use this common attribute towards their own sisters to start trusting each other.
  • This, along with Promotion to Parent and Don't Split Us Up, form the base of the story Family.
  • In Home Is Where The Haunt Is, Dipper takes it upon himself to confront Mr. Mason when he thinks the latter may be harming his sister. Mr. Mason doesn't miss the opportunity to tease him for it.
  • In Never Had A Friend Like Me , Timmy develops this towards Amanda Adams. He starts thinking of horrible things to do to her parents.
  • Street Sharks Redux has quite a lot of Character Development in regards to how the protagonists care for and look out for one another. Ripster, as the oldest and Team Dad worries about all of them, and the oldest three are noted as being especially driven to look out for Slammu. This makes it even worse for them when he's kidnapped and experimented on some more.
  • Seven Days Survivor has Midori develop one for Nanako, thanks to shared personal experiences (both had their mothers die at a young age), and Midori resolved to help out Nanako as best she could. How this will affect Yu's canonical feelings has yet to be seen.
  • Land Before Time Retold: Gender-flipped; Aylene develops this to the rest of the gang, especially Littlefoot. In one chapter of Great Valley Adventure Retold, as soon as Littlefoot's head goes under the sinking sand, Aylene personally jumps right into the sand and pulls his head up before having the others pull them out.
  • Bart Simpson Attorney At Law: 17 years into the future, the Simpsons siblings are still close knit and don't take kindly to those threatening them.
    • Maggie is the younger sister, but she doesn't appreciate Jessica gloating about sleeping with Bart.
    • Lisa is not happy with Bart having anything to do with Jessica Lovejoy, and yanked Burns by the collar and yelled at him when he intially refused to make a life-saving blood donation to Bart.
    • Bart was not happy when Jeremy involved Maggie in his blackmailing scheme.
  • In Catch Your Breath, Keisuke Gekko acts as this for her younger brother Hayate. Since this is a Naruto fanfic and Hayate's role is to be the Sacrificial Lamb for the Chunin Exam Arc, Kei has a tendency to fixate on her brother's safety to the point of risking a partial Tailed Beast transformation when he's kidnapped.
  • In the Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic Build Your Wings on the Way Down, Edward is very protective of Nina and Al. He tries to spend as much time with her as possible to keep her away from her father. To Hughes' surprise, Ed is very patient and understanding with Nina. He beats the crap out of her horrible father and faces the Gate just for the chance to save her.
  • Weiss Reacts: Yang and Winter, towards Ruby and Weiss respectively. And the former has it towards Weiss as well. Just ask the poor Grimm who attempted to kill Weiss.
  • In Professor Layton fanfic Bonds Left Unbroken, Desmond is fiercely protective of Hershel, especially concerning Targent.
  • The Bridge shows us Xenilla has an odd relationship with his "little brother" Godzilla Junior. They might be enemies and Junior hates Xenilla's guts, but if anyone except Xenilla threatens or tries to kill Junior, Xenilla will do everything he can to utterly destroy them. King Sombra learned this the hard way. note 
  • In the Arrow Next-Gen Fic series Legacy, Oliver and Felicity's son is fiercely protective of his little sister. "I’d do a lot for that kid," he says. "Anything that was right and a lot of things that were wrong."
  • Street Sharks Redux has all of the brothers fiercely protective of each other, but they're especially inclined to protect Slammu, the youngest. This is one of the reasons it's especially painful for them when he ends up Brainwashed and Crazy and they have to fight him.
  • Aftermath of the Games has several examples
    • Both Shining Armor's are this to their respective Twilight. Puppy Spike even stated that their Shining Armor tried to train him to attack any boy that comes near Twilight. Though, in Pony!Armor's case, it's more to protect jerks from what an enraged Twilight would do to them. In Human Shining Armor's case, he's very protective of his world's Twilight because he and Cadance took custody of her after their parents died in a drunk-driving accident.
