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  • Occurs with (intentionally invoked) Unfortunate Implications in American Born Chinese: When the Chinese boy Jin starts to date his classmate Amelia Harris, an Anglo friend strongly urges Jin to stop, saying he wants her to "make good choices."
  • Batman: Dick Grayson's relationship with everyone he knows, him being on both ends. Be they a Titan, Leaguer or one of the Batfamily, Dick will make sure to get you messed up for harming them. Be they a Titan, Leaguer, or Bat, they will make sure to get you messed up for harming him. As Jason Todd found out, even if you're his brother, you do NOT hurt one of the other brothers... or his one his sisters for that matter.
    • Special mention to his relationship with Tim Drake, the third Robin and Dick's adopted little brother. One issue had Tim believed to have been killed by the Joker when a mass Arkham escape was in progress. Nightwing then beats the Joker to death with his bare hands, it didn't help that the Joker decided to bring up how he had also killed Jason Todd (the first of Nightwing's adopted little brothers). The Joker was just lucky Batman was around to revive him.
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    • And a second one to Dick's relationship with Batman's biological son Damian Wayne, who eventually softens up to Dick, though he probably wouldn't say it out loud.
    • Catwoman tends to be a female version of this whenever she acquires a female tagalong who's too old for this to be considered Mama Bear.
    • Kate Kane was this to her twin sister Beth, whose personality was meeker than Kate's. On one occassion Kate even beat up an older boy who was bullying her.
  • In Mega Robo Bros, whenever Freddy is threatened, Alez will immediately rush to his defense.
  • It’s a usually Downplayed Trope but Bruce Banner aka The Hulk still cares for his cousin Jeniffer Walters especially in his smart Hulk transformation in the John Bryne era. Hell Bruce saved Jeniffer’a life with a blood donation when she got shot and unintentionally made her incredibly badass.
    • There’s also the inverse Shulkie tends to believe she’s the only one who can reach her cousin when he’s on a Unstoppable Rage.
  • The Mighty Thor: Thor treated Loki this way in early flashbacks to their childhood; however, it only aggravated Loki's already raging inferiority complex, putting him on the path to villainy.
    • However, after Loki accidentally brought about the near-total destruction of Asgard, was killed in a last-ditch heroic sacrifice to save what was left (that may have been part of The Plan) and reincarnated as a kid with only his childhood memories, he appreciates this protection a lot, since the only reason most people in Asgard haven't killed him yet is because they know Thor would go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on them and the city if Loki is harmed.
      • Kid Loki seems to be similarly protective of Thor. During the Fear Itself event, he engages in dark dealings and agrees to restore the Ragnarok Cycle all to save Thor from being killed by The Serpent.
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    • Thor has always been like this towards Loki even when the latter was a villain. For better or for worse, Thor sees Loki as his responsibility. Thor will always foil Loki's evil plots and step in to save him from worse threats.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW):
    • In the first arc (Issues 1-4), Rarity and Applejack (normally Vitriolic Best Buds) are willing to go off by themselves to rescue their respective little sisters, when it seems that Twilight's overthinking will slow everything down.
      • Also, Rainbow Dash is fiercely protective of Scootaloo, even though (continuity-wise) the arc is set before their official bonding episode.
    • Celestia shows this towards Luna on a few occasions. It may be a small thing, like shielding her temporarily defeated little sister in the second arc (Issues 5-8) – or a full-on-power suicidal attack on her mirror-world Evil Counterpart, who hurt both versions of Luna (due to unexpected synchronization between the two worlds), in the seventh arc (Issues 17-20). She's only stopped by a magical barrier conjured up by Mirror!King Sombra.
  • Quicksilver is protective to the point of jealousy when it comes to his sister the Scarlet Witch. This is taken further in Ultimate Marvel.
  • It's complicated, but both Superman and Supergirl are this to each other (Supergirl is technically at least fifteen years older, but due to suspended animation shenanigans, Superman is a grown man while she's still a teenager).
    • In the Red Daughter of Krypton arc, Superman was NOT amused when he found out what his cousin had became a Red Lantern, and both Green and Red Lanterns were frightened of what he would do should he blame them. Later on, when one of Supergirl's enemies mentioned that he would go after her cousin after defeating her, she pounced on him and beat him.