    • Like her pony counterpart, Human Cadence cares deeply for her Twilight. She destroys Cinch's career and reputation for blackmailing her sister-in-law, used her position as Dean of Crystal Prep to protect her from bullies, and guards her with a baseball bat after she was nearly kidnapped by the Changelings.
    • Applejack and Apple Bloom, after a while, develop this for Sunset when she adopted into the Apple family. They decide to spend the night with her when they find out about her post-Fall Formal nightmares.
    • Adagio Dazzle can't live without her sisters. When all three of them get kidnapped by the Changelings for their powers, she's the only one who doesn't fall into Stockholm Syndrome and manages to escape after several months. Afterwards, she heads back to Canterlot and is willing to make a deal with the Rainbooms to get them out.
  • In Stars from Home, Scott is immediately protective of Alex and has been this way since childhood. Alex eventually becomes the same way about Scott. Each considers himself the older brother. They both behave this way towards Ororo.
    • They're all protective from exterior threats, but consider each other fair game. Especially Alex and Scott.
  • Advice and Trust: Asuka and Shinji's feelings for Rei are... complicated, but they are incredibly protective of her. Both of them have said that they care about her almost as much as they care about each other, and one of the fastest ways to piss them off is to hurt her.
  • Susanoo is very protective of Tsukuyomi in Infinity (though she's technically older than him). Chrono acts the same way for Fate, but he's a lot more low key about it.
  • GF Serendipity: Stan. Despite being justifiably angry that his brother abandoned him for ten years, he still decides to check on him after hearing he's gone missing and clocks Bill Cipher when he has possessed Ford.
  • The Sanctuary Telepath: John acts like this towards Janine, despite her being the older one by two years. Janine does the same with him and Helen, then there's James, who is older than all of them... It's basically a big mess of everyone being protective.
  • Nanosuits And Soul Magic: Alcatraz has this towards team RWBY, especially towards Ruby, who reminds him of his little sister. His response to the White Fang kidnapping them and planning to broadcast their execution? Sneak into the facility, stealth-killing every White Fang member he comes across, and break Yang's chains. The sheer cold-bloodedness of how he acted upsets Ruby a lot.
  • In Mall Rats, a Loud House fanfic, Leni takes Lincoln on a surprisingly enjoyable outing at the mall, when it gets interrupted when a bunch of jocks start bullying Lincoln. Leni, though slow to pick up on the bullying, eventually steps in, but the bullies don't pay her any mind.
    Leni: You guys are bullying him.
    Leni: You three better take your hands off him and leave him alone.
    (the bullies keep ignoring her)
  • In the Dragon Age: Inquisition AU fic series Twice Upon An Age, this is how Mahanon behaves toward Victoria. His da'vhenan ("little heart") is arguably the most important person in the world to him, and there are repeated instances of his determination to protect her. (Dorian treats her very similarly, though a little less intensely because they haven't been through as much together as Mahanon and Victoria have.)
  • The Differentverse: Limestone may be a grouch, but she's very protective of Marble, specifically warning Twilight and Moondancer not to cause any trouble for her when she has to share their train compartment.
  • How The Light Gets In: The entire concept is mused on by Laurel Lance, as she reflects on the responsibilities of an older sibling, and the things she, Oliver, and Dean have done for their younger siblings.
  • Dreaming of Sunshine: Shikamaru is quite protective towards his younger twin sister Shikako. So far, he intimidated Sasuke into guilt when the Uchiha harmed her under the Cursed Seal's influence, plans to take down Itachi for mind-raping her and even stood his ground against a god when it possessed her.
  • In The Second Try, we have -of all people- Rei, who becomes very protective of a young girl named Aki Ikari that got separated from her parents, to the point of trying to keep her safe from armed JSSDF soldiers that mistook her for a second generation EVA pilot. This relationship carries over to the sequel, where she argued with Aki's parents about enrolling her in preschool, fearing that the environment she grew up in might make it difficult for her to get along with the other kids (and on Aki's first day, she waited outside the school, just in case).
  • In The Ultimate Evil and its sequel, The Stronger Evil, one of the quickest ways to push the bookworm Valerie Payne to act is Jade's life endangered. She will face everyday crooks and the Demon Sorcerers, ally with Shendu who desires her or Shendu's and her son Drago, or even offer herself to Shendu against the other heroes' wishes if it can guarantee Jade's safety.
  • In Tales of the Abyss What If? fic Reflections Asch becomes this to Luke, from managing to get to Luke in an improbable ammount of time after he gets warped to the other side of the world to when he locks Luke up and almost sacrifices himself at the Tower of Rem just so the other could survive.
  • Big Hero 6 Fanon holds Tadashi Hamada for the perfect Nice Guy until someone breaths wrong in Hiro's general direction. Then Tadashi switches in "gonna commit MURDER with extreme prejudice and won't regret anything" mode.
  • Sylvia the Sylveon:
    • Moondancer, one of Sylvia's brothers, is this to Sylvia before he leaves and during both of their reunions.
    • After Sylvia nearly dies of hunger, her brother Bolt gives her the food she needs, then allows her to stay with him and his family forever, although she only stays for a week due to wanting to return home before deciding what to do.
    • In an inverted case, Sylvia fits this trope when she saves Alseides and Konoha from being beaten up by their trainers.
  • In Professor Layton and the Mystery of Stone, Luke's dynamic with Flora is flipped around, with her being the one worrying over his safety (being furious that Luke's being bullied at his new school in America and being willing to pay any price if the villain of the story will stop hurting Luke, for example). Interestingly, the story also features Clive in his Fanon role as protective older brother figure to both Flora and Luke, even being willing to strangle the villain of the story when they hold Luke hostage and only backing off because they pull out a knife.
  • Jaune's eldest sister, Sky Knight General Carolina Arc, from thenote  Fusion Fic Rise of a Star Knight, and its sequel Knights of Remnant: The Ring of Darkness. Glynda nervously tells team RWBY that she is quite protective of her family, especially Jaune, and when Yang asks why that is a problem, Glynda simply tells her to imagine what she would do if she were in Carolina's place and Ruby was in Jaune'sspoilers... . Yang concludes that they're in trouble.
  • Much as in canon, Hawke is extremely protective of Bethany in the Skyhold Academy Yearbook series. This even extends to In-Universe fictional portrayals of her, such as in the noir story written by two of Varric's students, where her price for agreeing to help the detectives with their case is that they have to provide her sister with protection. Dorian behaves the same way toward Evvy, who is "the sister I never had."
  • In Supergirl fanfic Hellsister Trilogy, Clark Kent is incredibly protective of his younger cousin, to the point of getting into a fight with a not-good-enough-for-her suitor.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Iris is portrayed this way towards Axew, whom she considers a little brother. She's more than ready to beat the snot out of anybody who causes him harm in any way.
    • The three older Eevee Brothers, while veering a little into Knight Templar Big Brother territory, are very concerned with the well-being of their younger brother Mikey, and genuinely want him to succeed as a trainer and be happy.
  • Requiem for a Loud: Lynn, seeing her brother slowly die, becomes very protective of him. When Ronnie Anne punches Lincoln in a jealous rage, Lynn is not pleased, and gets into a fistfight with Ronnie to get her to leave-a fight that is only stopped by Lincoln's intervention.
  • Ladybug in a Half Shell: Having a younger sister himself, Casey has zero tolerance for ass-grabbing, having beaten up Johnny Smith (also known as "Johnny the Perv") every time he catches him trying it (especially on April).
  • In Thieves Can Be Heroes!, Makoto Niijima is this for her Childhood Friend, Izuku Midoriya, who is two years younger than her. When they were kids, she would protect him "like a lioness would her cubs" from bullies who wanted to poke fun at him for his Quirkless status. While he's more independent as a teenager, she still tries her best to help him through his troubled situation at Shujin, but is frustrated at the fact that he keeps her Locked Out of the Loop to keep her safe from the potential fallout if he fails to steal Kamoshida's heart.