    • In War World Superman is trying to find Supergirl, who has gone missing. When The Spectre -literally God's Wrath's embodiment- gets in his way, Superman tries to punch him. Superman is not prone to listen to reason if Kara is in danger.
    • In The Supergirl from Krypton, Superman is very overprotective of his long-lost, new-fond young cousin. Very, very overprotective and short-tempered. Darkseid found out the hard way.
    • In Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, Superman is protective from his cousin... and Lex Luthor from Lena. Say whatever you want about Lex, but he cares for his little sister.
      Lex: Lena is my sister, alien... I'm going to save her.
    • Say what you will about Bizarro, but in Bizarrogirl , he intended to flee because he wanted to protect his young cousin at all costs.
  • In a Star Wars Tales series, mercenary Darca Nyl comes across a mentally handicapped GIANT of a man and his petite sister fleeing from pursuers. One night, while camping, the girl is set upon by a huge and vicious predator. Darca knows that he can't reach them in time to save her, when the man leaps at the beast with a large rock in his hands. Several minutes later, the creature has long since stopped moving and he keeps smashing at it with the rock.
  • In the Punisher Max story "The Tyger" which details Frank's childhood years, one of Frank's best friends is raped by the son of local mob boss, and she killed herself shortly thereafter. Frank (who is not yet even a teenager) steals his dad's gun and sets out to kill the rapist. He's beaten to it by her big brother, a Marine, who lures the man away from his bodyguards, beats him half to death, then tosses him in an open grave, pours a can of gasoline all over him, and sets him on fire.
  • In Switch, Mary, the protagonist, explains that she once saw a boy getting bullied but left pretending she hadn't seen anything. In contrast, when a giant monsters throws a van against her little brother, she rushes to get him out of the way and gets crushed instead (though the Witchblade heals her injuries).
  • X-Men:
    • From the original X-Men Hank Mcoy aka Beast cares deeply for his fellow less strong teammates, he even gave Iceman a spine cracking hug upon discovering he was alive. Hank is also protective of Jean though his feelings aren’t always brotherly. Later in the 90s Beast insisted on joining Gambit and Rogue’s date alongside Wolverine and Jubilee making sure Gambit “treats her right”.
    • Colossus May be Gentle Giant be anyone foolish enough to hurt his little sister Magik is in a world of organic steel pain.
    • Bith Colossus and Nightcrawler invoke this towards Storm, they even saved her from Dracula once. Nightcrawler even made Storm’s room more African so she’s be more comfortable.
    • Wolverine often plays being a Big Brother Mentor to the younger heroines, including Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Jubilee, and his Opposite-Sex Clone X23.
    • Gender and age-inverted with X-23 herself, who in Wolverines #1 is shown to have become highly protective of her older "brother" Daken after his healing factor was shut down at the end of The Logan Legacy by Siphon, and tells him to stay back while she deals with any members of the Wrecking Crew they come across.
      • Still gender-inverted, but otherwise played straight between Laura and the Sisters — four clones of her created by Alchemax Genetics — in All-New Wolverine. She goes through great lengths to protect and help them, nearly loses her cool when she thinks Taskmaster killed them, and is visibly upset when Doctor Strange admits he can't help her cure the girls despite her assurances she would get them through it.
    • Anyone who messes with Nightcrawler’s stepsister Rogue is in for a Teleport Spam. On the flip-side Rogue cares deeply for her adoptive blue brother and once carried him in her arms to save him falling off a waterfall.
    • Gambit’s first canon appearance was looking after Kid Storm and same as Wolverine he explicitly cares for Jubilee and X-23.
    • Though they can find it hard to get along, Cyclops still tends to treat Havok this way, insisting on carrying his coma-ridden brother into the X-Mansion despite the presence of a wheelchair and being so protective and interfering that they're mistaken for a couple in an issue of X-Factor.
    • X-Men also has a lot of sister versions of this: Jean to Storm, Storm and Jean to Kitty Pyrde, Storm to Rogue, Rogue and Jean to Jubilee, Jubilee herself to X-23. Kitty Pryde ironically is this to the time traveling younger original five X-Men.

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