  • Inverted in Series Thirty and Three Quarters, Rei has Genetically Engineered Cloned Little Sister Instinct towards Shinji, once she finds out that he is, genetically speaking, her brother, and that he hasn't been avoiding her due to finding out what she really is, but because he had a crush on her before finding out that she was his genetic sister/Opposite-Sex Clone, which made things a bit awkward.
    • In Episode 11 Part IV, her response to Asuka planning to make his life miserable is to tell her that, if she willingly and intentionally causes him any physical harm, Rei will kill her. She does this after pressing the elevator stop button so hard the control panel has cracks in it.
  • In Weight of the World Yang is this to Ruby, America and Canada are this to each other, and England and France are to Canada and America. Throughout the series, each sibling goes to great lengths to keep the other safe. One example is when England goes so far as to threaten Russia when Russia manipulates America into unlocking his Aura, claiming he will destroy Ivan if he hurts England's family again.
  • In Loved And Lost, an extended retelling of A Canterlot Wedding, Shining Armor — along with the princesses and Twilight's friends — is turned into a pariah and driven away from Canterlot by Prince Jewelius for unwittingly letting the Changeling invasion to occur. He soon attempts to reunite with Twilight along with the other dishonored heroes, both out of genuine concern and to make up for the way he renounced her at the wedding rehearsal for trying to help him. After the misled Twilight disowns Shining Armor for what he did to her, the revealed Big Bad announces that he shall marry Twilight to get powerful offspring. Shining Armor becomes enraged and tells him to stay away from Twilight.
    Shining Armor: [to Jewelius] YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY LITTLE SISTER!
  • In Karma In Retrograde, Touya Todoroki was always looking after his younger siblings, playing with Fuyumi and Natsuo as much possible to cheer them up for being neglected by their father. He'd also intentionally piss Endeavor off to deflect his attention from Shouto onto him, allowing Touya to face the brunt of his father's wrath in Shouto's place.
  • In To Hell and Back (Arrowverse), Barry, Kara and her baby cousin Kal-El arrive at Lian Yu shortly after Oliver. He becomes their big brother of sorts and he is extremely protective, to the point that he is willing to let himself be killed if it would guarantee his surrogate family's survival.
  • In Fractured Fates, Kaneki demonstrates Big Sister Instinct towards Asuna, doing whatever she can to protect her, despite the two being the same age and not actually related. She's even willing to risk being killed in order to prevent a murder plot against Asuna.
    • The end of Chapter 2 reveals Kaneki is actually a deconstruction of this trope. Kaneki had this towards her biological younger sister, Yuna, believing protecting a younger sibling was the biggest responsibility of an elder sibling. However, failing to live up to this belief come Yuna's death devastated Kaneki, leaving her in a state of deep remorse and grief. She would attempt to atone for her past failure by being a big sister figure towards Asuna, but Kaneki later discovered someone was plotting to murder the girl. Determined to live up to her belief and to prevent history from repeating itself, Kaneki confronted Asuna's would-be killer by herself, ultimately leading to her own murder.
  • Inverted in Juxtapose. Momo tends to treat Tamaki like a little brother despite being two years his junior due to his constant Shrinking Violet tendencies.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.)
    • Danny defends the KND from Cree, being reminded of how protective he is to Danielle.
    • Jazz's Big Sister Instinct kicks in when she notices how much Danny wants to avoid Katie from Animaniacs.
  • Played with in The Outside
    • This is Justified and deconstructed in the case of Satsuki and Ryuuko. For much of the story, the two only had each other, especially in light of their parents' separation and Soichiro's death. The deconstruction mostly happens because it's not that Satsuki was just protective of Ryuuko, it's that she's overprotective and motivated by fear because she's agoraphobic and, since she thinks the outside world is dangerous, she keeps the former isolated and confined indoors. Likewise, because the two had only each other, they're each other's Living Emotional Crutch, as Satsuki's the only family Ryuuko had known and Satsuki was alone otherwise.
    • Later,though they aren't related, we have Shiro playing this role to Ryuuko and Nui, as he protects and guides them, in a promoted to parent way.


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